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Explore several Ways to Reduce the PDF File Size Easily

Nilesh Kumar | Published: July 12, 2022 | Adobe PDF | 5 Minutes Reading

We have observed that users have several large PDF files with them and handling them has become a huge task. To get rid of this, now they look to reduce the PDF file size. They can be multiple ways to do that, one can compress the file size or can split the PDF files and keep them in a different folder. These could be the best possible solutions.

One can use the compression method also. However, if the user wants to split the PDF file into sections and access them easily. Then this article is for them. It explains the techniques to Split/divide PDF into pages, that can be saved in other files/folders to avoid managing large PDF files. Also doing this saves an ample amount of time in searching and accessing the data.

Here we have listed some methods that could be helpful for the users.

List of Techniques to Break PDF file into Pages

  1. Reduce the PDF file size by using the Google Chrome
  2. Using Adobe Acrobat DC Pro to split the PDF file pages
  3. Break PDF files using an Acrobat Web-based application
  4. Splitting Multiple PDF files using an Automated Tool.

Decreasing the PDF File Size Using Google Chrome

Many of you might be unaware of this smart technique. By opening the PDF files and using the print option in Google Chrome you can easily split, extract, and print PDF files. Follow the steps to know how to reduce the pdf file size by splitting the PDF documents

  • Search the large PDF and open it on Google Chrome to split them.
  • Press the Print option or press “Ctrl+P”.
  • The print window will open, now enter the page numbers that are required to split.
  • After the process finishes, at last, hit the Save button.

Tip – For large PDF files, this is a very TIME-TAKING method and would not be an ideal solution for splitting large or multiple PDF files.

Use Adobe Acrobat Pro DC to Divide PDF into Pages

This method is useful for those who have the Adobe Acrobat professional version. Though if users want to use this then they can buy it and use the facilities that it offers. Using this can be an easy task. Read the steps and follow them.

  • Launch the application Adobe Acrobat DC Pro on the system
  • Select the File menu and press Open file to reduce the PDF file size.
  • On the right side of the PDF file list of tools will be visible, press the “Organize pages” and then select the “Split” option. And then split single or multiples PDF files as users want to.
  • The ‘Split document’ screen will appear, select the options which are required.
  • In the split document option, the user can browse and change the path of the folder where the output PDF files will be saved. Then finally press the OK button to divide PDF into pages.
  • A message display will appear showing that the PDF files have been split into some number of documents.

Break PDF files into pages or files using Online Free Tool

This method is for those who don’t have the Adobe Acrobat DC and DC pro versions. Here the user can type & search for “adobe PDF split” in the browser and use the adobe online split tool. This method can be used to instantly split files for sharing purposes. However, it has a file limitation that can split a PDF of size 100 MB or less. So, if you have a PDF file of size exceeding 100MB, then this solution is not for you.

How Can We Reduce the PDF file Size Using a Quick & Smart Way?

As we have explored some methods which can be used, however, they have certain limitations like splitting a single PDF file at once, file size limitations and being unable to open secured PDF files to split. Hence, using Software to Split Adobe PDF files can avoid all these issues instantly. Be it a normal or secured PDF file, this utility can simply break them into multiple pages. It can split the pages into Even and Odd pages and page Range enables the option to skip attachments. Apart from that this tool can also merge two PDF file pages into one file without losing any data.

Following are the steps to use this utility to Divide PDF into Pages

  • Hit the ‘Add File(s) ‘or ‘Add Folder(s)’ option to load PDF files to split and don’t forget to select the Split button.

reduce the pdf file size

  • Multiple PDF split options are there like Split by Page, Range, Even & Odd Pages, Size, and Each Page. Use them if needed.

select the split options

  • Now to save the resultant split PDF files, press the “Change” button and set the file location.
  • set the path to save output pdf files  After the steps mentioned above are executed, then press the ‘Split’ button to reduce the PDF file size.

reduce the pdf file size

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This article mainly focuses on the solution to reduce the PDF file size by splitting the PDF into multiple files. So, here, we have explained some of the useful methods to split PDF documents. However, some limitations are associated with them. So, here the users can use the automated solution which will surely help them to execute the task without any interruption during the entire process.