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How to Export Office 365 Calendar to Outlook? Read This to Know!

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Published On April 15th, 2024
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Office 365 is a brilliant application with amazing features that are not provided by any other application. It will increase the productivity and collaboration of the business.

But there is no backup option available in Office 365 that permits you to directly export Office 365 calendar to Outlook. Therefore, in this article, we will discuss some easy and reliable methods to export the Office 365 calendar to Outlook.

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Smart Solution to Backup Office 365 Calendar

EmailDoctor Office 365 Backup tool plays an incredible role when users want an efficient Office 365 solution. This tool is a collection of impeccable features so that users can easily export the Office 365 calendar to Outlook. It also permits the users to convert emails into EML file format.

The use of this tool is very effective for the user who wants to take a backup of multiple accounts.

Steps to Export Office 365 Calendar to Outlook

Step 1. Download and Launch Office 365 Backup Software

Step 2. Enter the required credentials as admin/single user

Step 3. Select PST file format from Export Format

Step 4. Now, Browse to the desired location for your PST file

Step 5. Then, hit the Start button to initiate the process

With the Help of Outlook Desktop Version

If the user wants a free solution then the user needs to try this method but it is a time-consuming method and can only export the PST file of a single account.  This method will not work in case you are running a company then you need to opt for the above solution.

Otherwise, this method is good if you only want to export some calendar entities into the PST file format. This method is divided into two stages.

Manually Setup of Office 365 on Outlook

  • Launch your Microsoft Outlook account navigate the File menu and click on the Add Account tab
  • The Add Account window will be displayed, Choose the option E-mail Account and then add the details
  1. Your Name: Enter the valid name
  2. E-mail Address: Input the account address of Office 365
  3. Password: Enter the password of your Office 365 account
  4. Retype Password: Retype your password for password confirmation

Now, hit the Next button to initiate the further process

  • You can now see that the configuring process gets started. Click Next once it is completed

Steps of Exporting Office 365 Calendar to Outlook

We already have done the configuration of the process now we are going to export Office 365 Calendar to Outlook. Follow the given steps for exporting Office 365 Calendar to Outlook:

  • Navigate the File menu and go to the Open & Export option now choose Import/Export
  • Now an Import Export Wizard will display the select Export to a File option from the wizard and hit the Next button
  • Now select Outlook Data File (.pst) from the window and click the Next option
  • Browse your Office 365 folder and choose the calendar folder. Now you can choose the folders to too and export them into Outlook file and click on the Next option
  • Now if  you want to change the location of  your file click browse  from the Export Outlook Data File and hit the Finish button
  • Now generate the password  if you want to put the password in your file and hit the OK button if you want to skip then just click on the Cancel button

By completing the above steps you can save the copy of the Outlook 365 calendar in PST file format.


In this article, we have discussed the exporting process of the Office 365 calendar to Outlook. We have discussed two methods that are used to export the Office 365 calendar to Outlook. Both processes are easy and convenient to use. Users can easily export their Office 365 calendar to Outlook by following the above steps mentioned above in the article without any failure or extra effort.