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How to Open VCF File on Computer? Best Methods to Open vCard Contacts

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Summary: Do you want to open VCF file on computer but are not sure how to do so? You should continue reading this article as we are going to explain multiple ways to open and access VCF file data in different applications on your computer.

VCF (also known as vCard files) is the standard contact information storing file format that is widely used for sharing user details. It offers designated fields for saving all kinds of information such as name, phone number, email ID, contact photo, website address, etc. A VCF file is a versatile file that can be used with multiple platforms.

For its flexibility and popularity, every other application gives the option to import or export the vCard files. In this blog, we are going to share with you various ways that can help you access these vCard files easily.

How to Open VCF File on Computer?

One can open the vCard files using the Windows contacts option by right-clicking on .vcf files > Open with > Windows Contacts. Apart from this, you can access them through Outlook, Gmail, Notepad, etc as given below.

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Open VCF Files Using Notepad

  1. Click on the Start button
  2. Type “Notepad” & launch the application
  3. Tap on “File” in the Notepad.
  4. From the list, choose ‘Open’.
  5. Navigate to the VCF file location.
  6. From the file type dropdown menu, click on “All files”
  7. Choose the VCF file and select “Open.”

Use Outlook to Open VCF Files

  1. Launch MS Outlook and click on File
  2. Select ‘Open & Export’ & choose ‘Import/Export’
  3. Choose ‘Import a vCard file (.vcf)’ & choose Next
  4. Browse the VCF files from your system to import
  5. You can now access the vCard in the contacts folder

Open VCF File on Computer Using Excel

MS Excel is the most common platform to use the contact files in. Using the contacts in this application is not an easy task. We have come up with the perfect solution as given below:

  1. Open Excel on your computer
  2. Click on File > Open > Browse
  3. Search & open .vcf from the list
  4. “Text Import Wizard” will open
  5. Select ‘Delimited’ under Original Data Type
  6. Now, click on Next to proceed
  7. Apply delimiters as ‘Tab’, ‘Semicolon’, choose ‘Other’ delimiter & type ‘:’ in the field next to it.
  8. Click on Next and then Finish

The vCard files have now been imported. You can clean the data as per your need.

Use Gmail to Use VCF Files

  1. Login to your Google account using valid credentials
  2. Go to its contacts page (https://contacts.google.com/)
  3. From the left menu, click on the Import button
  4. A new dialogue box will appear, choose ‘Select Here’
  5. Browse the vCard (.vcf) files and click on the Import button
  6. All the contacts will now get imported and you can see the list

There are several other ways such as using an iCloud, Yahoo, online VCF file opener, etc. We have described the most used platforms in detail above.

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In this article, we have discussed ways to open VCF file on computer. You can choose any of the ways that suit your needs the most. If you would like to opt for the automatic software for this method, you can use the VCF Viewer software for free.