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Why Do Cloud Backup Is Important For Businesses?

Published By Nilesh Kumar
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Published On April 4th, 2024
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Here, in this article, we will discuss why cloud backup is important for organizations and what’s the right way to take backup of Cloud platforms such as Microsoft & Google.

Table of Contents:

  1. Why backup is important for business
  2. Ways to Backup & Restore Data from the Cloud?
  3. Best Way to Backup As Well As Restore Data
  4. One-Line Features of the Tool
  5. Steps to Backup Cloud Data
  6. Steps to Restore the Backup of Cloud
  7. Concluding Thoughts

Why backup is important for business

Nowadays most businesses are on Cloud. Every organization prefers to store data on the cloud because – it’s flexible, reliable, secure, accessible from anywhere and anytime, etc.

But, as technology is increasing, so the cyber crimes. Although, Cloud platforms such as Microsoft and Google provide the best security. However, it’s not guaranteed that your data is 100% secure.

Moreover, none of these cloud services providing companies stores your data on a different server as a backup. So, someone, your data is lost or hacked, then there is no way of getting it back.

Therefore, most companies prefer to take backup of their cloud data, so that they will have backup copies of their organization data. This way if your organization’s data is compromised, you can restore your data to ensure business continuity and for protection against industrial crises.

Various Ways to Backup & Restore Data from the Cloud?

Both the backup and restore are equally important. No one just wants to back up their data without knowing the technique to restore it in case of crisis. So, here we will discuss both backup & restore techniques but separately.

  • Google Workspace: To backup the data of Google Workspace cloud, you can take the help of Google Takeout. It allows to backup Google Workspace emails in MBOX format and downloads other items in default formats.
  • Microsoft 365: To backup data of Microsoft 365 cloud, you need to export Office 365 mailbox to PST with the eDiscovery wizard. This allows backup emails in PST format for all users.

Even though Google and Microsoft both offer backup services, but in case of Google’s backup can be generated by a single user at a time. And in the case of Microsoft, the working of ediscovery wizard is quite complex. As it requires a good understanding of Azure Admin Center and Powershell commands.

But, to filter that data for backup or easier backup, you can also use third-party tools that are easier to operate than traditional backup solutions.

Best Way to Backup as Well as Restore Data

Why go for different techniques to backup or restore data? Use the Cloud Backup & Restore tool to take backups of Google and Microsoft cloud platforms.

This automated tool is completely secured (works on Project Creation – created in Admin Console) and quite easy to operate (simpler UI). In just a few clicks you can backup & restore data anytime just using Admin ID & project details.

Moreover, the tool offers multiple features and functionalities for easier backup or restoring purposes. Check out the official website to read the features of the tool.

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The following are the One-Line Features of the Tool:

  • Backup & Restore are available for Google Workspace and Microsoft 365
  • Category & Date-filter options are available for Emails, Contacts, Calendars and Documents
  • Multiple options for fetching user IDs.
  • Generates reports after completion of the process.
  • Error handles to handle failed items

Step by Step Process to backup Cloud Data:

  1. Download and launch the backup & restore tool and Activate it.
    download and activate the software
  2. Select the Source platform from the backup configuration section.

    Note- Here we will proceed with the backup & Restore process of Microsoft Office 365. Here you will select the source and destination platforms as per your requirements.

    select the source platform and the destination

  3. From the workload section, select the category of items & set the date filter.
    select the category and date range filter
  4. Go to the source tab to enter Admin ID and project details.
    enter the admin details of the selected source platform
  5. From the destination tab, select the location to store the cloud backup and validate the necessary permissions to the software.
    enter the path of destination platform
  6. Go to the User tab, fetch the user account for backup
    fetch the users mailbox from the list
  7. Validate the user account and hit the Backup button.
    tap on start backup to end the backup process.

Now your Office 365 data files are backed up in Outlook PST format. Now to restore the files follow the steps which are mentioned below:

Step-By-Step Process to Restore the Backup to the Cloud

After performing the above backup steps follow the steps mentioned below to restore the backup files and learn the importance of backing up data.

  1. Select the Restore option and choose the destination cloud platform.

    Here we will proceed by restoring the Office 365 data file

    tap on restore and select destination

  2. Go to the Source tab to select the location of the backup files to restore.
    go to source tab anmd select the location
  3. In the destination tab, enter the details of the admin ID and project.
    enter the destination details
  4. Fetch the user ID and map with the backup file.
    fetch the user to restore
  5. Validate the user account and click on Restore button to finish the process.
    tap on start restore

That’s it! In just less than 10 steps Admin can easily take a backup of the complete organization’s cloud account and also restore them whenever necessary. The tool is quite easy to operate and doesn’t even require any technical experience for its work. For guidance and knowing the meaning of each feature, use the Help tab available inside the tool.

Final Thoughts

Here, in this article, we have discussed why cloud backup is important for organizations. And what are the various techniques to backup cloud data and restore it? You can test both methods for demo accounts before implementing them on all user accounts. To test the tool, you can use the demo version of the tool that offers 2 free user licenses without any limitation.


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