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How to Analyze Outlook Email Header? Step-by-Step Guide

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Published On February 14th, 2024
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Several technical guys and forensic investigators want to analyze Outlook email header. Because of their specific reasons, for example, some users want to identify the route of spam and spoof emails. Even there are several reasons that are why users are looking to analyze Outlook message headers.

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We all know that Microsoft Outlook is a widely used desktop-based email client. Therefore, when cybercrime experts investigate a computer, they find that Outlook is installed on most computers. Recently some users connected to the Email Doctor technical support team to find a solution to examine the Outlook email header so we have decided to publish this write-up.

Why Do Users Analyze Email Headers in Outlook?

For legal purposes, various email forensic experts, lawyers, detectives, and government officers want to analyze the Outlook email header. After that, they can find a way of solving some specific cybercrime cases.

Email headers are the most trustworthy source of any email stored on servers as well as local computers. After examining the Outlook email header users can easily get crucial information i.e., Email Route, and Contacts.

  • Identifying the route of emails
  • Avoiding attacks from abroad
  • Setting up an email campaign

#1 Manual Technique to Analyze Outlook Message Header

  1. Start MS Outlook email client on your computer
  2. Choose an email message for analyzing headers
    open an email
  3. Thereafter, open the selected Outlook email
    open selected emails
  4. Click on File >> Properties option to continue
  5. Lastly, you can see Outlook email header details
    analyze outlook email header

Limitations of the Manual Method:

  • It requires multiple steps while examining Outlook email headers one by one.
  • Microsoft Outlook email client should be in running condition.
  • Unable to analyze headers of Outlook database files i.e., OST and PST.
  • If Outlook crashes and is unable to start then this method will not work.

#2 Professional Technique to Examine Outlook Email Header

Download Outlook PST Viewer which is 100% freeware software to analyze Outlook email header. It not only examines Outlook email header but also provides multiple analyzing modes such as Normal, Hex, Properties, MIME, HTML, RTF, and Attachments.

Free Download

This utility is specially developed for forensic investigation purposes. After examining Outlook headers, if they want to present evidence in court then they can export evidence in the PDF file extension. PDF is the only file format that is acceptable in the court for legal purposes.

Let’s Know How It Works!

    • Run & Install software on your Windows machine.


    • Browse “PST File” and select “Advance Scan” option


    • Preview “Outlook Data Items” in various preview modes


    • Click on “Switch View” option to choose between Horizontal and Vertical Views.


Software Benefits

This is 100% freeware software for analyzing Outlook message headers. Users can upgrade it anytime to export Outlook PST to PDF, and other standard formats. This is beneficial if someone wants to print and submit extracted evidence from Outlook.

If your Microsoft Outlook got crashed due to a virus attack or improper shutdown. You can also use this application to analyze Outlook email headers using PST files. Even MS Outlook installation is not mandatory while using the tool.

The tool offers Zoom In and Zoom Out facilities while examining Outlook headers. Even it has an Advance Scanning option to repair PST files for analyzing Outlook message headers.

This utility is helpful for analyzing email headers in Outlook 2021, 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002, and previous versions. Its advanced search feature is helpful for searching and analyzing specific Outlook email headers.

Analyze All Outlook Email Header Components

Using the suggested software, investigators can analyze the below-mentioned Outlook header components.

  • To
  • From
  • Subject
  • Date
  • DKIM Signatures
  • Message ID
  • X-Spam Status
  • X-Spam Level
  • X Report Abuse
  • Return Path
  • Received
  • MIME-Version
  • Delivery Date
  • Content-Type
  • Message Body
  • Authentication Check
  • Transport Layer Security (TLS)
  • Authentication Received Chain (ARC)
  • List Unsubscribe, etc.


In the above article, we have mentioned twin reliable methods to analyze Outlook email headers. You can use any one method according to your choice and work requirements. But if you want to examine the Outlook header for legal purposes. Then you should use the mentioned application because it can fulfill your all requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1: How Do I Analyze an Email header in Outlook?

A 1: Follow the below instructions to examine Email Header in Outlook easily:

Double-click an email message to open it outside of the reading pane. Click on File >> properties. Header information appears in the Internet headers box.

Q 2: Can I analyze bulk email header in MS Outlook using this tool?

A 2: Using this automated tool allows users to easily analyze Outlook email header in bulk in a seamless manner.


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