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How to Batch Extract Attachments from MBOX File Quickly?

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Published On April 11th, 2024
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Summary:- In this blog, we have discussed the methods to easily extract attachments from MBOX file extension. Undoubtedly, there are several reasons to download the attachments as it hold crucial data. Since the free solution is ambiguous, here we will highlight the best go-to method for extracting attachments without losing the email data. So, let’s delve to begin. 

Often the large size attachments certainly sluggish the performance of the email services. Moreover, it is the most common issue incorporated with every email solution. Speaking about MBOX file format, one of the proficient solutions to store email attributes and attachments. 

However, storing the large attachments in .mbox file format results in file corruption and even increases the possibility of inaccessibility of data. In this case, users are left with options i.e. either delete the attachments or extract them.  Since deleting data isn’t the appropriate solution. Therefore, read the article to know the optimal methods to extract attachments from MBOX easily. 

Reasons to Download Attachments from MBOX File

There are multiple reasons why users want to save attachments from MBOX file, we have discussed some of the prominent ones in the below mentioned points. 

  • Saving the attachments from the MBOX file provides users with a backup for situations where their original emails or attachment files get corrupted, lost, or deleted. 
  • It allows users to access all their attachments in the offline mode from their local system without the need for an internet connection. 
  • Extracting the attachments from MBOX files helps users organize their files in an efficient manner by categorizing them as well as moving them to separate folders for better accessibility. 
  • In many cases, users have to share certain attachments with others and thus having their backup allows them to easily attach to emails or through any other means. 
  • Downloading attachments from MBOX files provides security to all the important information and also provides an option to edit or work on the attachments. 

Extract Attachments from MBOX File with Manual Method

As we have mentioned earlier downloading the attachments from .mbox file format is quite tricky and complex. To begin the process, users first need to install the MBOX-supported email services such as Thunderbird. Now, follow the below-mentioned steps to efficiently extract email data from MBOX files.

  1. Install and configure the account in Thunderbird.
  2. Go to the gear icon i.e. Settings.
  3. Select the Add-ons support > Extensions.
  4. Now, search Attachment Extractor and Add
  5. With this, select the folder with attachments > Attachment Extractor > Browse Location > Save

Exercising these steps users can manually extract attachments from MBOX file format. However, this method retains drawbacks as the name of the add-on extension varies from one version to another. Moreover, it is a lengthy yet time-consuming process. Further, if you don’t have technical expertise then, unfortunately using this solution, you might fail to save attachments easily. 

Expert Solution to Download Attachments from MBOX File Format 

Previously, we have highlighted the limitations of using the free solution. Therefore, use the expert-suggested MBOX Attachment Extractor to flawlessly extract bulk attachments from the MBOX file extension regardless of their origin. This utility is compatible with both Mac and Windows operating machines. Moreover, the uniqueness of this tailored tool includes saving attachments while applying an e-mail filter. 

Besides this another advantage of using this tool is that users can set the size of the attachments. This robust software enables professionals to exactly maintain the folder hierarchy during the extraction of attachments. Interestingly, users can apply the custom naming option to download attachments from MBOX file format. Now, let’s delve into its steps.

Quick Steps to Extract Attachments from MBOX File

Here are the simple yet easy steps to quickly download attachments from multiple MBOX files. 

  1. Run the aforementioned software on your operating machine.
    open the tool
  2. Select the MBOX file(s) from the system.
    add MBOX file
  3. Apply the required folder options and click the Next button to continue.
    select folder options
  4. Set a Destination location and click the Next button to proceed.
    browse the destination
  5. Apply the Date-range filters if required.
    apply data range
  6. Click the Extract button to extract all attachments from the MBOX file.
    lastly, extract attachments from .mbox file

Using these few steps, users can easily extract attachments from MBOX file. Further, it is a secure yet seamless solution for downloading bulk attachments from multiple MBOX file formats. With this, users can effortlessly maintain folder attributes. 

Discover the Key Features of Professional Software 

Compared to the manual solution, expert-recommended utility is a safe and fastest solution to download attachments from MBOX file. Now, let us discuss the advantages of using the aforementioned tool.  

  • The tool has the capability to process and extract attachments from MBOX, MBX, and MBS files while supporting multiple files and folders simultaneously. 
  • It offers filters to extract only specific attachments from the entire MBOX file and save them using multiple naming convention options. 
  • Users get the original folder hierarchy after the completion of the extraction process with all metadata attributes. 
  • This proficient tool is compatible with Windows and Mac machines. Further, it allows users to free download as per their machine version. 

Note:- Since the free utility retains limited extraction of attachments from .mbox file format. Therefore, users can opt for the licensed version to bulk extract attachments from MBOX.


In this article, we have explained both manual and automated solutions to extract attachments from MBOX file format. As the free approaches hold complexities and changes for error. Therefore, we introduced a simple yet efficient software wizard that can not only extract all attachments from MBOX files but also provide multiple features while doing so.

In addition, users can download the free demo version of this tried and tested tool to evaluate its working. With this, any individual can easily save the bulk data of emails attachments to their system. Further, users can even print attachments from MBOX file extension

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 How can I download attachments from an MBOX file?

Ans. Users can download attachments from the MBOX file by opening the MBOX file in a supported email client and then saving the required attachments from emails individually. 

Q.2 Can I selectively extract attachments from MBOX file?

Ans. Yes, you can take the help of the above discussed professional software that allows you to extract selective attachments from your MBOX file with the help of advanced filters.  

Q.3 Is there any risk while extracting attachments from an MBOX file?

Ans. Yes, the manual methods for extracting attachments from an MBOX file involve various risks such as data loss, corruption of data, and unintended changes if not performed properly.