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How to Import VCF to Outlook? Easy Techniques!

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Published On September 26th, 2023
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VCF or vCard file is a virtual business card that stores contacts. When you import VCF to Outlook, you migrate contacts with their attributes and fields. Furthermore, a VCF file consists of several fields and they store bits of information such as name, phone number, email, fax ID, address, zip code, etc. Therefore, you can store any communication information you can think of. Whereas, MS Outlook email services are popular among many users. However, Outlook accepts VCF Contact files, but with some restrictions.

User Query: Yesterday I tried to import VCF file to Outlook, but it didn’t work. Even running this conversion work became very difficult for me. So, please share with me the best way, which helps me to add multiple VCF files into Outlook 2021 in an efficient manner.

Why Do Users Need to Bulk Import VCF File to Outlook?

There may be several reasons, why a user might want to add vCard to Outlook any edition, including the 2021, 2019, 2016, and 2013. Microsoft Outlook is the most popular email client and provides many unique features to users, but it lacks the option to import multiple contacts files at once.

Benefits to Import Multiple VCF Files into Outlook:

  1. MS Outlook provides correct information on all the contacts.
  2. Even Outlook provides an intuitive interface that makes it easier for a user to understand.
  3. Microsoft Outlook even facilitates you to easily connect to any network for contact management.
  4. Moreover, it provides higher security, compared to other email clients. 

Steps to Import a VCF file to Outlook

  • Launch MS Outlook.
  • Go to File >> Open & Export >> Import/Export Wizard.
    Outlook Import Export
  • Select Import a .vCard file (.vcf) and click the Next button.
  • Browse the vCard file to add in MS Outlook.
    add vcard to Outlook
  • At last, click Next to import VCF to Outlook. 

Expert Way to Import VCF to Outlook

Users can also perform this process manually, but there are some limitations, you cannot import multiple VCF files simultaneously. So you have to add all contact files individually. When importing them, you have to manually set the custom fields, which is very long and time-consuming. This process is not suitable for the bulk import VCF file to Outlook. That is why you need to choose a commercial solution called the vCard Importer Tool.

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The software has the power to import multiple vCard files directly to the MS Outlook profile. This utility offers some unique features. Moreover, it supports data transfer in all versions of MS Outlook. This software allows you to transfer VCF contacts to MS Outlook in large amounts. Therefore, this app is a reliable solution to successfully add VCF files to Outlook contacts.  

Steps to Import Multiple VCF Files into Outlook

  • Download and Run the Software on Windows.
    install software
  • Thereafter, click on the “Add File” tab to select VCF file.
    add file option
  • Now, browse the files to bulk import VCF to Outlook. 
    preview option
  • Now, you will see 3 options of file formats on your screen, select them as per your need. 
    file format option
  • Lastly, hit the Export button to end this process. 
    export button

Key Features OF This Utility

  • Import VCF to Outlook with just a few clicks.
  • Moreover, there is no restriction on the number or size of contacts you import.
  • It supports all versions of vCard 2.1, 3.0, and 4.0.
  • Also, it exports all contact file attributes and fields.
  • Option to save contacts to existing address books.
  • This allows direct contact import to MS Outlook profile.
  • Furthermore, this tool even supports all versions of MS Outlook, such as 2021, 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, etc.
  • This tool maintains data integrity and prevents any data loss.
  • Capable of saving VCF files in current Outlook PST profile.

Commonly Asked Questions

How do I add contacts to my Outlook contact list in bulk?

  • Open Outlook.
  • Click on “File >> Open & Export >> Import/Export.”
  • Select “Import from another program or file” and click Next.
  • Follow the wizard to import a CSV file containing your contacts.

What is VCF in Outlook?

In Outlook, VCF stands for “Virtual Contact File.” It is a standard file format used to store and exchange contact information. To access the contacts folder in Outlook, go to File >> Contacts Tab (all VCF files are present there).

Can you import a VCF file to Outlook?

Go to “File,” select “Open & Export,” and choose “Import/Export.” Pick “Import a VCARD file (VCF)” and follow the prompts to import VCF contacts to Outlook.

Let’s Wrap Up

Contact is the basic need of those who want to keep in touch with each other. So, users always try to maintain their contacts at all times. Many times, users want to import VCF to Outlook for numerous reasons. Therefore, in this post, we have described both manual and automated solutions to add multiple VCF files to Outlook address book. Thus, users can try any approach without losing data. Apart from this, users can choose any of them at their convenience.