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How to Transfer Excel Contacts to iPhone? Complete Guide

Raj | Modified: September 21, 2023 | Excel File | 5 Minutes Reading

Searching for the solution to transfer excel contacts to iPhone? If yes, then you landed on the right platform where you will get the best solution to resolve this query. In this write-up, we talk about the best procedure to import Excel contacts to iPhone, we compare manual and automated solution to find the best between. So, stick with this article till the end for the accurate and hassle-free procedure. 

Hello, I have an excel data file containing multiple contacts stored in XLSX format and I want to excel file to iPhone because I am moving to another place. I have searched and perform various methods available all over the internet but none of them is perfect. Please let me know if there is a possible way to execute such a task in a trouble-free manner.”

The above mentioned query is one of the user who stuck in same situation, my team faces these types of queries daily, and we have expertise to resolve such types of situations. We all know that MS Excel is the application designed to manage multiple contacts and authorize the users to modify them accordingly. But when it comes to mobility MS Excel users want to transfer their contacts to iPhone or want to export Excel contacts to Android phone. Therefore, in this article, we will be going to introduced the Automated tool that assists the users to import contacts from Excel XLS, XLSX, XSLB, XLSM to iPhone 5s, 6, 6s, 7, and other upcoming models in a trouble-free manner.

Why Transfer Excel Contacts to iPhone?

  • Personal Reasons: One reason is that we use our phones to communicate with others. You can call friends, family, colleagues and other contacts to send her SMS.
  • Transfer Contacts from Old Phone: You can transfer data from one phone to another. Don’t worry about losing what you saved.
  • Backup Restore: Many users prefer to use Excel to save their contacts as a backup. So people are finding ways to recover these contacts on mobile.

Automatic Solution to Import Excel File to iPhone

Excel Converter Software allows users to convert Excel to vCard files with just a few clicks. With the help of this tool to convert excel to vCard contacts, user can safely and securely transfer multiple address books from Excel file to vCard. vCard is a standard file format for storing contacts that includes their first name, last name, email ID, photo, address and much more. This file is compatible with almost all platforms including email clients, email services, cloud services, devices, etc. It is an automated tool that is easy to use, especially suitable for beginners. No expertise or guidance is required to perform the conversion of Excel data files.

This Excel to VCF tool is completely standalone and performs XLS to vCard conversion properly. No other third-party applications such as Excel are required. The tool supports all latest Windows versions to convert Excel spreadsheets to vCard files, including Win, 11, Win 10, Win 8.1, Win 8, Win 7, Win etc. So, without wasting anytime let’s get started. 

How to Transfer Excel Contacts to iPhone? – Steps

The process of importing contacts from an Excel spreadsheet to iPhone consists of two parts.

  • Convert Excel Contacts to vCard
  • Import vCard to iPhone

Steps 1: Convert Excel Files to vCard  

  • First, Install and Run software into your device

Add Excel files

  • In second step, click Browse button to select the files which you want to convert

Open your Excel file

  • After this, you will get a Preview of selected files

Preview of selected files

  • Select the vCard Versions as per you need

Select the vCard Versions

  • Click on Change button to provide the Destination for converted files

Select the Destination

  • At last, select the Convert Button to complete the process. 

select the Convert Button

Step 2: Import vCard to iCloud Profile

Now you need to transfer the contact file vCard (converted in step 1) to your iPhone. To perform this task:

  • Open www.icloud.com and enter your iCloud credentials

enter your iCloud credentials

  • Select the “Contacts” icon from the options to upload contacts from Excel to iPhone

select the contacts

  • Then click on the “Settingsicon in the lower left corner and select the “Import vCard” option

select the "Import vCard"

  • Select “vCard File” and all your vCard contacts will be automatically synced with your iCloud contacts

all your vCard contacts

  • Then turn on your iPhone, set up the same iCloud account on your iPhone (if you don’t have one), and check your iPhone contacts. Once the contacts are added to your iCloud account, you can easily verify them

added to your iCloud account

  • Finish! Here is the complete process to transfer Excel contacts directly to iPhone without data loss

transfer Excel contacts directly to iPhone

As the process is completed Download Excel Contacts to iPhone in a trouble-free manner.

Final Words 

We all know the importance of contacts for both personal and professional use. Nowadays users want to access their contacts from remote locations. Therefore in this article, we had explained the method to transfer Excel contacts to iPhone with the help of an automated solution. The tool is user-friendly and virus free software, directly import excel XLS, XLSM, XLB, XLSX, XLSTX file format into Outlook account in a trouble-free manner.