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How to Save Google Sheets to Computer – Spreadsheet Offline Access

how to Save Google Sheets to Computer
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This article is all about saving Google sheets to computer so you can access them offline without any internet. You will be able to download Google spreadsheets from a single Gmail account, or from multiple G Suite accounts at once. SO, it doesn’t matter what Google service you are using – personal or business, this article will get you through the spreadsheets saving methods.

Techniques to Save Google Sheets to Computer

There are different techniques to download and save the sheets to desktop. And you need to choose between them while figuring out which method is the most suitable for you. Imagine having to sit there and download sheets from one Google account at a time when you need to do it for 100 more accounts. Insane, isn’t it?

That’s why, you must figure out what you need, and choose one of the following methods to do your task:

  1. Methods to Process a Single Gmail Account
    1. Save One Spreadsheet At a Time
    2. Save Multiple Google Sheets to your system – Manual way
    3. Download All Google Sheets to computer – Automated way
  2. Method to Process Multiple Google (G Suite) Accounts
    1. Save Google Sheets to Computer from Multiple G Suite Accounts

Methods to Process a Single Google Account & Save Sheets

There are 3 methods to do so. They are explained in a consecutive manner below.

I. Save One Google SpreadSheet At a Time to Computer

This technique allows you to save one Google Sheet file at one time. Here’s how it works:

  • Log into your Google user account in a browser.
login google
  • Open the Google Sheets application.
select google sheets
  • Click on any Google sheet to open it or create a new one if you want.
  • While the sheet is open, go to File menu, click Download and select a format to save the spreadsheet.
download sheet
  • The browser will download the file on your computer. Simply open it using compatible programs and view it online on your system.
view offline

II. Save Multiple Google Sheets to your system – Manual way

This technique allows you to save Google sheets to computer in bulk. You can select and download multiple files at once. We will access Google Drive for this method, as all the created sheets automatically get stored in your drive.

  • Log into your Google account in the browser.
login google
  • Open Google Drive application.
google drive
  • Find and select multiple Google sheets file in your G Drive account.
  • Once selected right-click and select the Download option.
download multiple sheets
  • You can also download the entire folder containing all the Google Sheets file.
save folder
  • Google will automatically start compressing the selected files/folder.
compress file
  • Once compressed, the file will be downloaded on your computer system.
download ready
  • Finally, extract the file on your system and open the Google sheets offline.

III. Download All Google Sheets to computer – Automated way

An automated method takes care of all your needs without consuming your precious time and effort. There is no limit to the number of files it can download at once. As long as you own the file, it will be automatically downloaded from the Google account. This software also allows you to save emails, contacts and calendars along with documents (docs, sheets, ppts, etc.)

The tool is available free for demo. SO, you can use it to check if it’s saving all the sheets that you want. Here’s How it works:

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  • Log into the tool with login credentials.
login tool
  • Set the category to Documents to save Google sheets to computer.
select documents
  • The format is for emails only. So you can neglect it if you are only saving sheets.
  • Browse to location to save the file after downloading and click Apply Filters button.
set destination
  • Click Start button and start the process of saving sheets from the Google account.
click start button

That’s it. You can simply log in and download the data without having to go through the unnecessary troubles.

Method to Process Multiple Google (G Suite) Accounts

Use a professional backup utility to backup G Suite data. It will help you save sheets from multiple G Suite accounts at once. It allows you to set filters, choose different categories, and export Google sheets to preferred destination location.

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It does not save shared Google sheets. So make sure the user has the ownership of the sheets that you want to download. However, the tool is available for free demo. So, you can download and check if its saving all the files that you want from 2 accounts for free.

The software has Outlook as its only destination. But, it is applicable to only emails, contacts and calendars. When you choose to export Google sheets (documents), it exports the documents from G drive to your computer in original format. 

The steps to save Google sheets to computer are as follows:

  • Run the tool and click Backup button and select G Suite.

  • Select Documents ONLY if you want to save Google sheets from the Category and apply other settings as per requirements.

  • Enter your Google admin credentials and other details as obtained from the pre-requisites.

  • Give the folder path, where the sheets will be saved on your computer.

  • Choose to either Fetch users or Select the CSV file containing all the user accounts to download sheet.

  • After authentication, the tool will display the list of users, Validate the users.

  • Click Start backup >> Start button to start downloading Google documents including Sheets.

Final Words

There are different methods to save Google sheets to computer. Choosing the best one among them is all about your requirements. In this article, we have covered 4 such methods that collectively ensure to download Google sheets regardless of the circumstances. Figure out your requirements and download Google sheets to desktop in a hassle-free manner.