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How to Extract Attachments from MSG Files With or Without Outlook?

extract attachments from msg file

Raj | Modified: August 27, 2022 | Attachments | 3 Minutes Reading

Summary: Do you need to extract attachments from MSG files without Outlook? This process can be tricky but in this article, we are going to discuss how you can extract the attachments with or without MS Outlook.

MSG format is the proprietary file of Microsoft that is used to store email messages. When the users drag and save it in a local folder on their computer, the data gets stored in a .msg file. It saves the entire data linked with that email such as its metadata. Metadata includes the sender’s address, receiver’s address, etc.

The MSG file also saves the links shared with the email and the attachments. One can share these .msg files with other users if they wish to. The destined user can then import and open the emails with their attachments in their Outlook email application.

But what if one does not use Outlook and urgently needs to access its attachments? If you are facing such an issue, then don’t panic and read this article where we have explained the simple yet effective method to reach the perfect results.

How to Extract Attachments from MSG Files?

There arise two scenarios here, one is the presence of Outlook and another is its absence. If you have MS Outlook installed and properly configured on your system, then the manual method will work best. Just simply import the MSG files into your MS Outlook account and then choose the option saying Save all attachments.

But in case you are not an Outlook user, you cannot use the above method. Instead, you should go for a professional method i.e, Outlook Attachment software. This tool is developed by the technical team specifically for the attachments of Outlook. Let us discuss the working of this software next.

Steps for Extracting Attachments from MSG Files

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1. First, you must download the Attachment Extractor on your system and install it.

2. Run the tool and you will be shown several browsing options.

run the tool

3. Choose the “Browse MS Outlook Message (.msg) Files” button to load the MSG data files

browse msg file

4. Search for the file from your system and click ‘Open‘ to add it to the tool.

5. After the files get uploaded, click on “Maintain Folder Hierarchy

set folder options

6. Choose the destination to save the msg attachments in a local folder

choose destination folder

7. Select the file item filter and click on the Extract button

extract msg attachments

Benefits of the Software

Why should you opt for the professional tool for extracting attachments from MSG files? You have to go for a third-party tool if you do not want to use Outlook. It provides many advantages as shown below:

  • Extract the attachments in bulk in a single attempt
  • Can extract the attachments from deleted & junk folders
  • Option to extract inline images & inline attachments
  • Save the files using different naming conventions
  • Maintains the folder hierarchy & data integrity
  • Can apply mailbox item filter & date filter
  • Provides the facility to include/exclude files

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In this blog, we have discussed how to extract attachments from MSG files. This article talks about the safest and the most trusted method to get the desired results. The software mentioned above is one of the number one choices of users given its working and accuracy. Users can avail of its trial version to test it out for themselves.