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Copy SQL Database from One Server to Another – Brief Introduction

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Published On November 23rd, 2022
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Synopsis: In this guide, the prime objective is to copy SQL database from one server to another without hassles. For this, users should be well aware of several factors that we are going to discuss. The best solution including the method as well as the technique is crucial for this. In addition, the DB transfer checklist is another significant element present in this guide.

Several users face difficulties to transfer SQL data from one server to another, as they’re not proficient in the technicalities. Hence, users can easily learn the solution along with increasing their knowledge base. The step-by-step tutorial solution can be really helpful for users. This is why here, we are mentioning that in detail.

In order to copy the complete database objects of SQL Server, users have to be attentive. However, there is no need to panic until you have the right tool & technique. Let’s move to the checklist to quickly move forward.

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Checklist to Transfer SQL Data From One Server to Another One

There are several key points to keep in mind before migrating the database. We can also call these key points, different stages of database copy & transfer tasks. It’s like the complete blueprint of the entire database transfer operation.

Stage-1. Requirement Check

Every user or organization has different needs & requirements. They should first run an analysis on that to be aware of what they want. This helps in saving time, resources, & effort.

Stage-2. Plan & Strategy Check

The right strategy can make you win unexpected battles. This rule applies everywhere. Build the perfect strategy to make your task does not have any loopholes left behind.

Stage-3. Tool & Technique Check

To transfer SQL database from one server to another, users need to select the right method and tool. Although, there aren’t plenty of choices but still choose the best for desired results.

Stage-4. Pre Migration Check

Train the employees or yourself in case of an individual user for the changes of the new server. In addition, check the network, database health status, etc, before beginning.

Stage-5. Execution of Task

The execution of the task is the crux of the matter. The correct execution is what users need. Without skipping any of the below-mentioned steps, users can easily perform the task.

Stage-6. Post Migration Check

Finally, after copying the database, focus on the status report if accessible. This allows users to compare their expectations with reality. It shows the failed & successful database objects.

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Copy SQL Database from One Server to Another – Causes & Hurdles

Now, that we know the checklist & stages of the task, it’s crucial that we get to know the challenges & reasons for transferring the SQL database. It helps us in getting a detailed understanding of the user intent as well as the difficulties to counter in SQL server migration tasks.

User Intent to Copy the SQL Database & Transfer It to Another Server

  • Bringing the database on the same platform:
    In the case of the brand merger as well as acquisition, users want to bring the database together on the same version safely.
  • Upgrading from lower to higher version:
    When users want to upgrade their server from a lower to a higher version, their intent is to experience technical advancements & better performance.

Challenges to Transfer SQL Database from One Server to Another

  • The first issue that organizations feel is the lack of technical knowledge. This is why users often fail to execute the operation without any errors.
  • Oftentimes, the old server is not compatible with the new one. Hence, there may be compatibility issues that trouble users from copying the database items.
  • It is indeed a huge confusion to select the right tool & technique. The wrong decision here can result in severe consequences that users may not like at all.
  • Corrupt database objects are another issue to tackle. It’s tough to migrate a database with corrupt database objects in it.

Best Solution to Copy SQL Database from One Server to Another

Now when we talk about the solution to get our database to the new server, the answer is clear. Don’t go for the manual solution as there is no direct manual method available. Hence, the automated solution is even an expert’s recommendation. Below are both the methods mentioned:

Manual Solution: We know that there is no direct manual method available. Hence, for manually executing the task, users need to first take a backup of the entire database. Then they have to export that to the new server. If that’s not enough, note that users need to execute this using the SQL scripts which are highly technical.

Automated Solution: To transfer SQL database from one server to another, the automated solution is the best users can get. It’s an automated software that users can rely on for copying the database. The reason it is better is because of the integration of AI technology & advanced features. Download SQL Server Data Migration Tool below to execute the operation like a pro.

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Automated Features Required for the Migration

Before we dive into the operation to transfer SQL data from one server to another, it’s important that we focus on the features of the automated solution. This can help users to use the solution to its utmost potential resulting in better efficiency as well as effectiveness.

  • Transfer live SQL Server to another live SQL server database without any hassles.
  • Users can even migrate the database from SQL script to offline or online servers.
  • It’s also possible to copy the database from offline MDF files to live SQL servers.
  • There are several filters and advanced features that allow selective migration.
  • This tool allows the transfer of database with schema and schema with data.
  • Transfer SQL database from one server to another within the same network.
  • Repair & then copy your database to the new server using this best tool.
  • Also supports the SQL server 2019, 2017, 2016, 2014, 2012, 2008, etc.

Transfer SQL Data From One Server to Another – Step by Step Solution

Finally, that we are ready for the migration task, let’s quickly begin without any further delay. Download the solution & install it in your system. Follow the five simple steps to get the perfect solution here.

Note: Make sure that you don’t skip any of the steps below to copy & transfer SQL database from one server to another. Also, this is just a quick guide. For the detailed solution, download & purchase the full version.

Step-1. Launch the Tool & then Click on the Open button.

launch tool

Step-2. Set the Offline or Online Mode to copy the database.

select mode - online or offline

Step-3. Preview Database Objects and then Hit the Export option.

preview objects of sql database

Step-4. Set Export settings to copy SQL database from one server to another.

step-4 set export options

Step-5. Finally, Hit the Export button to finish the entire task without any hassles.

copy sql database from one server to another - click export

Tip: After the export task, users can simply get the status report to perform the post-migration check. Not all tool offer this function but this one does.

The Final Verdict

It’s crucial that we focus on the core technicalities to be technically wise. However, if you are a new user, then the automated solution can be the perfect match for you. It’s safe, advanced, affordable & diverse. What else do you need? Evidently, It experts & Microsoft’s MVPs always prefer this utility to copy SQL database from one server to another safely.

In order to run the perfect migration task of SQL Server. users can trust this tool. Selecting the right tool & technique can be the result deciding factor of your operation. Make the wise decision to be productive & solve all your troubles.


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