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Main Causes That Makes Exchange OST File Orphaned

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Published On January 25th, 2024
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Summary: In this article, we are going to talk about Exchange OST file Orphaned reasons. Also, We will discuss the ways to recover data for MS Exchange OST files (Orphaned) by using best and reliable methods. For complete information, I will suggest you to completely read this article.

The Exchange offline folder (OST) file is a nearby and offline duplicate of the mailbox on the Exchange server. At whatever point the mailbox on the server isn’t accessible for all time, the OST file is called orphaned. There are numerous reasons that will make your Exchange offline folder (OST) file orphaned. We order them into two classifications, i.e., hardware reasons and software reasons. Before proceedings further, Let us have Looked at Exchange OST file orphaned reasons first:

  • Hardware Reasons

At whatever point your hardware damaged in putting away or moving the data of your Exchange Server databases (EDB), data catastrophe occurs, and the server will crash. Around then, OST files will get orphaned. There are fundamentally three sorts:

  1. Data Storage Device Failure. For instance, if your hard disk has some terrible segments and your Exchange Server databases are put away on these divisions. At that point possibly you can just read some portion of the database file. Or on the other hand, the data you read is off base and loaded with errors. Such data corruption will make the database inaccessible and your OST file orphaned.
  2. Force Failure or Shutdown Server Abnormally. In the event that a force failure occurs, or you shut down the Exchange server inappropriately when the Exchange server is getting to the databases, at that point that may cause your OST file orphaned.
  3. Controller Card Malfunction or Failure. In the event that a storing controller is utilized with Exchange Server, its glitch or failure will cause all the reserved data lost and the database corruption, so to make the OST file orphaned. Let us have a look at software reasons that can cause Exchange OST file orphaned problem.
  • Software Reasons

Additionally, Exchange OST files can be orphaned as a result of software related issues.

  1. Erase, Disable, or Deny Access of the Mailbox on Exchange Server. On the off chance that the mailbox on the Exchange Server comparing to the OST file is erased or crippled by your server admin, or your entrance to the mailbox is denies. At that point, your OST file is orphaned, and you should use an OST Recovery tool to recover the data of your mailbox.
  2. Virus or Other Malicious Software. Numerous viruses will contaminate and harm the Exchange Server databases and make them unusable, which will likewise make the OST file orphaned. It is strongly prescribed to introduce the quality enemy of infection programming for your Exchange Server framework.
  3. Human Errors. For example, erasing databases accidentally, mis-parceling the storage device, mix designing the working framework, will all reason the Exchange Server database inaccessible, thus make the OST file orphaned.

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Strategies to Restore Data from An Orphaned OST File

MS Outlook is the most broadly utilized email application in associations for connecting with the representatives. It keeps every one of its data in two program files, for example, OST and PST. Once in a while, the OST file can’t connect with the Exchange Server Mailbox. Also, because of which files turns into an orphaned file and clients face the error message when they attempt to open it.

There are different techniques that help to restore the data from the orphaned OST file and convert to PST file format. You can restore the synchronization among OST and MS Exchange Server to make orphaned PST file usable one by following the two stages given underneath:

  • Interfacing Outlook with the first MAPI Protocol.
  • Interfacing MAPI address with the first Exchange Server.

After restoring the synchronization, you can change over orphaned OST file to PST file by following the given steps.

  1. Execute the Exchange offline profile.
  2. At that point, go to the options tool menu >> Services >> Click Add
  3. From that point onward, add the PST service.
  4. Select the ideal messages that you need to copy.
  5. Next, click the duplicate alternative from the File menu.
  6. Presently, pick the PST, which was made in the past advance. In the copy to dialog box click on the OK.
  7. You need to rehash the means for each OST folder which contains the message.

Note: The previously mentioned method is pertinent for data backup from the OST file to PST file format to prevent the data loss and inaccessibility of data put away in OST

If this method won’t recover the orphaned OST files. The OST files are should have been in a healthy state to play out the conversion. Also, the master mailbox file ought to be available in the Exchange Server site.

Expert Solution to Restore Data from an Orphaned OST File

Aside from the above method, there is a successful method to restore the data from the orphaned OST file, for example, to use an outsider tool. One such device is OST Data Recovery tool, the application recovers all the data from the orphaned OST file and stores it in a PST file.

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Furthermore, the tool restores all the data by keeping up the honesty of data files. This utility is structured so as to not require Outlook installation to recover the data.


The above review is talking about the Exchange OST file orphaned reasons. Notwithstanding it, various ways are examined that will without a doubt help you to see how to restore data from an Orphaned OST file. In the event that the manual solution won’t work appropriately, at that point the client should use the outsider utility, for example, OST data Recovery Tool as it spares the client’s exertion and recovery data from the orphaned OST file and converts it to PST file in precise structure.