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How to Download Excel Contacts to iPhone | Effective Solution

Raj | Modified: June 13, 2022 | iPhone, Outlook Tips | 4 Minutes Reading

Searching for the solution to download Excel contacts to iPhone? If yes, then you landed on the right platform where you will get the best solution to resolve this query. In this write-up, we talk about the best procedure to download Excel  files to IOS, we compare manual and automated solution to find the best between. So, stick with this article till the end for the accurate and hassle-free procedure. 

Hello, I have an excel file containing multiple contacts stored in XLSX format and I want to download excel contacts to iPhone because I am moving to another place. I have searched and perform various methods available all over the internet but none of them is perfect. Please let me know if there is a possible way to execute such a task in a trouble-free manner.”

The above mentioned query is one of the user who stuck in same situation, my team faces these types of queries daily, and we have expertise to resolve such types of situations. We all know that MS Excel is the application designed to manage multiple contacts and authorize the users to modify them accordingly. But when it comes to mobility MS Excel users want to transfer their contacts to iPhone. Therefore, in this article, we will be going to introduced the Automated tool that assists the users to import contacts from Excel XLS, XLSX, XSLB, XLSM to iPhone 5s, 6, 6s, 7, and other upcoming models in a trouble-free manner.

Manual Technique to Import Excel files to iPhone 

Download Excel contacts to iPhone manually was quite lengthy process, this solution was divided into 3 steps. As we all know Excel contains his files in XLS/XLSX format, and iPhone does not support XLS files. So, before proceeding to solutions, we have to convert XLS files into CSV format. So, without wasting anytime let’s get started. 

Step 1: Convert XLS/XLSX Files Into CSV File Format

  • Open selected Excel sheet which you want to download. 
  • Then. click File option & select Save As option. 

  • At last, click on CSV file format.  

Now, your Excel files are converted into CSV files format, you can proceed with the procedure of convert XLS files into iPhone. 

Step 2: Convert CSV Files into vCard Format 

After converting Excel files into CSV format, you have to convert converted XLS files into CSV format. The software to convert Excel files to vCard is the best utility to convert CSV files into vCard format. This software is tested over 40,000 contacts which means there in no limits number if contacts, and support multiple vCard version, So, check out this software. 

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For Mac Users 

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Steps to Convert CSV Files to vCard  

  • First, Install and Run software into your device. 

  • In second step, click Browse button to select the files which you want to convert. 

  • After this, you will get a Preview of selected files. 

  • Select the vCard Versions as per you need. 

  • Click on Change button to provide the Destination for converted files. 

  • At last, select the Convert Button to complete the process. 

 Step 3: Transfer Converted Files to iPhone

  • First thing first, Login to your Apple ID and PWD.

  • After this, select Contacts Option, from Menu

  •  In the left, you will get Setting Option & Select import vCard option. 

  • Search VCF file which you want to import and click open. 

  • Now, the process will get Start Automatically.

  • At last, Download Excel Contacts to iPhone process completed

As the process is completed Download Excel Contacts to iPhone. This is how one can easily download excel contacts to iPhone in a trouble-free manner.

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Final Words 

We all know the importance of contacts for both personal and professional use. Nowadays users want to access their contacts from remote locations. Therefore in this article, we had explained the method to download excel contacts to iPhone with the help of an automated solution. The tool is user-friendly and virus free software, directly import excel XLS, XLSM, XLB, XLSX, XLSTX file format into Outlook account in a trouble-free manner.