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How to Fix Verizon AOL Email Not Working on Mac Issue Instantly

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Published On January 25th, 2024
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Sometimes Verizon mail users encounter an issue such as Verizon AOL email not working on Mac mail account. Therefore, after considering this issue, we are going to provide you efficient solutions to fix this issue asap.

So, in the upcoming segments, we will explain the top 2 ways to add Verizon email to Mac mail account. So stay connected to understand this topic clearly.

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A Fortunate Way to Fix Verizon AOL Email Not Working on Mac Issue

To add Verizon email to Mac email account, you can use ‘AOL Email Backup Tool‘. With this utility, you can easily get your Verizon emails on the Mac platform. This app has many advanced features to add Verizon Mail to Mac Mail without any problem.

However, it does offer a comprehensive and explanatory user interface. Therefore, any user, be it a beginner or a technician, can operate it without the help of experts. Just install and operate this tool by clicking the download button and connect your Verizon emails to your Mac email account.

After getting the perfect way to connect Verizon AOL email to Mac. Now is the time to go through the procedure. Continue to the next section, where we will discuss the instructions for connecting Verizon AOL email to your Mac account.

Instructions to Add Verizon Email to Mac Mail Account

This solution to fix Verizon AOL email not working on Mac issue is divided into two different parts. So, you have to follow both of them to execute the procedure properly. Let’s begin:

#Phase 1: Export Verizon AOL Email to Mac Mail

Step 1: Download & run the prominent tool on your system.

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Step 2: Add Verizon credentials to Login your account.


Step 3: Choose File Format & Browse destination then, click Start Backup.

email formats

Step 4: Lastly, the export process is begin successfully.

process start

#Phase 2: Connect Verizon AOL Email to Mac

1. Start Mac Mail and click File, then select Import Mailboxes

2. From the import wizard select the Files in MBOX radio button and click Continue

3. Choose the file that was generated in step 1 and click the Choose button.

4. As soon as you click Choose, a new pop-up wizard will appear on your screen indicating the path of the chosen data file.

5. Finally, click Done to end the process to add Verizon to Mac account.

What’s Next?

There are many users who are searching for the free methods to connect Verizon AOL email to Mac mail account. So, here in the upcoming sections, we will discuss the free method to add Verizon mail to Mac platform. Let’s have a quick look:

Verizon AOL Email Not Working on Mac – Free Method to Fix Instantly

Just follow the steps below to solve Verizon AOL email issue to Mac Mail account issue. let’s start:

Step 1: First, go to the Applications folder on your Mac and open Mail.

Step 2: Then go to the File menu and click Add account.

Step 3: Next, when the general information wizard opens. Here, you must choose IMAP as the account type and click the Continue button.

Step 4: Now, in the Account Description section, you must type any address.

Step 5: To add Verizon Mail to Mac, enter your Verizon email in the provided field as priteshdev@aol.com.

Step 6: Enter imap.aol.com when prompted for an incoming mail server.

Step 7: Enter your Verizon AOL username as your username. Also, the same applies to the password. Add the Verizon password in the specified field.

Step 8: For outgoing mail server, you can add smtp.aol.com

Step 9: Make sure you’ve entered the required details correctly and check the Use Authentication box. After that, click Continue button to proceed further.

Step 10: Finally, add the username and password as in step 7 and step 8. Then check the details and press Continue to confirm

Final Verdict

Above here, we disclosed the top 2 approaches to resolve Verizon AOL email not working on Mac mail account. By performing the above-stated solutions, you can add Verizon email to Mac without any hassle. But, the free method having some limitations which affect the complete process.

So, in this situation, it is better to choose above-suggested third-party application to connect Verizon AOL email to Mac without any data loss.