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Quick Solution to Repair Corrupt BKF File Without Losing Data

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Published On January 23rd, 2024
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Do you have corrupt BKF files which you want to repair but are not getting any solution then no need to worry. Here you will get such a BKF file Recovery Tool, with the help of which you can very easily repair corrupt BKF file and recover their data.

Whether you have a highly corrupt or damaged BKF file, after reading this article you will be able to repair corrupt BKF file. If you are thinking that there is any manual solution for this, then you are thinking absolutely wrong, there is no manual solution for this, and for this, you will have to use BKF Recovery automatic software only.

Do you know why your BKF file was corrupted, what were the reasons behind it? if not, then we have explained in the next part why the BKF file is corrupt, what is the reason behind it? You need to know this so that you will save the BKF file from getting corrupted in the future.

Why BKF File Has Been Corrupted?

There are many reasons behind the BKF file being corrupt, which we have mentioned below, let us know those reasons so that you can avoid making those mistakes further;

  • Interruption in Backup Process: Whenever you were taking a backup of your data, then for any reason, while taking a backup, your backup process stops in the middle, and even then your BKF file may be corrupted.
  • Unsupported Media Errors: If there is any media file in your backup data that your system is not able to support, then there are chances of damage to your file.
  • Virus Infections: If the system in which you have kept the BKF file gets infected by the virus, then there are high chances that your file will also get infected, and then it will become unusable.
  • Improper System Shutdown: Did the system shut down while taking your backup? if yes then because of this also the BKF file gets corrupted as the process was stopped in the middle while doing the backup process.
  • Hard Drive Failure: If you have stored the BKF file on any hard drive and get the hard drive is damaged or becomes unusable, there’s a high chance that your BKF file will be corrupted as well.

By now you must have known why the BKF file gets corrupted, and what is the reason behind it. If your BKF file has become corrupt, then let us now know how to repair corrupt BKF file.

Recover Data from Corrupt BKF Files by Using the BKF Repair Software

EmailDoctor BKF Repair Tool is the best software to repair corrupt BKF files. With this help, you can recover data from any type of corrupted BKF file, and you can easily store its data anywhere. BKF repair software is one of the favorite tools of many users because the user makes a backup of his important data, if he cannot recover that data when needed, then he may have to face a lot of problems.

This BKF recovery tool is the solution to such problems, with its help you can repair corrupt BKF file and that too in a few seconds. This software is very easy to use and its graphical interface is also very easy to use. Let us now know how to use BKF recovery software

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Guidance on How to Use BKF Repair Tool with Screenshots

  1. Firstly, download and run this BKF recovery software on your Windows System
    download bkf repair tool
  2. After opening the software, click the open button and browse the BKF file
    upload bkf files
  3. Thereafter, this software provides 3 options to scan the BKF file, you can select any one option according to your choice
    scan bkf files
  4. Now, you can view all BKF file data as the below screenshot shown
    view bkf files data
  5. After that, click the Extract button on the menu bar and then select the destination path for your resultant data
    extract button
  6. Finally, Click the Extract button and after completing the process software will show the path of the recovered BKF file data
    repair corrupt bkf files complete

Now your corrupted BKF file has been repaired and its data has also been recovered and that too in its original format. Now you can use that data anytime anywhere very easily.

Benefits of EmailDoctor BKF File Recovery Software

  • Without any effort, data from corrupt or damage BKF files may recover with BKF Repair Tool. It can efficiently restore data from BKF files such as photographs, documents, audio, movies, etc. The tool continues to retain the metadata and original formatting of retrieved BKF files after BKF data recovery.
  • Multilevel scanning functions were offered by BKF repair software. It offers a variety of scanning methods, including Quick, Deep, and Range-Based Scans. Users may choose a Quick scan for minor corruptions, a Deep scan mode for severe corruption, and a Range based scan for selective file scanning.
  • This BKF file repair tool offers the ability to selectively or completely recover Windows NTBackup and VERITAS Symantec BKF data files. To effortlessly retrieve selected Windows backup data files, users can check or uncheck certain items.
  • When Windows backup BKF files data recover, the software immediately offers a glimpse of the data that was recovered. Additionally, the BKF repair tool provides a search box that may use to look up the necessary data item by file name or file extension. The user can search for or see particular objects using these choices depending on their needs.
  • The recovery of .bkf/.zip data files may readily extract or saved in any presently existing preferred place. In order to repair corrupt BKF file data, the Windows BKF file repair application had two options: extract files at the original place or recover data at the selected location by browsing the location path.

EmailDoctor BKF Repair Tool Specifications

Size – 3.29 MB

Version – 8.1

MD5 Hash Value – 20fa43e2b97cbbf83e7018ace0b1ba5e

Hard Disk Space – 100 MB of Hard Disk Space

RAM – 512 MB RAM (1 GB is Recommended)

Processor – Intel® Pentium 1 GHz Processor (2.4 GHz is recommended)

Trial Versions: In trial versions of the BKF Data Recovery Software you can only scan, view, and repair corrupt BKF file and healthy BKF files, if you want to extract data from BKF files in Windows System then you have to buy the license version


In this article, you have learned how to repair corrupt BKF file and also know what is the reason behind corrupt BKF files. BKF recovery software is the best software for this query, this software can very easily recover data from your damaged BKF file in any way. In this article, we have tried to tell you all the details that you may need. Apart from this, if you want to know any detail or you have any new query for which you are not getting the solution, then you can take help from our support team, they will solve your every type of query.


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