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How to Fix Outlook Blank Email Bug | Body Messages Not Showing

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Published On January 23rd, 2024
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Is the body of email messages not showing in Outlook? Do you find Outlook blank email bug in your email account?

If so, then you have come to the right place!

Firstly, let us have a glance at Outlook in brief.

Outlook is the most trusted, professional, and reliable email client application. There is a large customer base for Outlook due to its easy and simple-to-use interface. It has multiple features and functionalities which is apt for users whether they are professionals or individuals.

Despite various features and functionalities of Outlook, there are some issues that the user faces. These days there are found some unusual email issues like disappearing of email text and blank messages in incoming emails which causes discomfort and agitation on part of the regular users.

The following is the screenshot of the user query regarding the ‘Outlook showing blank emails’ issue.

outlook showing blank emails issue

In the above scenario, the user faces the abrupt issue of ‘blank messages’ while opening the email which causes fear and anxiety amongst them.

Such instances and queries have been found in various forums. Since Outlook is being used by both professionals and individuals both, so, it has become a matter of concern. Despite multifarious features and functionalities, Outlook users have started facing an email message body is blank in Outlook issues that need to be addressed immediately.

More errors of such kind are given as below:

email message body is blank in outlook

Methods to Fix the Issue of Outlook Blank Email Bug

The following are the methods to fix the issue of Outlook blank email bug:

  1. Manual Method
  2. Automated Method

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Manual Methods to Apply When Outlook Shows Blank Emails

There are three approaches via a manual method that can help to fix the issue of blank email messages and they are as below:

1) If the Outlook email message is fully blank, then try the below-listed technique

  • Firstly the user needs to disable the add-ins. This can be done by moving the cursor towards the menu bar, going to File>Options>Add-ins
  • Now, select COM Add-ins and then click on ‘Go’ to fix the issue of ‘email body not showing in Outlook’
  • Now, uncheck the add-ins which are not in use and then click on the ‘OK’ button

2) If the emails are in plain text then follow the technique as mentioned below

  • Go to File>Open>Mail>Stationery and Fonts
  • From ‘Composing and Reading plain text messages’, select Font>Font Color>Choose Automatic option

3) There was Outlook blank email bug addressed by Microsoft that was later fixed by a patch

For this, we simply need to update the Outlook app:

  1. Run the Outlook app.
  2. Go to File, then Office Account, then Product Information
  3. Click on Update Options, then select Update Now.
  4. Once the update is done, you’ll see the “You’re up to date” message.
  5. Close all apps and restart Outlook to address your problem.

If any of the above mentioned techniques don’t work then, move to the professional automated tool for the solution to this issue.

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Automated Method

The automated method Outlook PST Repair Tool is the most reliable and preferred technique to fix the Outlook blank email bug.

The following are the steps to recover the corrupted or blank emails using the automated method:

  • Install and Launch the repair software.
  • Click on the ‘Add File’ button.

If you have exported the Outlook mailbox to a PST file, then select it a follows:

scan mode

  • You can click on the ‘Select File’ radio button and browse the PST files using the ‘’ button.
  • Browse the PST files and then click on the ‘Open’ button.
  • The source file is now displayed in the textbox corresponding to the browse button.

If you do not know the location of PST file, do the following:

search outlook email file

  • You can select the ‘Search Selected Drive’ to get all the PST files stored in the particular hard drive. Then, click on ‘Search’ button.
  • Once the search is completed then click on ‘OK’ button.
  • You can select ‘Search All Drives’ to get all the PST/BAK files stored in all the drives. Then, click on ‘Search’ button.
  • Click on ‘OK’ button when the search is completed successfully.
  • You can now view all the PST files in the software window.
  • In the ‘Add File’ window, you can select ‘Search File’ radio button and browse for the PST files.
  • The location path of the PST files will be shown in the textbox corresponding to the browse button.

If your Outlook mailbox having blank emails issue is using OST file, then opt to rebuild corrupt Outlook OST file.

  • There are two scanning mode:
    • Quick Scan: Provides faster recovery of PST files.
    • Advance Mode: It ensures deep data recovery task.
  • After making a choice, click on ‘Add’ button.
  • The scanning process of PST files would begin now.
  • Once, the scanning process is completed then, you can click on ‘Yes’ to save the scan.
  • The PST files can be viewed in multiple view mode like Normal Mail, Hex, Properties, Message Header and many more.

preview data

Note: If you can view your email messages in this preview window without any issues, it signifies that the software is capable of recovering your Outlook blank emails bug. Thus, you can proceed with the method. But, if the tool also displays blank emails as it is, then this method is not feasible in your case.

  1. In the software window, the bold folders depict the mailbox with PST files whereas normal folders represent empty folders.
  2. The recovered deleted email items are shown in the Red color.
  3. You may now select ‘Export’ button to migrate all the PST files or select PST files and then export.
  4. In the opened window, choose ‘PST’ as export type.
  5. Click on ‘Advanced Settings’ and then provide the details as below:
  • PST Split Option: Specify to split the size of the PST file.
  • Date Filter Option: Set the date range as desired to export them.
  • Categories: Select the category which you want to export

Then, click on ‘Save’ button.

  1. Once the categories have been saved then, click on ‘OK’ button.
  2. Browse the destination location where the PST files need to be stored.
  3. Check on the options given at the bottom of the window like Maintain Folder Hierarchy, Don’t Export Empty Folder and many more.
  4. Lastly, click on ‘Export’ button to save the PST files into the destination location.

select pst to export

Do try the free demo version first to see the results.

Final Thoughts

In the above blog, a brief on Outlook, user query and the possible methods to fix the Outlook blank email bug have been discussed. The manual method is simple and easy to perform and gives desirable results in most cases. However, if it is unable to fix the email message body is blank in Outlook issue, then the automated method can help you in quick deep data recovery with complete data integrity.



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