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Outlook Data Cyclic Redundancy Check Error – Here’s the Solution

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Published On January 23rd, 2024
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So you failed to download new emails to your local computer and received an error message stating that F: is inaccessible. Outlook data cyclic redundancy check error.

While Outlook is a fantastic email program, it is prone to a number of faults, one of which is the data error cyclic redundancy check.

But don’t be discouraged if you’ve received a cyclic redundancy check; we’ve got your back. Here’s today’s write-up, in which we’ve examined the finest fixtures for removing CRC errors.

Outlook Cyclic Redundancy Check Error Code Explanation

The aforementioned error code is shown when there is an issue downloading your fresh emails to your local computer; otherwise, CRC happens when the PST file is corrupted or the location of a hard drive is changed.

In the next part, we will show you how to permanently resolve this CRC problem.

How to Repair Outlook Data Cyclic Redundancy Check Error | Solutions Explained

Here in this section we have going to discuss some techniques to fix the errro.

#Method: 1 Examine for Hard Disk Errors

1. Using the Windows + R keyboard shortcut, navigate to the Command Prompt menu.

2. In the open search panel, type “Cmd.”

3. Enter “chkdsk disc name: /f” into cmd.exe and press the “Enter” key.

Note: Outlook data cyclic redundancy error check may result in an error message stating “Access Denied because you do not have appropriate rights.”

4. If you see this error code, you must execute cmd as administrator. Simply go to the Windows search panel and type cmd, then right-click on the displayed application and select “Run as Administrator.”

5. In the cmd panel, type “chkdsk disc name: /f” again and hit the Enter key.

6. There are now additional alternatives for what the disc check will do. Wait a few moments to see the results.

7. When the scanning procedure is finished, exit the command prompt section and restart Outlook. If the problem code continues, it is possible that the PST file has become corrupted. Let’s proceed to the next step to repair the PST file.

#Method: 2 Repair PST File to Fix an Outlook Data Cyclic Redundancy Check Error

This automatic method can effortlessly and completely restore your corrupt Outlook PST file. Furthermore, it allows you to repair virus-infected Outlook PST files of any size.

This automated software is compatible with all versions of Outlook, including Outlook 2016 2019. This tool is freely available for free download, and it includes demo edition capabilities. Let’s have a look at how this program works to remove corruption.

How to Use The Tool

1. The first step is to obtain and install this software.

run the software

2. After installing the software, select the “Add-File” option.

add file

3. If you want to add PST files, use the radio button; otherwise, browse the files on the desktop.

browse file from location

4. When you have successfully uploaded the PST file, you will be presented with two scanning options: Quick and Advance.

choose advance scan

Note: The quick scan option allows for faster PST file recovery. If your PST is severely contaminated, it is best to utilize advanced scan mode.

5. When the scanning procedure is finished, a dialogue box will appear asking you to save the scan list. It highlights all removed items in red in the preview panel.

export selected

6. To transfer all PST files, click the Export Button.

export all

7. Select the “PST” option button and then click “Advanced Settings.”

select pst format

8. Click the “Browse” button to select a location to save the file.

browse the destination

9. To save the things you’ve selected, click the “Export” button.

export in healthy format

10. When it’s finished, click “OK.”

process is successful

Note: If a user has minimal corruption in PST files, he or she can utilize a manual solution, such as the inbox repair utility program. This Microsoft-provided software can repair small corruption. As a result of serious corruption concerns, this tool crashes. As a result, it is preferable to go with a sophisticated solution for good.

The Most Noteworthy Features of an Automated Tool

  • This utility allows you to precisely restore data from Outlook PST files.
  • This wizard allows you to search for and add multiple files from your system.
  • When the recovery procedure is finished, you will be given a list of recovered objects.
  • All emails are well organized, including reading and unread counts.
  • It enables the PST to be leaked in equal size (Min 100Mb Max 45Gb) for good.

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If you followed the steps outlined above, we believe you would have found a solution to your Outlook data cyclic redundancy check error. However, if you have been unable to resolve this problem so far, you can use the automated program to permanently resolve PST corruption.


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