Recover Deleted Data from Laptop Hard Drive in Simple Steps

Admin | Published: 2020-03-20T08:16:48+00:00 | Data Recovery

The hard drive is an essential component of a computer/laptop that not only allows users to keep data but, also maintains its complete operating system. All important data including Excel files, PDF, Programs, PPT files, Documents etc., are stored on a laptop’s hard drive.

recover deleted files from laptop hard drive

Hence, data loss from the hard drive of a laptop will be a big problem. In this article, we are going to talk about some common causes of data loss from laptop hard drive along with the solutions to recover deleted data from laptop hard drive.

Methods to Recover Data from Laptop Hard Drive

In order to create more free space on the laptop, users delete their useless or unnecessary files. Basically, there are two ways to delete a file: normal deletion and ‘shift + delete’ keys. Well, both delete the data but, their consequences are completely different. Here in this post you will find solution for both consequences. Means you can easily recover permanently deleted data from laptop hard drive. Now, you can pick the solution as per your deletion case:

Case 1. If You Have Deleted Files Permanently from Laptop

Solution. If you have deleted your files using Shift + Delete command then, you will not get deleted files anywhere in your laptop. Hence, this kind of deletion is called permanent deletion of data. Under such circumstances, it becomes impossible to recover deleted data in Windows OS using any built-in option. But, Laptop Data Recovery Software makes it possible to recover permanently deleted files in a few simple clicks.

The software is completely safe and secure to run. Also, the tool supports formatted and corrupted data recovery from FAT, exFAT, as well as NTFS file system. With this, one can recover deleted images, music, video, audio, documents and other multimedia files from laptop hard drive. Below are the steps to recover lost or permanently deleted data from laptop hard drive:

  • Download and launch the software on your Windows OS laptop.

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  • Select the drive from where you have deleted your files and you will get two scanning options: Scan and Formatted Scan. Click Scan. computer hard drive
  • The drive scanning process will begin after this and the tool will display progress report of scanning.recover files laptop
  • Once the scanning gets completed successfully, the tool will display all the recovered data and bold the folders that actually contains data
    (Important: – Recovered permanently deleted data will be highlighted in red color.)

    view recovered files

  • You can Explore a folder to check its content and the tool will display all the items of that folder along with item counts. You can also find out a particular data item from recovered data using its Search option
  • If you want to save only some of the files from recovered data then, select all the files you want to recover and click Save.recover deleted files from laptop
  • In order to save entire recovered data, directly hit the Save button
  • Select a destination location to save the recovered data and or you can directly Create a new folder. Click OK
  • The data recovery process will begin after this and let the process completed successfully.
  • After completing the export process, hit the OK button and navigate to the destination location to access all the recovered data

Case 2. If You Have Deleted Files Normally from Laptop

Solution. If you have deleted your files just via hitting the Delete button or selecting Delete option then, all the deleted files will be moved into Recycle Bin folder automatically and will be saved there until you empty the Recycle Bin. Hence, you can recover deleted files easily after deletion. Below are the guidelines to recover deleted data from laptop hard drive for free:

  • Open Recycle Bin folder and you will get all the deleted files here
  • Select the files you want to recover from the list of deleted files and folders
  • Now, just hit a right-click on your selection and choose Restore option. recycle bin folder
  • After this, you can access all the restored files from their previous location

Common Causes of Data Loss from Laptop

Most of the users are quite unaware of the real risks of data loss from the computer. Some of the common reasons for data loss are following:

  • Accidental Deletion: Data loss due to accidental or intentional deletion of files, updates, databases is very normal. Hence, no wonder if you have deleted files by mistakenly.
  • Virus/ Malware: Today, there are different types of viruses that can cause data loss from the laptop’s hard drive. However, the most dangerous damages are the attacks aimed to steal business or personal data.
  • Mechanical Damage: Hard drives are the most delicate components of laptops and they break down more often than any other device connected to a computer. There are several moving parts inside a hard drive that breaks down so easily and results in permanent data loss.
  • Electrical Failures: Shutting down a system without proper following the proper shutdown procedure, can cause issues with the OS to restart. Also, sudden changes in the voltage can damage the parts of a hard drive.
  • Software Corruption: Some of the software shuts down suddenly without any reason in the mid of operations. Such issues cause data loss from the hard drive of a PC/ laptop/ computer.
  • Natural Disasters: Apart from the above-mentioned causes, natural disasters are one of the most uncontrollable reasons for data loss. For instance, fires, floods, brownouts, earthquakes etc.

Concluding Lines

Laptops or computers play a vital role in business progress. However, what if the laptop hard drive gets into the trouble and stops working. Well, nothing can be more frustrating than this and in such cases, users lost their data. After that, they ask for a common query i.e., how to recover deleted data from laptop hard drive.

In this article, we have discussed some simple techniques to recover deleted data from laptop’s hard drive and users can prefer an appropriate solution as per their case of data deletion. The permanently deleted data can only be recovered by using a data recovery software.