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What is Bare Metal Server? – How Does It Works?

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Published On January 16th, 2024
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A bare metal server is an old-fashioned physical computer server with no virtualization layer. In the beginning when hosting was not prevalent, all servers were bare metal server, managed and operated by organizations that own them.

But with the rise of internet web, hosting quickly became a popular practice where many consumers shared the resources of a single server. That’s how virtualisation developed and lead to hypervisors that can host multiple VMs (Virtual machines) on large computer servers.

However, bare metal still came back and is now becoming increasingly popular as it overcomes many problems of traditional web hosting. As for what is bare metal server, its meaning, usage and how it is a good fit for organizations, we will explain them all in this write-up.

Meaning of Bare Metal Server Explained

A bare metal server is a computer server fully dedicated to a single entity who is renting it. You can even say that bare metal servers are managed dedicated servers with a single-tenant policy.

A data center holds the bare metal machine. And the consumer can rent bare metal from hosting providers on a subscription basis.

Since there is no virtualization, the tenant can install the Operating system directly on the server. Thus, enabling the user to access all the resources (hardware or software) without any hassle. The absence of layers results in better performance, just like you get in on-premise machines.

Bare Metal & Hypervisor-Supported Cloud VMs – Comparison

Bare metal servers are physical computer servers. Each server is actually a physical hardware piece, a distinct piece that functions as a complete server on its own. The key word here is distinct as it separates bare metal from VMs where the virtual servers run in shared hardware pieces.

Unlike traditional cloud servers where servers are shared among multiple consumers, a bare metal server is entirely dedicated to the renting entity.

The major advantages bare metal has over VMs are:

  1. Better Performance

Since there is no hypervisor, you can optimize the entire server as per your requirements. It results in better and faster performance.

So, even high-load workloads that require access to the hardware easily run on bare metal servers.

  1. Reliable

There is no “noisy neighbor effect” since there is no resource sharing. So, unlike hypervisor cloud servers, where one bad neighbor can compromise all the users sharing the same server resources, in a bare metal server, the tenant is isolated and hence is protected.

  1. More Secure

Since bare metal server is dedicated to a single tenant, there is no sharing of resources or server space. It makes them highly secure.

  1. Full Control

Bare metal server provides direct access to the hardware. Root access enables users to customize and manage their servers according to the workload requirements.

  1. Efficient Cost Structure

With bare metal, the consumer gets a consumption-based price structure. There is nothing hidden preventing surprise price jumps. And the user pays for the exact hardware requirements.

But bare metal does cost more than your typical VM services. So, it is not for everyone. As for who should use bare metal servers, we have explained it next.

Why Choose to Use Bare Metal Servers? By Whom?

Bare metal is not for people who want to run a blogging site or simple websites. Normal web hosting types are enough to sustain them.

But, when it comes to SAP applications, high-workloads, and applications that require direct hardware access, bare metal server is the best fit for them. Some common examples are finance and e-commerce solutions. So, it very well depends on the user’s awareness of what and how high resources they require to run their application.

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Bare Metal Servers Fits Well in IT Infrastructure

The more the requirements for compliance, security, and privacy standards, the better fit is the bare metal server for those industries. Especially, finance, retail, and health companies especially go for bare metal. It is always good to know why users want to rent bare metal and what will run on it. So that it is easier to understand whether the servers fit well with the IT Infrastructure or not.


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