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How to Resolve Cannot Import VCF to iPhone Error?

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Published On November 28th, 2022
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Trying to import the VCF contacts file to your phone but not able to complete the task? So, here in this blog, we will go through the solution that will help you to resolve cannot import VCF to iPhone. Look through the complete article, to make this task easy. 

Today’s era is multi-platform if you shift from one platform to another. Then, there is only one option left where you have to import/export your data. VCF is one of the well-known formats for contacts which is supported by most modern phones and email clients. 

If you are using iPhone and try to import a VCF file to your iPhone, it will show you a pop-up message “Unable to Import vCard”. There can be multiple factors that are responsible for this pop-up, in the next section you will see the causes of why it shows you are unable to import messages. 


Causes of Errors While Importing VCF Contacts to iPhone 

Want to know what stops you from completing this process? The latest versions of iPhone IOS support vCard 4.0 version only, If you try to import vCard 2.1 & 3.0 versions, you will get the pop-up message “Unable to import vCard”. Move to the next section, where you will get multiple solutions to resolve the query that cannot import VCF to iPhone. 

Upgrade Your vCard 2.1 / 3.0 To 4.0 Version Using Gmail Account 

Before moving to the import process, you should upgrade your old vCard 2.1 & 3.0  to 4.0 which is not an easy task to attempt. To convert the older vCard into the newer one, we have to take the help of Gmail.

  • First, login into contacts.google.com

login into google contacts

  • Next, click on the Import option and Browse the selective VCF file.

 browse option

  • Now, select a single VCF and hit the Open button. 

browse option

  • After that, click on the Import button and move to the next step. 

hit the export button

  • Check the Imported contacts. 

check imported contacts

  • Hit the Export option and then select the vCard (for iOS Contacts) option. 

select vCard for ios option

  • And finally hit the Export button. 

Now, all of your select vCard 2.1 and 3.0 are successfully converted into iPhone-compatible vCard 4.0 versions. 

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Limitations of the Manual Way 

As you can see above the manual procedure is quite smart to convert the old vCard version into nw one, but there are a few limitations contained in this solution. It will convert a single file at a time for example if you have 1000 VCF contacts then you have to repeat this procedure again and again 1000 times to convert all vCard files. There is no doubt! This is a time-consuming solution and it will also require some technical knowledge. 

Smart Technique for Old vCard into New vCard Conversion 

If you have lots of contacts and do not have enough time to convert these files one by one. Then, we are here with one of the Best vCard Merge Tool, which helps you by combine all the VCF files into vCard version 4.0. 

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This utility helps you to resolve the common query “cannot import VCF to iPhone” by merging all files and making it compatible with iPhone. This software keeps your information intact, there is no risk of data loss, and provides some other multiple features also. 

One by One Steps Instructions on the Software 

  • First, install and set up the software in your system and click Add File option. 

add file option

  • Then, the software will show you all your selected files preview

files preview

  • Now, select the Merge VCF option in this step. 

select merge option

  • After that, choose vCard version 4.0 iPhone compatible. 

select vcard version

  • Hit the Export option. 

hit export button

Import Converted vCard into iCloud 

After the easy conversion of vCard files, the user has to import the converted vCard into iCloud to complete the solution of query that cannot import VCF to iPhone. 

  • Firstly, go to iCloud and click the contacts. 

go to contacts option

  • Hit the gear icon at the left bottom of your screen.

hit gear icon

  • Browse the converted files and click the open button.

browse option

  • In the last, your all selected files will be integrated with iCloud. 


Last Words 

In the above article, we discuss the query that cannot import VCF to iPhone and its solution. We give you one of the finest ways to import VCF to iPhone.