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Microsoft Teams Chat Disappeared / Missing – 4 Quick Fixes

Published By Nilesh Kumar
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Published On March 7th, 2024
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Summary: Microsoft Teams chat disappeared frequently, which became a common problem among Teams users. Due to this, the organizations are suffering from a huge problem. But we have 4 quick fixes to resolve the Microsoft Teams chat disappearance issue. Through this guide, you can recover your old chats in the Microsoft Teams channels.

“For tracking the current stage of the project I was just checking the last assigned task to one of the team members. But I did not find anything. I was frustrated why the chats had disappeared or missing from the Microsoft Teams.”

Microsoft Teams has proved to be a great platform for collaborating with employees in the organization. Because of the several features of Microsoft Teams such as chats, and online meetings, organizations improved their workflow. But because of the missing chats in the Teams, organizations suffered a lot. There are several reasons behind the issue of Teams chat disappearing. Firstly, find the reasons before discussing the solution so that you can get a deeper understanding of this issue.

What are the Reasons Behind the Teams Chat History Missing?

1. The bandwidth of the Internet connection becomes slowed down. Due to this, the old messages could not load.
2. By using Microsoft Teams regularly, the amount of data is increased in the Teams channel. That’s why the Teams start taking too much time to load the chats and sometimes it couldn’t load.
3. A huge amount of cookies and cache data is also the reason for Microsoft Teams chat disappeared.
4. Another reason behind the Teams chat history is missing the retention policy. The retention policy in the Teams can also be the reason for automatically disappearing the chats after a particular time.

Now, you are aware of the different reasons why the Microsoft Teams chat is not working or missing. So let’s elaborate on the solutions to fix the issue.

Solution 1. Sign Out and Sign In

The Sign Out and Sign in is the universal approach that everyone uses whether it is a non-tech or tech user at an alarming rate. This is the first solution to fix the Microsoft Teams chat disappeared issue. In which you need to sign out from the existing account in Teams. After sign-out, then again launch Microsoft Teams and fill in all the required credentials in the right way. Open the channels again and search for the disappeared chats.

Solution 2. Delete the Cache Data

Because of the huge data in Microsoft Teams, there might be the possibility that Teams could not be able to load the chats. The cache data is also stored in the Teams which affects the Teams performance. As a result, Microsoft Teams chat history missing. So clear the cache data to get back all the disappeared chats.

  • Sign out from the Teams and go to AppData > Microsoft > Teams> Cache and clear all the cache data.
  • Then restart the Teams and log in again.

Solution 3. Validate Internet Connectivity

The Internet connection sometimes slows down and affects Microsoft Teams due to which the Teams messages disappeared. Proper connectivity to the Internet is a must to load the Teams messages. So fix the Internet connection for the smooth functioning of Teams and load the old chats as well.

Solution 4. Switch Microsoft Teams to Another Tenant

If the issue of Microsoft Teams chat disappeared is not resolved with the above three solutions then you can go for this solution. As the data is crucial for the organizations then to get the data back, you should Migrate Teams Channel to Another Tenant.

Microsoft Teams experts recommend the Microsoft Teams Migration Tool for successful migration and resolving Microsoft Teams chat history missing. This tool is the one that can complete the process without affecting the chats, channels, and other data as well. When there is a need to shift the Teams then organizations demand migrating other data as well.

Due to this, experts choose this tool because it is well-versed in migrating groups, files, channels, links, sites, and members. Multiple advanced features make the process simpler. You can use the delta migration option to transfer the newly arrived data. The process can also be tracked using an Interactive dashboard. But before start the process, follow the Microsoft Teams Migration Project Plan for the errors free process.

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Now, let’s find the complete process in detail with the software steps.

Fix Microsoft Teams Chat Disappeared using the Software

Step 1. Download and Install the tool on the system. Choose Office 365 in the Source and Destination platforms.

source and destination

Step 2. Select all the items that you want to migrate such as Teams channels, groups, and so on.

select items

Step 3. In the Source window, enter the details of the Source Office 365 account such as Admin Emails and Application ID. After validating the details move to Next.

source credentials

Step 4. Now provide the credentials for the Destination Office 365 account. Validate all the credentials and hit Next.

destination credentials

Step 5. Load the users into the tool and map them with the destination account and Next.


Step 6. Fetch the Teams into the tool and then click on the Start Migration button.

start migration

Final Words

Missing chats from Microsoft Teams can create a huge problem for organizations. Therefore in this write-up, we have explained all the possible methods to solve the Microsoft Teams chat disappeared issue. You can pick any of the solution that suits you in a better way. Moreover, we have also explained an expert-recommended solution that can surely solve the Teams messages disappeared issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q How to resolve the missing chats in Microsoft Teams issue?

Ans – Opt for any solution among the four:-

  • Sign Out and Sign In
  • Delete cache data.
  • Manage Necessary Internet connectivity.
  • Migrate Teams.

Q How to remove all the cache data of the Microsoft Teams?

Ans –  Move to the AppData > Microsoft > Teams> Cache and delete all the cache data.


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