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Free Methods to Convert OLM to PDF with Attachments

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Published On July 26th, 2023
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Converting OLM (Outlook for Mac) files to PDF is a common need among Mac users as PDF offers universal compatibility and easy sharing. Whether you want to archive emails or save important conversations as PDF documents, this guide will walk you through the simple process of converting OLM to PDF documents. Learn the best methods and basic tips to ensure a smooth transition experience.

OLM files are specific data storage files used by Microsoft Outlook for Mac, a popular email client for macOS. These files are created and utilized by Outlook for Mac to store various types of data, including emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, and other account-related information. OLM stands for “Outlook for Mac Data File,” and it serves as a container that holds all the user’s email and related data in a single archive.

The significance of OLM files in the context of email data storage lies in their ability to serve as a backup or archive of all email communications and associated information. By having a local OLM file on the user’s Mac, they can access their email data even when offline, ensuring data security and convenience.

Why Convert OLM to PDF?

The significance of OLM to PDF conversion lies in the benefits of PDF file format. Here are some of the reasons why users would want to convert their emails into PDF documents:

  • PDF (Portable Document Format) is widely supported across various platforms and devices. By converting OLM files to PDF, you ensure that your email data can be accessed and viewed by anyone, regardless of the operating system or email client they are using.
  • PDFs retain the original formatting of the content, including text fonts, images, and layout. When you convert OLM files to PDF, you maintain the visual integrity of your emails, ensuring that they look exactly as intended, irrespective of the viewing device.
  • OLM files can sometimes become quite large due to attachments and other email elements. When you convert them to PDF, the file size is often reduced without compromising on the quality, making it easier to share and store your email data efficiently.
  • PDFs are ideal for sharing email communications with others, such as colleagues, clients, or legal teams. You can attach PDFs to emails, and recipients can view them without needing the original email client. PDFs are also well-suited for long-term archiving of important email conversations.
  • Converting OLM files to PDF liberates your email data from any specific email client dependency. You can access and view your emails with a PDF reader, even if you no longer have access to Outlook for Mac.

Free Methods for OLM to PDF Conversion

Free methods are normally methods that you need to perform manually. With these methods you can save Outlook for Mac emails as PDF file for free. Here are two manual methods for converting OLM files to PDF:

Method 1: Printing OLM Emails using Mac’s Built-in Feature

  1. Firstly, open Outlook for Mac and select the email or emails you want to convert to PDF.
  2. Then, click on “File” in the top menu and choose “Print” from the drop-down.
  3. In the Print dialog box, click on the PDF button located in the lower-left corner.
  4. After that, select “Save as PDF” from the options that appear.
  5. Then, choose the location on your Mac where you want to save the PDF file, and give it a name.
  6. Finally, click “Save” to convert and save the selected email(s) as PDF.

Method 2: Drag and Drop Emails to PDF

  1. Firstly, create a new folder on your Mac’s desktop or in a desired location.
  2. Then, open Outlook for Mac and navigate to the folder containing the emails you want to convert.
  3. After that, select the emails you wish to convert to PDF and drag them into the newly created folder.
  4. Once the emails are copied to the folder, select them all within the folder.
  5. Right-click (or Control-click) on the selected emails and choose “Open With” > “Preview.”
  6. In Preview, click on “File” in the top menu and choose “Export as PDF“.
  7. After that, choose the location on your Mac where you want to save the PDF file, and provide a name for the PDF.
  8. Finally, click “Save” to convert and save the selected emails as a single PDF file.

Introducing the Best OLM to PDF Converter

The above-mentioned manual methods can be effective for converting a small number of emails to PDF. However, if you have a large number of emails or need to convert entire mailboxes, using the best OLM to PDF converter tool will be more efficient and time-saving. It can handle bulk conversions and preserve the folder structure, attachments, and other email metadata, ensuring a seamless conversion to PDF format.

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This tool also supports various other formats. It allows you to not only export your emails in PDF format but also converts OLM file to PST, EML, MSG, HTML, etc.

Step-by-Step Guide to Convert OLM to PDF:

  • Launch the software on Mac system and click on the “Add File/Folder(s)” button to select the OLM file/folder.
  • Browse and select the OLM file/folder on your system, and it will be listed on the software interface.
  • Click “Next” to proceed.
  • Choose between the “Export All Folders” or “Export Selected Folder(s)” option. If selecting the latter, a folder scan may prompt you to proceed.
  • Upon confirmation, the scanning process will begin. Once the scanning process is completed successfully, click “OK” to proceed.
  • Select the “PDF” radio button to export OLM files into PDF format.
  • Set the General Settings, Page Layout, and Bates Number options for PDF conversion as required.
  • Click on the “Change” button to choose the destination folder for the exported PDF files.
  • Click on the “Export” button to initiate the export process.
  • The progress report will be displayed, and upon completion, a pop-up will show “Export process completed successfully“.


Converting OLM to PDF offers universal compatibility, preserves email formatting and attachments, and enhances data security. We recommended using professional software for a hassle-free experience. This tool simplifies the process with a user-friendly interface, preview options, and advanced settings for PDF conversion. By converting Outlook for Mac emails to PDF, users can easily share, archive, and access their emails across platforms.


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