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Explore Different Ways to Separate PDF Pages into Multiple Files

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Published On July 31st, 2023
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User Query: I am having a PDF file of size 2GB and on an urgent requirement, I need to separate PDF pages into multiple files. So, that I can create a set of PDF files and divide them into sections without impairing data. So please help me out by proving the best solution to split the PDF files. 

If this situation is somewhere similar to what you are facing, then you don’t need to search anywhere. Here we will be explaining the technique or what methods can be used to split the large Adobe PDF files into subparts.

What we have learned since childhood is that whenever there is a big problem, try to split it up into small chunks which makes it easier to read and solve. Similarly, it becomes tough to handle a large PDF file so, it’s better to keep large into small parts to make it easier to read less and more precise data.

How to Separate PDF Pages into Multiple Files Using Google Chrome?

You can say that this could be a smart technique by using the print function when a user doesn’t have the Adobe Acrobat Professional version. Moreover, this can be used for extracting pages from the existing PDF using Google Chrome. To split up the pages from the existing PDF document, follow the instructions:

  1. Initially, Search for the large PDF file in the system that is required to separate PDF pages into individual files or into multiple files, then open the PDF file in Google Chrome.  
  2. After the PDF file opens, find the Print option in the right top corner and press it.
  3. The Print window opens up. Now, choose the option in the “Page” section and then select the Save As PDF option.
  4. Finally, press the Save button to separate pdf pages into individual files.

 This can be used to execute the task. However, there are some demerits of using this method. For a PDF document containing several pages or file size is big. Then an ample amount of time is going to be taken. Also, it becomes a tedious task to pull out the required pages from the PDF file.  

Break the PDF File into Different Segments Using Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

If a user is having the professional version of Adobe Acrobat, then follow the given instructions. Else the user can buy the subscription and use it to separate pdf pages into multiple files.

  1. Launch the professional version of Adobe Acrobat on the machine, in the Tools section choose the “Organize Pages” and then press the “Split” option.
  2. Complete the selection of how you want to split single or Multiple Files.  
  3. Press the Output options to decide the name, where to save the files and how to divide the file.
  4. Finally, after completing the last step, press the OK button to separate pdf pages into multiple files.

Note – This can also be an easy and direct solution to split up the large file into small files. But here the user will need to pay a price of around Rs.1200/mo which might look like a big price for some users.  

Most suitable Approach to Separate PDF pages into Multiple Files

Now what a user must do here, a lot of methods and some limitations associated with them. Situational-based solutions are there, however, every time users cannot switch to different methods based on the cases, they are in. Using a PDF Splitter Tool is a simple and short solution for any type of scenario. This can also be used to merge large PDF files which are password protected

What if the user has a restricted PDF file? well, not an issue, for this tool can remove that and separate PDF pages into individual files. And it is developed to use for both Windows and Mac OS.

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Below we have explained the tool steps that you can follow to accomplish the process of dividing the pages of a PDF file(s).

  • Download and open the tool and use the ‘Add File(s) ‘or ‘Add Folder(s)‘ to load the PDF.

separate pdf pages into multiple files

Note – Please enter the password if the PDF files have User-Level Protection. Because this tool cannot remove/unlock this. It can only remove the Owner Level password.  

  • Decide and select the options to apply: Split by Page, Range, Even/Odd Pages, By Size (MB), Each Page.

use the split option

  • Set the location of the folder/file to save the output by pressing the Change button.

set the path to save the PDF files

  • Finally, to initiate the process to separate pdf pages into multiple files press the Split button.

separate pdf pages into multiple files


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Keeping large data into smaller parts makes it easier for users to instantly view data in less time which can also help to increase productivity. To accomplish this, we have explained some approaches which can be helpful to separate pdf pages into multiple files. We have mentioned some manuals like using Google chrome and if a user has an Adobe Acrobat Pro version still they can perform the task easily.

On the other hand, we have also mentioned an automated solution to separate PDF pages into individual files or in multiple files. If the manual approach doesn’t work for you, then users can use this solution which will definitely generate good results.  


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