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What is Dedicated Server? Meaning & Why Choose Explained

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Published On January 24th, 2024
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One normally starts his/her website with shared hosting. After all it is the most common, and cheapest form of hosting. Plus, you don’t really need a lot of resources for your website in the beginning, in a general sense. So, when do you decide if it’s time to upgrade and dedicated server hosting is the way to go?

In this article, we will explain what is dedicated hosting, how it compares with other web hosting types and why choose dedicated servers. After all, one cannot guarantee if it’s the bright choice for you.

What is Dedicated Server (Meaning of Dedicated Hosting)

Dedicated hosting means that the entire server is only for the use of a single client, be it an organization or an individual. This server is fully dedicated to its owner, so he/she has complete control over the server resources. So, one can optimize the entire server as per requirements which leads to better performance and security.

A dedicated server is ultimately the same as dedicated hosting, dedicated server hosting, dedicating hosting service, and managed hosting service. So, don’t get confused between them.

Dedicated Server vs Other Hosting types

Normally, most websites start with shared hosting since they are affordable. But the growth of a successful website often outgrows the resources of cheap plans. In this scenario, one has to choose between VPS hosting and a dedicated server.

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When you compare dedicated server meaning with others, you will get to know that shared hosting shares a computer server with many clients. So the resources are divided between them. While in VPS, clients share the machine but the resources are isolated and allocated to each of them separately. But with dedicated hosting, everything from a server to all its resources is for one client only.

The pricing depends on the number of resources like storage size, bandwidth, RAM, etc. One also needs to consider various software packages, if required like cPanel. Of course, dealing with a Linux dedicated hosting server is more affordable than paid Windows ones.

All in all, when compared to other hosting types, a dedicated server provides better:

  • Uptime
  • Performance
  • Reliability
  • Security
  • Flexibility
  • Control

On the other hand, it requires:

  • More expenditure
  • Some form of technical ability

And the dedicated server is definitely not recommended for websites with low traffic, as the cost will exceed the profits.

When to Choose Dedicated Hosting? And Why?

Dedicated hosting is preferred by websites that handle a large traffic volume i.e., the number of visitors your website has on a regular basis. It provides high performance, security, stability, and more control over the resources and the server as a whole.

Often, data centers host dedicated servers. A higher tier like tier 4 data center provides the redundant infrastructure to keep the servers running regardless of any hazard.

When do you need a dedicated server?

  1. Your site handles a large volume of visitors
  2. You work with high-quality graphics like video streaming, high-resolution images, etc.
  3. For a game server
  4. Security is a key factor
  5. You see high growth in the future

Now that you are certain that you need a dedicated server, you should think about the hardware configuration of the server suitable for your needs.

  • What processor do you require? Custom applications often require powerful processors.
  • Which bandwidth is suitable for your site? Higher the traffic, you better go for more bandwidth.
  • If you strongly prefer a certain operating system for your server? Depends on what applications you plan to host and if they have any dependency on the OS.
  • How much RAM do you require? As it correlates to speed.

All these factors are important for an informational approach to choosing a dedicated server.

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What is Dedicated Server – Conclusion

Dedicated hosting is ideal for websites that deal with a large number of visitors. The more the traffic, the more resources the server needs to keep working, especially in peak hours. Since you own all the resources of a dedicated server, you can optimize it as per your requirements and your website will perform better in all aspects.

So now you definitely know if a dedicated server is right for you. Plus, also explained what is dedicated server and how does it compare with others. If you require a dedicated hosting plan, then you know who to look for (It’s us).


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