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How to Import Contacts to WhatsApp from Excel- The Ultimate Guide

Published By Nilesh Kumar
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Published On March 8th, 2024
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All those who are unable to import contacts to WhatsApp from Excel need not fret anymore. We are here to help you bring all Excel contacts inside the WhatsApp application. The easy approach that we discuss here saves both time and effort simultaneously.

With just a few simple clicks, you’ll be able to quickly transfer all your Excel contacts to your WhatsApp account. Whether you’re a business owner looking to reach out to your customers or an individual trying to connect with friends and family, this article will make the process simple and stress-free. 

So go through this article in its entirety, as it will help you understand the best methods to add contacts that are stored under a *.xls extension to WhatsApp. We’ll even provide the best solution to optimize your contact list.

Why Import Excel Contacts to WhatsApp at All

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging platforms, allowing users to stay connected with their contacts. Moreover, WhatsApp allows users to send text messages, images, documents, user location, audio/video, other media files, etc.

Furthermore, in an era where ads can be a constant source of irritation, WhatsApp stands out by offering a clean, ad-free user experience. With WhatsApp, the focus remains on what matters most: your messages.

Therefore, if you import contacts from Excel to WhatsApp, you can create a centralized database of all your contacts. Instead of searching through different sources to find a specific contact, you can easily access all your contacts within WhatsApp.

How to Save Contacts from Excel to WhatsApp?

Those who use WhatsApp regularly may know that they can’t save and import contacts from Excel to WhatsApp directly.
This is the very reason why WhatsApp has not yet taken over the default cellular calling completely. If Whats app intends to replace the old way of calling then it still needs some improvements. So as long as you don’t have this option try the alternative 3-step approach:

  • Change Excel to vCard
  • Add vCard to your Mobile
  • Sync Mobile contacts with WhatsApp

Step-1. Saving Excel Spreadsheet as a CSV File Format 

Follow the steps given below to save your Excel spreadsheet in CSV file format to import contacts to WhatsApp from Excel:

  1. Open Microsoft Excel on your PC to export Excel contacts as CSV.
  2. View and select the contact details in the Excel spreadsheet that you want to export to WhatsApp.
  3. Then, in the File menu, click the Save As option to easily save your Excel spreadsheet. 
  4. Choose the File Format for your Excel file from the popup menu.
  5. Then select the Save option to save the converted Excel file to your computer.

Step-2. Converting Excel to vCard File Format

Now this second step is very important because, as you all know, Whatsapp doesn’t support directly importing Excel files to Whatsapp. That is why it is very necessary to convert Excel files to WhatsApp-supported file extensions like vCard/VCF.

For this, it is highly recommended to use an automated smart solution like the Excel to vCard Converter Tool to resolve user queries about how to import contacts from Excel to WhatsApp. You can easily save contacts from Excel files to WhatsApp using this tool, and you can also use it to convert bulk Excel files to vCard/VCF. This software can also convert any Excel Files to vCard Files on Windows and Mac.

Working on a Fully Automated Tool to Convert Excel Contacts to WhatsApp

Converting Excel to vCard for WhatsApp or other message clients using the above-mentioned tool is very necessary. To use the tool for easy conversion, follow the simple steps outlined below:

Step-1. Go to the start menu, run the tool, and select the Browse button to select the MS Excel file to convert.

click browse to select the excel spreadsheet file to export contacts from excel to whatsapp

Step-2. After opening the selected Excel file, you can easily see a Preview of all your Excel contacts.

Preview the content of Excel file that you want to export to whatsApp

Step-3. After that, map your Excel file contact fields to vCard fields. Once you have finished mapping, click Next.

map your Excel file to vCard fields then click next button

Step-4. Choose the vCard Version and check the Create a single vCard and Import blank email addresses boxes.

select the version of vCard for whatsApp

Step-5. Finally, click the Convert button to start the process of exporting Excel to the WhatsApp-supported file.

click convert button to start the process of excel file conversion to vCard how to export contacts from excel to whatsapp

By following the steps for the abovementioned tool, you can easily do batch conversions of all your files from Excel to vCard.

Step-3. Importing Contacts from vCard to WhatsApp 

This is the last and final step to import contacts from Excel to WhatsApp and to resolve the user queries for how to import contacts from Excel to WhatsApp on a mobile device:

  1. Firstly, go to your Phone Contacts on your mobile device.
  2. Then, choose Import Contacts to import converted Excel file contacts to WhatsApp.
  3. Browse and select the VCF File to import contacts from the Excel file to WhatsApp.
  4. After all, check if all the Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet contacts get listed in your mobile contact lists.

After getting all your contacts listed on your smartphone, you can easily import contacts to WhatsApp from Excel. Therefore, you can easily connect and communicate with all your contacts on WhatsApp.

Final Words

Exporting contacts from Excel to WhatsApp is a game-changer for many users. By following our comprehensive guide, you can effortlessly transfer your contacts from Excel to WhatsApp, saving time and effort in the process. By choosing the mentioned tool, you can take advantage of this powerful feature and stay connected like never before.


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