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How to Take Rediffmail Backup? Transfer Emails from Mailbox

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Published On January 17th, 2024
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Overview: This ‘how-to’ guide explains how to take Rediffmail backup through which users can easily create offline copies of the data they want to keep safe. The simple and detailed procedure that we’re going to discuss in this article is the one-stop solution for users who want to download their Rediffmail emails. Stay with the write-up till the end to know all about the method.

Various users want to know the steps to download their data from the cloud-based service; Rediffmail. This is mainly because users do not trust the protection that the cloud provides.

We know that Rediffmail is used by many users globally and thus, the queries to backup Rediffmail inbox are increasing.

Being an IMAP-based email service, Rediffmail provides multiple features. One of the prime features is that users can access their inboxes from anywhere and anytime if they have an internet connection. However, security from external threats is what this email client doesn’t guarantee. This is not the one, there are various other reasons why users are searching for how to take Rediffmail backup.

Let’s take a look at the reasons.

Table of Content

  1. Why do Users want to Export Emails from Rediffmail?
  2. How to Backup Rediffmail Inbox Quickly?
  3. Step by Step Procedure to Export Emails from Rediffmail
  4. Advanced Features of the Rediffmail Backup Tool
  5. Conclusion
  6. FAQs

Why do Users want to Export Emails from Rediffmail?

  • Users download emails to their local devices because they mainly want to keep their data safe from hack attacks.
  • With the help of a backup, users can avoid disruption of email services and ensure data availability.
  • Most importantly, they can stay safe from emerging business email compromise attacks.
  • Last but not least, users can keep their emails intact even after accidental deletion or any other human error.

How to Backup Rediffmail Inbox Quickly?

Since there is no manual method available to download the messages to the local device, we are here with a smart technique.

Use the Mac IMAP Email Backup Tool to backup your data from the mailbox you want directly by logging in to your account.

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By using the tool, you can download IMAP mailbox to PST and other file formats such as EML, MSG, PDF, MBOX, HTML, EMLX, TXT, CSV, & MHT. 

If you are worried about how to take Rediffmail backup in bulk, then your worry ends here. Cause with the help of this tool, you can download the data in bulk and that is from a specific time period.

There are various features we will talk about in the section after learning the steps of the software.

Step by Step Procedure to Export Emails from Rediffmail

1. Install the software and use the credentials for your account. Provide the IMAP Server and port Key No. and click on the Login button.

viewing modes

2. Click on the PST option in the Export Type section and use the Advance Settings option.

select PST

3. Mark the Split PST Option to break the data files into smaller parts. To selectively backup Rediffmail inbox emails by using the Date-filter.


4. If you’re wondering how to take Rediffmail backup and delete the emails from the server at the same time. Then, mark the Delete after Download feature. Also, use the Incremental Backup feature to download the new data.


5. Next, click on the Browse button to set the destination location as per your desire in the local storage.


6. Final step is to hit the Start Backup button to complete the process.


Now that you know how to take Rediffmail backup without any error, let’s see what else the tool provides.

Advanced Features of the Rediffmail Backup Tool

  • Delete After Download Feature: Users can apply this feature to download the data from the mailbox and then remove them from the mailbox if need be. This feature helps users to clear out space in their mailbox without having to perform a different process.
  • Date-filter Feature: If you want to download the data selectively from the mailbox, you can use the Date-filter It will allow you to set the dates for a specific time period and the tool will pick the data from the chosen period only.
  • Incremental Backup Feature: To backup Rediffmail inbox data from the new lot only. It means that the newly arrived data will be downloaded from the mailbox using this feature. It permits you to avoid creating duplicate items and save the recent file after the procedure.
  • Maintain Folder Hierarchy: With the help of this feature, users do not have to worry about the maintenance of the structure of the folder. You can keep your metadata preserved during the entire procedure and save the data with the same hierarchy.
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Wrapping Up

If the need to learn how to take Rediffmail backup arises, users start panicking as there are no manual methods available for this. When the data seems to be in danger or the external threats increase, users start to download their data.

With the tool that we have explained here, we can download the data from the mailbox without any data loss situations. With the help of the features, users can export emails in bulk or as per their requirements.


Q. Is there a limit to the number of emails I can back up?

The restriction may depend on the email client or backup software you’re using, the amount of storage space on your device or in your cloud storage account, as well as other factors. However, when using the above-mentioned tool, there is no such restriction on the number of tools.

Q. How often one should take Rediffmail backup?

Email backup should be a continuous process. Experts recommend taking regular backups every day to avoid unexpected network hazards.

Q. Should I delete emails from my email account after backing them up?

Depending on your needs, you might choose to delete emails from your account after a backup. Others may decide to remove it in order to save space, while some users choose to preserve a copy on the email server.


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