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Move Contacts from Yahoo to iCloud: A Step-by-Step Guide

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Published On October 20th, 2023
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Are you tired of managing your contacts on Yahoo and want to move contacts from Yahoo to iCloud? Look no further; we’ve got you covered. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through moving your contacts from Yahoo to iCloud step by step. By the end of this article, you’ll be able to effortlessly make the transition without losing any of your valuable contacts. 

How to Move Contacts from Yahoo to iCloud?

Since it is not possible to directly export contacts from Yahoo to iCloud, the whole process of transferring Yahoo contacts to iCloud is divided into three main steps.

  1. Export Contacts from Yahoo to CSV File
  2. Convert CSV files to vCard file format.
  3. Import vCard to Apple iCloud.

Why it is Important to Convert CSV Files to vCard to Import Contacts in iCloud

iCloud is cloud-based storage that is provided by Apple, Inc. and also works as an email client for Mac OS users. However, many users transfer from Windows to Mac OS and want to transfer all their data from their email clients, including their contacts, to iCloud.

Then, it is very important to convert CSV to vCard because iCloud only supports vCard or VCF file extensions to import or export contacts. However, vCard version 4.0 is supported by iCloud. Furthermore, read this article to find the best expert solution to completely export Yahoo contacts to iCloud without any data loss. 

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Step-1. How to Export Contacts from Yahoo to CSV

In the first step, we will export all our Yahoo contacts to a CSV file to import Yahoo contacts to iCloud. 

  1. Open Yahoo mail in the web browser (Chrome, Brave, Microsoft Edge)
  2. Then, log in to Yahoo Mail and click Contacts in the right panel.
  3. Click the More Options button.
  4. After that, select the option Export to transfer all Yahoo contacts as CSV files. 

After clicking the export button, the Contacts.csv file will be downloaded to your local computer along with all your Yahoo contacts.

Best Solution to Move Contacts from Yahoo to iCloud 

Now, the main thing is that we cannot directly import CSV files to iCloud because iCloud doesn’t support CSV files to move Yahoo contacts to iCloud. Therefore, we have to convert CSV files to iCloud-supported vCard files. However, there are many free converters on the market, but they are useless for Mac users because, as you all know, iCloud supports vCard version 4.0, but manual converters convert VCF to version 2.1. So exporting contacts to iCloud VCF version 4.0 is a must. Therefore,  the manual solution is useless. That’s why using expert-suggested CSV contacts to vCard Converter Tool allows you to export contacts from Yahoo to iCloud iPhone with ease, and you can also convert bulk CSV files to vCard/VCF with the help of this tool. This tool also converts contacts from Excel to vCard on Mac and Windows files.

Step-2. Convert CSV to vCard for iCloud 

Converting CSV to vCard for iCloud using the above-mentioned tool is important. Follow the simple steps given below to use the tool for easy conversion:

  1. Download the vCard tool and click on Browse to select the CSV file you want to convert.
  2. open and browse the file to convert to vCard to move contacts from yahoo to icloud Now, it will provide a full preview of all the content of your CSV file.
  3. preview the content of your CSV file After that, map your CSV file contact field to vCard fields. Once you have completed the mapping, click Next.
  4. map your cv file to vcardChoose vCard v3.0 or v4.0 and check the Create a single vCard and Import blank email addresses boxes.
  5. Choose the icloud supported vCard versionBrowse the destination to save the vCard file, and click the Convert button to start the conversion process of the CSV file to vCard.

click convert to start the conversion process to move contacts from yahoo to icloud

It will convert your CSV into a vCard/VCF file that is supported by Apple iCloud. This tool also supports bulk conversion of CSV files to vCard.

Key Features of the Mentioned Tool

  1. It can effortlessly convert XLT, XLSM, XLSB, and XLTX Excel workbooks and template files to vCard, so you can easily move contacts from Yahoo to iCloud.
  2. Easily load and preview Excel files, complete with rows and columns from all spreadsheets, for a convenient overview of your data.
  3. Capable of importing Excel contacts into both iCloud and iCloud+ for seamless synchronization.
  4. The converted VCF files can be easily accessed in various email applications and on mobile devices, including Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, and the iPhone.

Step-3. Import Contacts From Resultant vCard to Apple iCloud

The final step is to import Yahoo contacts to iCloud using the converted CSV file as a vCard/VCF file. The import feature of iCloud allows users to import the VCF/vCard file directly without any issues. Once you do it, you will be able to move all your Yahoo contacts to your iCloud account.

So follow the easy steps given below to transfer contacts from Yahoo to iCloud:

  1. Open and log in to your iCloud account.
  2. Click the Contacts and Gear Button to import VCF to Apple iCloud.
  3. After that, from the menu, choose the Import vCard option. 
  4. Navigate to the desired location and select the VCF/vCard file.
  5. Finally, click the Open button to import Yahoo Mail contacts to iCloud.

Sync Excel Contacts from iCloud to iPhone Immediately 

However, some users face issues importing converted Excel contacts to their iPhones from iCloud. Therefore, follow the easy straightforward steps given below to seamlessly sync iCloud contacts to iPhone without any issues:

Step-1. Go to the Settings of your iPhone.

Step-2. Click on your name at the top of the screen (Apple ID).

Step-3. Click iCloud and make sure that the “Contacts” toggle switch is turned on. If not, toggle it on to enable it.

Step-4.To begin downloading contacts from iCloud to your iPhone, click “Merge” in the next popup.

Step-5. Open the “Contacts” app on your iPhone. Pull down the contacts list to refresh and sync the latest data.

Note: If you didn’t see any changes in contacts because of any error, then sometimes a simple restart can help. Turn off your iPhone, and then turn it back on.

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After reading this article, you may know how to move contacts from Yahoo to iCloud account. This process is simplified with the help of automated tools to easily convert bulk CSV files to vCard/VCF file formats.

This smart and automated software is available for both Windows and Mac systems. Furthermore, this article included all the steps to sync Excel contacts to iCloud and then to iPhone contacts. Enjoy synced contact management while enjoying iCloud’s ease of use.


Q1: Do I need to manually update contacts on all my devices?
A1: No need! iCloud syncs your contacts across all your Apple devices automatically. Say goodbye to manual updates.

Q2: What if I face issues after the move?
A2: In the rare event of post-migration issues, our troubleshooting guide has you covered. Reach out to us for additional support if needed.

Q3: Is there a risk of data loss during the transfer?
A3: No, when following our guide correctly, and by using the above-mentioned tool there is no risk of data loss so you can easily move all your contacts from Excel to iCloud in iPhone 10/11/12/13/14/15, etc.

Q4: Can I perform this migration on my iPhone?
A4: Absolutely. iCloud integration is seamless across all Apple devices. You can follow the same steps on your iPhone or iPad to easily import multiple contacts to your Apple devices.