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Microsoft Outlook Errors Have Been Detected in the PST File [Solved]

errors have been detected in the file outlook.pst

Raj | Modified: October 16, 2021 | Email Tips | 3 Minutes Reading

Hello guys, today we are going to discuss about what should be done when we detect an Errors Have Been Detected in the File Outlook.pst. It is very interesting to know and do all these kinds of things otherwise; we might get into a huge loss of money as well as reputation in business.

We are going to learn to repair Outlook PST file using Microsoft Inbox Repair Tool or the scanpst.exe.

Let us see the procedure to repair corrupted Outlook PST file as defined following with pictorial representation:

Its Official – Microsoft Easy Fix solutions have been discontinued. So, steps from 1-4 are outdated now. Please, opt for the ScanPST solution from step 5.

  1. First, we are going to download the microsofteasyfix20101.mini.diagcab file from Microsoft server.
  2. After downloading you will get an executable file (.exe file) with the name of MicrosoftEasyFix20101.mini.digicab. You can see the image of downloaded file as displayed in fig 1.

    Inbox Repair Tool
  3. Now, you need to open the downloaded file by clicking on it and after clicking on it you will see the Easy Fix window as displayed in fig 2. In this window you just need to click on “Next” button to proceed for fixing the issue related to Microsoft Outlook PST file. Right here you can check the Publisher Information in Microsoft Corporation.

    Easy Fix
  4. After clicking on next button you will see the processing for problem detection has started as displayed in fig 3. The problem fixing is going on and at the end, you will see the screen as displayed in fig 4 in which Troubleshooting has completed and problem has fixed.

    Detecting Problems

    Problem Found
  5. Start ScanPST from its location; similar to C:\Program Files(x86)\Microsoft Office\Office16\

    start scanpst
  6. After that a new window with the name of Microsoft Outlook Inbox Repair Tool as displayed in fig 5. In this you will see the default location of your PST file is already selected. However, if you want to repair file from other locations in your computer then you need to go for selecting the PST file by clicking on “Browse” button and then selecting the file and clicking on “Open” button. You can see its image in fig 6.

    Select PST file
  7. Now you will see the selected file location path in the box. Just click on Start button as displayed in fig 7.

    Start Diagnose PST file
  8. After some processing done, you will see the status of file like: file location, number of folders available in PST file and total items founded in the file as displayed in fig 8. Now make sure that the checkbox for Make backup of scanned file before repairing is checked and then click on “Repair” button.

    Click to Repair Corrupt PST file
  9. Finally, you will see the Repair Complete window as displayed in fig 9. Now just click on “OK” button and Close Easy Fix window which was opened earlier as displayed in fig 10. Now Outlook PST file has repaired successfully.
    Repair Complete
  10. After a successful repair of Outlook Data file (.pst) you can go for Import PST file into MS Outlook.

Finally, Resolve Errors Have Been Detected in the File Outlook.pst

In this blog, we have discussed about repairing Outlook PST file using Inbox Repair Tool or ScanPST, which is provided by Microsoft free of cost. Nevertheless, ScanPST works for simple PST file corruption and in case of highly corrupted files you need to go for an advanced Outlook PST Repair tool.