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Professional DOCX Recovery Tool – All in One Solution to Recover Word DOCX File

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When a document is converted from one format to another, one of the major causes of DOCX file corruption occurs. The storage and access of Word files via CDs or flash drives is another cause of corruption. The causes of Word file corruption, frequent mistakes, and how to fix a corrupt DOCX file will all be covered here using the professional Docx recovery tool.

It is important to remain positive if your important Word document gets corrupted and you realize that you have lost precious information or countless hours of work. The situation may be more complicated than it appears. A corrupt .docx file can be fixed using the solutions you’ll find in this guide.

To avoid these types of situations, the first thing you need to do before that is to make a copy of the working word DOCX file before you do anything else. Many times, there is a high chance that the corruption within the DOCX file could become worse over time or that could you destroy the DOCX while recovering it.

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Creating a backup copy of your working data is the safest way to save you from the headache later on.

DOCX File: What Is It?

The Microsoft Corporation created the Open XML-based DOCX file extension. The DOCX file extension was introduced with Microsoft Office 2007 and is supported by later versions of Word. This format stores documents using zip-compression technology and offers advantages like:

  • less space is needed on the disc to hold files.
  • Sending files via networks only requires a little amount of bandwidth.

How to Deal With Corrupt .docx Files

Corrupted word .docx file cannot be open, read, and accessibly for users . A damaged word file can be caused by several factors. You can fix and recover the corrupted doc (Word 2003, 2000, 97, 95, 6.0), Docx (Word 2007, 2010), or RTF files in some cases.

If your Docx or RTF document has accidentally become corrupt/inaccessible for opening with the original software, don’t lose heart!

EmailDoctor DOCX Repair Tool that will help you to repair corrupted Word file instantly. All you have to do is just upload the corrupted DOC and DOCX file using your browser, estimate demo recovery results and choose a solution suitable for you.

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This professional DOCX recovery tool is a top-notch software that easily recovers damages and corrupted DOCX files of MS Office 2021, 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, and 2007 by removing its corruption errors.

Steps to Recover Multiple Word DOCX Files Directly

1. Install the professional toolkit on your system and launch it.

launch docx recovery tool
2. Select the Browse option to load corrupted Word DOCX files by using the Add File.

select docx file
3. Preview the recovered DOCX Files in 2 modes: Rich Text and Plain Text

preview docx file
4. Finally, select the Save button to store the repaired word DOCX file in your desired location by using our Professional DOCX Recovery Tool.

save recovered docx file

How to Check DOC and DOCX File is Corrupt?

  • Opening a .docx file causes the computer to freeze or not respond.
  • Word DOCX file not loading directly or loading will be stuck in the middle
  • Unreadable file content of DOC and DOCX
  • Error messages of the DOCX file will pop. “This document could not be read by Microsoft Word. It may be corrupt.”

So How do you fix a corrupted Word DOCX file in the Windows system? In the above-mentioned sections, we already described the best DOCX File Recovery Software that not only recovers your Word DOCX file data but also solved other users’ related problems.

Why Use DOCX File Recovery Tool to Restore Corrupted Word DOCX File?

This professional DOCX Recovery Tool is completely suitable to fix all the corrupted Word .docx files and can easily restore and recover the data with Rich Text Formatting.

  • You will recover the Word DOCX file Layout, design, and fonts
  • Easily restore DOCX Templates & themes
  • Fastly recovery of  Word DOCX Shapes, Hyperlinks, and icons
  • Safely and securely recover the 3D Models and Smart art
  • Secure your Headnotes and Footnotes during the DOCX Recovering process.
  • With this tool, you can smoothly restore Tables, Graphs, Online pictures, videos, and so on items in your corrupted DOCX File.

Factors that Cause DOCX File Corruption

The word file may become corrupt for a variety of reasons. File corruption can occasionally occur as a result of hardware issues or malware attacks. The following list of well-known causes for DOCX file degradation includes:

  • Using infected storage devices to store word documents
  • Repeatedly changing from one DOCX format to another
  • Deactivation of the MS Word application right away
  • Sudden system failure
  • Failure of a hard drive
  • Word processor setup file that is damaged
  • The document is not correctly stored

How to Solve & Fix MS Word DOCX File Errors?

There are high chances that you will get multiple error messages. But,  Then this professional DOCX repair tool can be a robust solution for those users. Following are some of the common errors. The list of word document-related Common Error messages (DOCX) Word.

  • Because of an issue with the content, the Office Open XML file file.docx cannot be accessed. “MS Word cannot open the document: User does not have access credentials,” the message reads.
  • The Word file couldn’t be opened because of an issue.
  • We apologize, but we are unable to open document name.docx because of an issue with its content.
  • The path or document name is invalid.
  • The Word document is damaged and cannot be opened.

Key Features of this Professional DOCX File Recovery Software

Users can easily recover/ restore corrupted/damaged/ broken word DOCX files within seconds. Moreover, users can process multiple word files of Microsoft Word 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, and 2019, with this DOCX recovery tool.

  • Multiple Options to Upload Corrupted DOCX File: This tool provides you with three options to insert the DOCX file.

1. Add Files option: With this option, you can fix one and more damaged DOCX files within seconds. To use this option, you just only need to choose bulk files, click the Ctrl key and select all the single necessary files.
2. Add Folder option: This option enables you to upload all the corrupted DOCX files containing the folder into the tool. For a faster and easier way to recover the Word DOCX file.
3. Search File Option: In case your location is unknown, then use the Search file option to find out all the stored MS word Docx files.

  • Software Panel Preview Option: You can use the  DOCX Recovery tool to remove corruption from macro DOCX files, marked as final DOCX files, and DOCX files with restricted editing options.
  • Dual View Option: Users can easily preview their DOCX file after completing the recovering process. The preview is provided with double modes. Such modes like Rich Text Format and Plain Text Format mode. Moreover, users also facilitate with more options such as zoom in/ zoom-out, multiple page view, book view, and so on.


In this article, we discussed the causes of DOCX file corruption and what to do when the file becomes corrupted, damaged, unopenable, and even unreadable. Moreover, the corrupted DOCX file is still recoverable with the above-mentioned solution.

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