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Export Gmail Emails to PST Without Installing Outlook

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Published On March 21st, 2024
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Either the Gmail out of storage error or “Gmail webmail not responding”— both situations certainly halt the email services. Unfortunately, users can’t access, share, or even read the emails. However, users can export Gmail emails to PST; one of the robust solutions to seamlessly access the mailbox data to a desktop-based email client.

Gmail— the renowned webmail platform and has been the most adaptable choice for professionals since its inception. However, the free space fills up, creating hindrances while accessing the mailbox items.

In this case, exporting the Gmail emails to Microsoft Outlook leverages users to meticulously manage the email data without any performance and storage issues. Now, dive into this article to discover how to export Gmail to PST files.

What is the Need for Exporting Gmail Emails into PST?

There are several benefits behind archiving the Gmail email data into an Outlook PST file. So, read the curated points to export Gmail emails to PST.

  • Backup Support:- Archiving the emails to PST file format significantly resolves the issues of accessing the Gmail mailbox data in offline mode. Moreover, users can opt for various encryption options to protect the information while using PST files.
  • Fix Storage Error:- As we have already mentioned storage is the prime reason behind searching for any other email solution. Moreover, users can export Gmail mailboxes to PST which enables them to delete/ trash old emails permanently to fix the storage error.
  • Migration of Emails:- Often users need to share or migrate the email data to different email services. Since PST is considered the popular yet standard choice when it comes to migrating emails. Therefore, users should export Gmail to PST for hassle-free transmission of data.

Overall, these are the common factors behind seeking methods to download Gmail emails to .pst file format. With this, let’s move ahead to closely understand the different approaches for exporting the Gmail email data to PST file format.

Manual Steps to Export Gmail Emails to PST Using Outlook Application

Previously, we have explained the benefits of exporting Gmail emails to Outlook-supported PST files. Here, we will be going to address the two manual solutions for the same. For the first one, users need to install the Outlook environment to export Gmail to PST.

  • Setup Gmail Email in Outlook

To begin the process, users first need to run the Outlook on their machine. After, configuring the same Gmail account in your MS Outlook application. Now, move down to learn the step guidance:-

  1. Open the interface of Outlook and move to the “File” option.
  2. Click on Add Account and then, add your Gmail email address > press Connect.
  3. After this, insert the credential and click on Sign in.
  4. Now, go to the File section and select Open & Export.
  5. Click on Import/Export > Export to a File and press Next.
  6. Navigate to Outlook Data File and click on Next.
  7. Select the desired folders to export Gmail emails to PST > move the cursor to Next.
  8. Now, browse the saving path of the file and press the Finish button.

Using these step guidance, users can export Gmail messages to PST file extension. Now, if you’re seeking a solution to export Gmail to PST without Outlook. Then, read the next manual approach.

  • Export Gmail Email Messages to PST Without Outlook

Often users might search for methods to export Gmail email without installing the Outlook environment. Here, we will provide step-by-step guidance on Google Takeout for exporting Gmail emails locally.

  1. Sign in to your Gmail email account.
  2. Move to the Data & Privacy section and, then go to Download or delete your data > click on Download your data.
  3. In the next interface of Google Takeout, click on the required checkbox for export and press the Next button.
  4. Lastly, set up the file format and then, move to Create Export.

After executing these steps, users can find the backup of the complete mailbox in the MBOX file. Since users can’t access the MBOX file without installing the professional’s suggested MBOX to PST Converter, one of the standalone choices for users.

Top 3 Limitations of Manual Solutions to Export Gmail to PST

  • Whether you’re a tech-savvy or unskilled person, using the step guidance just after reading might be complicated and leave you with a dilemma. Often users perform mistaken steps while configuring the Gmail account in MS Outlook.
  • To export Gmail emails to PST files, users need to set up Outlook on their machine. Unfortunately, if you’re aware of the prime functionalities of Microsoft Outlook then, you might fall into the trap of unprecedented issues as the features of Outlook vary from one version to another.
  • If you’re choosing the Google Takeout services then, there are only a few attempts that it offers to export the Gmail data. Once thresholds the limit, it will automatically halt the backup process. Therefore, it is not recommended for users to choose a manual solution.

Expert Method to Export Gmail Emails to PST Without Installing MS Outlook

Run the EmailDoctor Gmail Backup Tool— a secure yet standalone solution for the seamless export of Gmail emails to Outlook PST file format. Moreover, this utility allows users to archive Gmail messages with attachments into different file extensions such as PST, EML, etc. Further, users can download this software on their Windows and Mac OS machines.

Besides this, the prime features of this tool include delete after downloading Gmail emails. Additionally, it offers options for data filter for quick backup of selective email data. Most importantly, users can export Gmail to PST with attachments, contacts, calendars, and more. Now, let’s delve in to discover the steps.

Follow the Steps of Automated Software

Prerequisite of Tool:- Users need to create the app password and enable the IMAP configuration.

  1. Run the automated tool on your system.
    add login information
  2. Insert the app password and move to Login.
    click on PST
  3. Click on PST from the Select Email Format.
    select category
  4. Here, choose the required folder from Select Category.
    select Browse to find the path
  5. Move to the “Browse” button to choose the destination of the resultant file.
    hit the Start button
  6. Lastly, press the Start button.

Commonly Asked Question

Q. Can I export Gmail emails to PST?
Yes, users can export the Gmail messages to Outlook PST using these steps:-

  1. Install the expert-suggested tool on your machine.
  2. Enter the password details and press Login.
  3. Move to Select Email Format and choose PST.
  4. Click on the necessary folder category.
  5. Lastly, select “Browse” and then, Start.

Q. How to export Gmail messages to PST without installing MS Outlook?
To export Gmail to PST without Outlook, users can choose the Google Takeout services to backup the Gmail data. And, after completing the backup, users need to opt for the expert tool to access the exported file in PST file format.

Q. How many times can I export Gmail data using the automated tool?
There is no limitation, therefore, users can export Gmail to PST as per their requirements.

The Bottom Line

In summary, we have suggested two approaches to export Gmail emails to PST. The manual ways are incorporated with flaws. Moreover, it is considered a time-consuming process for archiving Gmail messages to PST files. Therefore, download the aforementioned utility, one of the secure and best go-to solutions to quickly export a complete Gmail mailbox to Outlook PST.


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