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How to Remove Password from Bank Statement PDF?

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Published On February 8th, 2024
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Are you bothered by entering the password again and again to view the e-statements? We all know that our personal information must be kept private and protected. But sometimes users want to be able to open the bank statement PDF without having to enter the password every time. So, do you want to remove the password from the bank statement? If yes, then stay with this blog.

Basically, technology is advancing at a rapid pace. All banks provide your bank details and card information over email in PDF format. A bank statement contains complete details of financial transactions that take place each month. This statement contains a lot of important information about users, which is why it is encrypted with a password.

The password format contains a combination of your personal information like date of birth, mobile number, card number etc. But with these password-protected bank details, can you print them? You have to enter the password every time. After that, you can print it. It got very disturbing.

Hence, remove the password from the PDF file permanently to avoid the duplication process in the bank statement.

User query

“I am working in an MNC company and I am looking for a home loan. For this, I have approached a loan agent regarding a home loan. The loan agent told me, that the bank requires the last 6 months of bank statements without any password. So, I was checking my statement but it asked me for a PDF password. So please suggest to me a reliable solution to remove password from PDF bank statement. “

“I am a salaried person and every month I receive a bank statement from IDFC Bank. For personal reasons, I need to print them. But I tried to enter the password to access it, but it is annoying. Is there any method that can help me to remove the password from a bank statement in PDF format? “Please recommend it to me.”

Manual Method to Remove Password from PDF Bank Statement

We provide you with a manual method to remove the bank statement PDF password online. If you only need to open one bank statement, you can use this manual method; otherwise, seek professional assistance.


This method allows you to remove the password from the bank statement one by one. If you have more than one bank statement, you will have to repeat this process over and over again. This method will only work if the Print option is enabled; otherwise, it will fail.

Professional Solution to Remove Bank Statement PDF Password

The most reliable and secure solution is PDF Password Remover Software, which allows you to remove password from PDF bank statement without password. The software removes any restrictions such as copying, editing, printing, or passwords immediately. This tool is able to remove encrypted PDFs from any bank like Kotak, ICICI, HBFC, IDFC, SBI, PNB, etc. Many features are provided by this tool. So take a look at the features of the tool.

Steps to Remove Password From Bank Statement

  1. Download and install the aforementioned solution on your machine.
  2. Click on the Add File or Add Folder option to select the file from which you want to remove protection.
    add password-protected PDF bank statement
  3. Then, select the Save or Print option under the destination path and also check the Keep Source PDF password in Output PDF option.
    remove password from bank statement
  4. Click on the Change button to select the desired location.
    choose location to remove password from bank statement
  5. Lastly, hit the Unlock button to remove the password-protected PDF bank statement.
    hit unlock button to remove password from bank statement
Note: After finishing the removal process, it’s time to enhance security measures to safeguard your PDFs. You can use PDF Lock Software to make sure your important information stays protected from people who shouldn’t have access to it.

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We have seen how to remove password from bank statement. We provide you with both manual and professional methods to accomplish this task. And we also mentioned the limitations of the manual approach. As a result, choose a professional solution capable of removing passwords from PDF bank statements from any bank (SBI, Kotak, PNB, HDFC, and so on).


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