Best Email Migration Tools For Windows & Mac

Emaildoctor Email Migration solutions are a complete package to move emails, contacts, calendars, and more from one cloud platform to another. It effectively handles mailbox migration projects of any size with zero downtime.

So, whether it’s your first time migrating data between cloud platforms or not, it doesn’t matter. Because you can easily carry out the migration process with Emaildoctor.

Emaildoctor’s Top Email Migration Software Benefits

  • Make your workplace digitally transformed. Decrease the time to value of your latest investment. Also, it ensures your source data is properly represented in your new workplace.
  • Get ready for improved data quality. Get rid of what’s unnecessary and obsolete by adding structure to your new environment with improved quality and enhanced security.
  • There is going to be a negligible business impact. Since the impact is minimal, IT teams get increased efficiency and are back to business quickly.

Apart from the above, you can migrate your cloud mailbox data from any source to any destination with ease.

Best Email Migration Solutions For Various Cloud Platforms

We can help you migrate your data for numerous From & To cloud platforms.

If you want to migrate from Office 365, Exchange, Lotus Notes, GSuite, and Outlook to another cloud platform, then there won’t be a problem. It gives you the flexibility to perform the migration in a hassle-free way.

Emaildoctor's email migration tools are a complete suite designed to move, consolidate, and transform data from different cloud sources.

It is helpful in;

  • Migrating complete data from Lotus Notes to Exchange Online.
  • Importing OST files to Office 365 account without installing Outlook.
  • Converting Exchange EDB File to Office 365 account.
  • Moving MS Outlook data to Lotus Notes without any damage.
  • Transferring Outlook data to Office 365 by retaining the same folder structure.

How Does Emaildoctor Email Migration Solution Will help in Data Migration?

It has all the essential features for mail migration that can assure a successful migration from one platform to another.

  1. With the help of Email migration software, migration project of any size or complexity is not an issue anymore.
  2. It’s capable to migrate emails, events, attachments, archive mailbox, contacts(address book), documents(drive data), appointments, shared mailboxes, and more. Mail, files, and collaboration can be easily brought together in your new modern cloud platform.
  3. The email migration solution offers an option to move data from one domain to the same/another domain without affecting the data.
  4. It makes the task easier for administrators to execute multi-user migration in batch mode in no time. That means concurrent migration of multiple users is now simple with Emaildoctor.

What’s More, It Has To Offer?

There are simple yet important factors that matter to achieving a successful data migration. And, Emaildoctor Email Migration Solution fulfills those without fail.

# Easy-to-use Interface:

From installing the software to executing the migration it doesn’t require any technical expertise. Moreover, these email migration tools provide a simple and user-friendly GUI-based interface so that it will be easy for even non-technical users to operate the tool without any support.

# Data Security:

What could be more important than ensuring that your data is safe throughout the process. Secure authorization with OAuth 2.0, data encryption, etc is some of the pillars of data security features. Secondly, it supports multifactor authentication and makes sure no remote access to the network.

# No Data Loss:

There is no evidence of accidental data loss during data migration. That means you will find your data in one piece at the destination cloud platform.

# Customize Migration:

Email migration tools give you the options to customize the migration by category and by time. So, you have the freedom to choose any category(emails, contacts, calendars, etc) data you want to migrate and apply the Date Filter to select the time range.

# Account-based Priority Migration:

Now. it is possible to set priority for the accounts that you want to migrate first. Arrange the accounts in order and migrate them based on the priority.

# Re-run Migration:

For whatever reason, if some items failed to make it to the destination platform in the initial run then you can retry the failed items and/or re-run the entire migration for skipped items.

# Delta Migration:

Once the migration process is completed, it facilitates the delta migration so that you can migrate only the newly arrived items.

# Data Integrity:

It is a factor that decides whether the process is entirely successful or not. Thus, it takes this factor into consideration and keeps the folder structure and mailbox attributes intact post-migration.

# Detailed Report:

In the end, it generates both a summary and a detailed report of the migration process. Basically, it helps the managers to maintain a track record and handle errors properly. Also, the managers can analyze the success rate of the migration by referring to the report generated by these email migration tools.

# Technical Support:

At any point in time if a user needs assistance with the mailbox migration from one cloud platform to another then a dedicated team is available 24X7 for help.