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Quickly Export Hotmail to PDF Using Efficient Techniques

Nilesh Kumar | Modified: July 25, 2022 | Adobe PDF, Hotmail | 4 Minutes Reading

Do you want to keep your emails in Hotmail displayed in digital format without any mail client? Then, saving it in PDF format is the best solution. The users in need to save their email to PDF format can read this article. It will help them to export Hotmail to PDF files easily and effortlessly.

We know PDF is the safest document format to keep the data. It keeps up the data layout and content quality even it is opened in multiple platforms. Thus, to save emails as PDF, users will get a built-in option to print Hotmail emails in batch for good.

Save Emails in Hotmail as PDF

While we try to save an email in Hotmail, there is an option to save the email in PDF format. You can select it in order to export Hotmail to PDF. This option recommends the user to work only over a limited number of emails. As the number of emails rises, the effort and time on processing these emails also rise. This causes recklessness in the task and many avoid doing the job.

If you have a few Hotmail emails to be converted into PDF, then you can follow the below process for sure success. It is a repetitive process for all emails individually.

  1. Login to Hotmail account and access the email
  2. Click on the three vertical option.
  3. Choose Save as PDF from the options.
  4. Browse a location to save email file
  5. Click on Save to Export Hotmail to PDF.

This will save an individual email file in PDF format. You can repeat this task for all emails in the Hotmail account and the email can be ported to various OS platforms. As said before, when the number of emails raises up, the process becomes a tiresome process. Also, it will take a large amount of time to accomplish the task. You can sum up the issue from the following user query

“I have a lot of emails in the Hotmail account. Many of them very important and I need them to be saved in PDF format. I usually tried the email printing method to save the emails in PDF. Are there any other means to convert Hotmail emails to PDF files? Please do guide if there is any.”

In such a case, we can’t go with the traditional method. Thus, we need an efficient solution that can do this process by processing batch Hotmail emails. We have found one solution and you can get an overview of it in the upcoming section.

Export Hotmail to PDF – Efficient Solution

Hotmail to PDF Converter is a useful utility that easily converts the emails into PDF format with a few clicks. The application is very easy to execute and is compatible to work in different languages. It also allows the Hotmail user to export Hotmail emails to PDF, PST, EML, MSG, and MBOX. You can open these files in their supported mail clients.

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Steps to Save Hotmail Email as PDF

1: Run Hotmail to PDF Converter

run Hotmail to pdf converter

2: Login with Hotmail account

login to tool

3: Select PDF format

select pdf option

4: Browse a location on system

browse location

5: Click on Start to export Hotmail to PDF

export hotmail to pdf file

This will convert all the emails of Hotmail account into PDF format. For special cases, you have option to filter emails by a folder and by date. There is some other functionality that can help you to save the email in PDF more easily.


In this article, you can find the most suitable solutions to export Hotmail to PDF format. Though we can save the email in PDF through the inbuilt functionality, it does not match as a solution to each case. Thus, there are multiple solutions given to ease your effort and successfully convert all Hotmail emails to PDF.