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How to Migrate Emails From One Gmail Account to Another Step by Step?

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Published On January 17th, 2024
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User Query: Hi There! I’m looking for solutions on how to migrate emails from one Gmail to another online. I signed up for a Gmail account in my college days. And, my account name doesn’t sound professional enough using which I can send out my resume. So, I decided to create a new account and transfer my emails from the old account. If anyone could suggest a quick and easy to move my emails from Gmail to Gmail, I would really appreciate it. Thanks!

There might be ‘n’ number of reasons why one would want to migrate his/her Gmail emails to another account. That’s why here in this article we’ve come up with 3 methods using which you’ll be able to transfer your emails. All the methods are unique in their own place, refer to them and use either one at your convenience. 

Table of Contents

Quick & Easy Method to Migrate Emails from One Gmail to Another

Step 1. Download the below migration tool.
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Step 2. Enter Source Gmail credentials and Validate.

Step 3. Enter the Destination Gmail credential and Validate.

Step 4. Apply Advanced Settings such as Date filter etc. (if required)

Step 5. Start Gmail to Gmail migration process.

Here are the 3 methods you can use to transfer emails between two Gmail accounts.

  • First, download the Gmail data using Google Takeout and move downloaded messages to another account.
  • Second, using the POP feature
  • Third, using a professional software (expert-recommended)

Method 1. Perform Gmail to Gmail Migration Using Google Takeout

If you want a free method to migrate emails from one Gmail to another manually then you can take the help of Google Takeout. However, it’s not going to directly migrate your emails. It’s a two-step approach. First, you need to back up all your emails through Google Takeout. It’ll store your emails in MBOX file format. Secondly, you are going to set up a Thunderbird or Apple Mail account to import the MBOX file.

Suppose you installed Thunderbird and set up your new Gmail account. When you import the file using the ImportExport Tools, it’ll not be directly imported to the Gmail account. Rather it’ll be imported to your Local folder. After that, you have to move them to the desired Gmail account.

Method 2. Migrate Emails from One Gmail to Another – Using POP Feature

If you want to see emails from an old Gmail account in your new account’s inbox, the easiest option is to set up POP access and then import your emails to the new Gmail account.

Step 1: Enable POP

  • Open your Gmail account. Go to the Settings.
  •  Click on Forwarding and POP/IMAP.
  •  Enable POP for all mail.
  • Choose Keep Gmail’s copy in the inbox.
  • Save changes there.

Step 2: Go to Import Mail & Contacts to migrate emails from one Gmail to another

  • Log in to Gmail. Settings >> Accounts & Import.
  • Click on Add a Mail account.
  • Enter your Gmail email address and Next.
  • Select Import emails from my other account (POP3).
  • Enter the password and choose “Always use a secure connection (SSL)”.
  • Click on Add Account. Next steps.

Method 3. Migrate Emails from Gmail to Another Gmail Instantly – Using Professional Software

Undoubtedly, the above-mentioned manual methods are free and effective. However, if you have a large number of emails and moreover, multiple accounts to migrate then these methods are definitely not recommended. Because these methods will take more time than usual. In the worst scenarios, it may lead to data loss if not done each and every step very carefully.

Anyway, why take all the burden when you can easily migrate emails from Gmail to another account with the help of EmailDoctor IMAP Migrator Tool

This professional software has been developed by highly experienced professionals. Moreover, the tool has multiple advanced features in it, that can fulfill the user’s customized requirements to migrate emails from one Gmail to another. Furthermore, it can easily migrate emails with attachments from all the Gmail mailboxes to another Gmail account. The software can handle a large amount of data without imposing any size limitations.

Note: Even the actual structure and the hierarchy will be maintained with metadata throughout the migration process. The tool is specially engineered for Mac users. It is capable of running on all the previous as well as the latest versions of Mac OS. Just Free Download the mentioned Gmail to Gmail Migration Tool and start the process.

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Complete Steps to Migrate Emails from One Gmail to Another Gmail Account

  • Launch and run the mentioned Migration Tool in your existing Mac OS system.
  • Choose Gmail from the Source IMAP account and enter the login credentials of your Gmail account. Validate.

enter gmail credentials

  • Then in the destination IMAP account. Enter the username and password of your Gmail account. And validate it.

enter another gmail account credentials

  • After that, from the Add option, you can easily add one or more IMAP accounts there.

add more accounts for migration

  • From the Advanced Settings, you can choose some selective data using the Date Filter option. Select required mailboxes.
  • Choose Delta Migration to skip previously migrated emails. Then, click on Start Migration to migrate emails from one Gmail to another account.

migrate emails from one gmail to another

  • In just a few minutes, the process will be done successfully and you can see the final migration message on the screen.

finally migrate gmail emails to another

Features of the Mentioned Migration Tool

  • The tool is simple and provides a flexible GUI that can be easily operated by all the users whether they are technical or novice users.
  • Just by entering the login credentials, it is possible to configure the accounts to migrate emails.
  • Ability to migrate emails from one Gmail to another in bulk along with attachments.
  • Apart from Gmail, this software can migrate emails from and to all IMAP email accounts.
  • The metadata and the email properties with the original structure are maintained throughout the process.
  • Gives provision to add more IMAP accounts for the migration of emails.
  • Runs on all the previous as well as the latest versions of Mac OS systems such as Mac OS 12.0, Mac OS 11.0, and Mac OS 10.8.
  • Self-Sustainable Solution – Do not require any other kind of installation throughout.


Hence, after discussing the various ways to migrate emails from one Gmail to another, we have finally come to an end. At last, we have given our 100% to make you understand the complete solution to migrate the emails with attachments. All of the mentioned ways are better to utilize and acquire the results. But it depends on your choice with which you want to continue further. As per our suggestion, it is better to continue with the professional way that will provide immediate results. If you have any doubts regarding the tool, you can refer to the following FAQs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q- Is the tool safe to use for Gmail to Gmail migration?

Yes. The tool has passed various security tests before being formally launched in the market. Also, it is evident that customers across the globe trust using this tool for Gmail migration. You can refer to the review section of the tool to get better clarity.

Q- Will my old Gmail account data be deleted after the migration?

No. After you migrate emails from one Gmail to another, you can still access the emails on your old account.

Q- Can I use the Gmail migration tool for free?

Yes. You can free download the demo version of the software. However, you’ll be able to migrate only 100 emails. That’s why we recommend you opt for the full version to avail all the benefits of the software.


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