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Different Types of SharePoint Sites Elaborated in Detail

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Published On February 27th, 2024
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Undoubtedly, Office 365 plays an imperative role in organizations due to its several integrated applications such as OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams. Along with Teams, SharePoint is also essential for organizations to amplify productivity. It supports various types of sites that can be created based on the organization’s requirements. However, many administrators are still unaware of the different types of SharePoint sites. In this write-up, we will discuss the various SharePoint Online site types. Before deep diving into the types of sites, let’s explore their benefits.

Benefits of Creating SharePoint Sites

SharePoint sites add more value to improve the organization’s workflow. Let’s list some of the major benefits that organizations are enjoying by using types of sites in SharePoint Online.

  1. Sharing of data to the team members becomes easier with the help of SharePoint sites. It provides an easy way to add the users with whom you want to share the information.
  2. SharePoint sites improve the tracking of the project. Through this, one can easily examine the progress of the project and the contribution of the individual members as well.
  3. Managing the documents is also simpler with SharePoint. It stores the documents and also maintains the version history.
  4. SharePoint is not only used to share information with the organization’s members but also with the clients of the organization as well.
  5. As Office 365 applications are compatible with each other, SharePoint also integrates with other Office 365 apps such as OneDrive, Teams, and Power BI.
  6. SharePoint sites promote remote work so that employees can access it from any location just with the help of the Internet.
  7. The multiple SharePoint sites and subsites can be created and removed as required.

Points Should Be Remember Before Create Sites

Some of the points you should keep in mind before creating different types of SharePoint sites.

  • Before directly starting to create a site in SharePoint firstly you should know the purpose of the site.
  • Identify the gaps that will be filled and will improve the collaboration.
  • Figure out the users of the site. Are they partners, team members, and customers?
  • List out the features of the site such as lists, news, images, and many more.
  • Finalize the required budget for the site as per the features.

Types of Sites in SharePoint Online

After analyzing the requirements of the SharePoint sites. Here are the most used SharePoint sites in the organizations.

1. Modern Team Site

One of the widely used SharePoint sites is the Modern Team site which is used to communicate with the team members. On this site, all the members are connected to a group that includes

  • A shared mailbox for team communication purposes.
  • Shared Storage for storing the documents.
  • Adds shared OneNote notebook.
  • Microsoft Teams for the real-time chats.

This site also supports the groups in both public and private mode. Easy to connect with the Task management tool planner. This is more beneficial for the less team members. The Modern team site can also be created without the group.

2. SharePoint Communication Site

As the name suggests these are the communication sites used to perform communication in one way. These sites are not used for collaboration. They mostly deal with intranet purposes to provide information regarding the organizations such as events. It supports three types of templates: Topic Site, Showcase, and Blank. Organizations can create these different types of SharePoint sites for particular departments also.

3. Classic Team Sites

The classic Team sites no longer work. These sites were popular in the earlier days of SharePoint. They were used for creating blog sites, wiki pages, and web parts. These sites required more customizations. If you are currently using the classic Team sites then move to the modern sites as soon as possible.

Some Other Types of Sites in SharePoint Online

  • Document Center site – Organizations make use of these sites to store thousands of documents such as Word, PDF, and photos.
  • Enterprise Wiki site – These sites are used to provide a huge amount of information to the users.
  • Developer site – Developers of the organizations used this site to develop and deploy the applications.
  • Project site – Project sites are beneficial for the managers to assign and track the status of the projects.
  • Community site – These sites are used to share ideas with other users.
  • BI center – The Power BI center is used to store the dashboards and analyze related data.

Finally, you are aware of the different types of SharePoint sites in detail. But there might be a situation in which your organization needs to merge with another organization. So at that time, you need to move SharePoint site to another site shift your SharePoint sites as well from Source to Destination Office 365 account. But the question arises how to achieve this. You do not need to worry about the problem, because we also have a solution to address this challenge.

Move SharePoint Sites to Another SharePoint Account

The administrator’s top choice to perform SharePoint Online tenant to tenant migration is the SharePoint Online Migration Tool. This tool has been tested and recommended by SharePoint experts. You don’t need to worry about the technical aspects of the tool, as its user interface is simple and user-friendly, making it accessible even to non-tech users without hassle. It is full-fledged with advanced features such as Delta migration to migrate the newly arrived data.  This also preserves the folder hierarchy during the process. It is advised to use the SharePoint migration checklist for the error free process.

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SharePoint is a part of the Office 365 suite. It offers different types of sites that can be used to improve the collaboration of the organization. Therefore in this write-up, we have explained the different types of SharePoint sites in detail. Also, do not forget to use the expert’s recommended automated tool to perform SharePoint migration.