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How to Delete Digital Signature from PDF? Via a Guide

Published By Nilesh Kumar
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Published On February 9th, 2024
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Have you ever needed to delete digital signature from PDF? It’s important for fixing mistakes or updating documents, like removing a stamp but in the virtual world. This article explains how to do it. By understanding the steps, you can keep your PDFs accurate and up to date.

Like a handwritten signature, a digital signature certifies PDF file authenticity with encryption to prevent fraud. Plus, adding a password also makes it even safer. Sometimes, you might need to remove digital signature from PDF to make changes to the document or share it more easily.

For the same, there are two ways with which we can execute the procedure: manual (Adobe Acrobat) and automated approaches. Within this, guide you will find all the instructions and understanding of each technique precisely. 

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Explaining: Remove Digital Signature from PDF

When there’s only one digital signature to delete digital signature from PDF, first, we need to figure out if it was added when the PDF was created or later.

      • If it was added during PDF creation, we locate the signature field and delete it with any visual appearance.
      • If it was added after PDF creation, we use a method to revert to a previous version of the PDF. This involves finding the second-to-last and removing everything after it to get the PDF before the signature was added.

When there are multiple signatures:

      • We only remove the most recent one without affecting the others.
      • To remove an older signature, we need to go back to the version of the PDF before that signature was added, removing all subsequent signatures added after it.

Steps to Delete Digital Signature from PDF Manually

If you want to remove digital signature from PDF using Adobe Acrobat DC. Then, first, you have to ensure that you have the passwords of all the PDFs. Remember, for any reason you misplaced your password, you can’t remove digital signature from locked PDF manually. 

Let’s go through these instructions to clear the digital signature with Acrobat DC.

  • Begin by launching Acrobat DC and accessing the PDF file.
  • Identify the digital signature within the document.
  • Next, right-click on the designated signature area and opt for the ‘Clear signature’ function.
  • For, another PDF, repeat the above steps.

Hence, within three steps you can delete digital signature from PDF efficiently, but once at a time. 

Keep in mind: Using this conventional approach for the clearing signature task may downgrade the quality of your PDFs or mess up things. Also, you can erase a digital signature once at a time, for multiple portable document formats this approach is not practical. So, be prepared for these types of hassles, if you are considering this solution. 

Ultimate Solution to Clear Digital Signature from Multiple PDFs

It is evident from above that to delete digital signature from PDF manually can be both a tedious and time-consuming procedure. But, you don’t need to worry, because fortunately, there is one credible utility considered by experts that can help i.e. Best PDF Password Remover Software

Using this, you can remove the digital signature from any PDF even if it is restricted. Plus, it doesn’t matter how large your data is, it lets you erase the signatures in one go, which the manual solution lacks. Also, this solution can clear all the protection or restrictions from the portable document format for editing, copying, signing, and many more. 

What Makes the Specified Software the Most Suitable Option?

Now, just take a quick look at the advantages of opting for the aforementioned solution, with which you can understand how reliable it is. 

    • With this solution, you can remove the restrictions of the PDFs, even if it is secured by owner-level security.
    • There is no requirement for any other software after downloading this because it can do everything by itself at the same time.
    • This helps add comments, sign PDFs, and remove digital signatures for easier editing and verifying document authenticity.
    • The PDF Unlocker tool lets you print protected PDFs easily, with no need for Adobe Reader/Acrobat Pro. Just click the “Print” option.
    • It keeps your file’s layout and attachments unchanged while unlocking and saving it.

Here’s How to Delete Digital Signature from PDF

Below are the guidelines to remove digital signature from PDF simultaneously using the aforementioned solution:

  • Start by downloading and opening the software.

Install PDF unlocker solution.

  • Select ‘Add file/folder’ to add your PDF. Enter any password if needed.

Choose "Add files" or "Add folder"

  • Click ‘Unlock’ to remove the digital signature.

Hit "unlock" button.

  • Verify the changes by opening the new PDF file.

view unlocked PDF files.

What’s Next?
After removing the digital signature, if you realize that you need to add another signature or scanned signature within PDFs. Then, you can opt for PDF Watermark Maker Software, which is a highly recommended solution to add text, images, and date & time as a watermark. With this you won’t face any hassle, just need to download it from the below button and run it. Plus, this can be operated by even naive users. 

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Bottom Lines

The PDF is the most preferred file format with robust security options like passwords and digital signatures. This helps to protect your documents from unauthorized access, editing, copying, or printing of your crucial data. But sometimes, to delete digital signature from PDF can be a complex task, only when if you have acquired Adobe Acrobat. This guide will show you how to remove digital signature from PDF easily with the help of mentioned utility. 



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