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Google Takeout Converter to Export Takeout to PDF & 5+ Formats

Published By Nilesh Kumar
Debasish Pramanik
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Published On February 1st, 2024
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Summary:- Google Takeout is considered a unified solution that allows users to export emails with attachments and mail attributes. Moreover, it adds assistance for users to quickly backup the entire data of their Gmail account in a local drive. Exporting the data from Google Takeout allows saving the data into .zip & .tgz  file extensions. In this technical write-up, we will explain the significance of using Google Takeout Converter to view the email from these file formats. 

Google Takeout or Google Takeaway is commonly popular as an in-house option to save entire account data. In addition, it is a service of Google that allows users to download data from Google products efficiently. 

Despite downloading emails, using the resilient Google Takeout to archive other data as well. Moreover, it enables users to extract Google Photos, Attachments, Notes, Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Calendars, Chat Messages, and more at once. 

Exercising the process of Google Takeout, users get the resultant file in .tgz and .zip file format. Most importantly, after unzipping these file formats, the data will automatically come in MBOX file format. Unfortunately, users can’t acquire the .mbox file by just doing the right-click. Here comes the need for a Google Takeout Converter. Now, read the article to it completely. 

Use Google Takeout Data Converter for Converting Emails into Readable File Format

As we have already mentioned archiving Google using the robust Takeout solution only offered inaccessible file format. In other words, the MBOX file format can’t be accessed without the viewer. And, if you’re searching for methods to convert bulk Takeout data, use expert-recommended EmailDoctor MBOX Converter; one of the best go-to solutions to convert Google Takeout to PDF & 5+ file formats

In addition, the feature-rich functionalities of this software enable users to convert the data into readable file extensions i.e. PDF file format. Besides this, this utility is efficiently compatible with all versions of Windows and Mac machines. 

Hence, it is considered the secured Google Takeout Converter for converting bulk emails with attachments. Now, let’s move ahead to learn its steps. 

Discover Steps to Use Google Takeout Converter

Previously, we have highlighted the optimal features of the tool. Here, we will delve into the step-by-step guidance for those searching for how to extract Google Takeout files.

  1. Download the above-mentioned Google Takeout Converter on your machine.
    click on add icon
  2. Add Takeout MBOX Files using the Add File option > Next.
    select require folders
  3. Now, preview the Google emails and select the required boxes.
    choose PDF file format
  4. Click on Export Options and choose the export file option i.e. PDF.
    browse destination path
  5. In the same interface, browse the resultant file path using the Browse Option.
    now, click on export
  6. Lastly, click on Export.

Using the Google Takeout data software significantly enables users to quickly archive emails in a popular yet standard file format. In addition, it is the utmost choice to convert Google Takeout to PDF with the advanced filter options. Hence, users can safely download emails without any hindrance. 

Features of Top-Notch Google Takeout Converter 

As we know the steps to run the Takeout Converter. In this subsection, we have highlighted a few intuitive functionalities of the tool. So, read the advantages of using the Google Takeout data converter for converting the email account data:- 

  • Multiple File Format 

Using this proficient software, users can easily download the Takeout data into multiple file extensions. From doc to readable file format, there are several file formats through which users can save their email data with mail properties. 

  • No Size Limitation 

One of the optimal benefits of using the Google Takeout Converter leverages users to add files regardless of their file size. In addition, the software is developed to ease the problem of professionals. Therefore, users can effortlessly extract data from Takeout files without fear of losing data. 

  • Selective Data Conversion

The software allows users to backup a selective range of data from Google Takeout files. For the same, users can apply an advanced email filter solution to sort the redundant data via time and data. 

In a nutshell, these are prominent factors behind using the Google Takeout software, one of the optimal solutions for archiving emails with mail components. Further, it privileges users to quickly save the data on a local drive regardless of any potential risk.

Concluding Word

Google Takeout Converter allows you to archive your Google product data and store them on your computer. In this article, we have recommended here the best and most reliable software that easily convert Google Takeout to PDF. Further, it allows users to flawlessly backup attachments using the advanced settings. Therefore, professionals and businesses can count on this software for converting Takeout data into standard file extensions. So, try the free demo version of the software for testing.