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A Perfect Method to Truncate Outlook PST File by Email ID Effortlessly

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Published On July 3rd, 2023
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Are you still thinking about how your PST file getting corrupted without any Virus? So, you should know that there are many reasons behind the corruption of a PST file.

One of the prime reasons is an oversized PST file. Today, we have considered this issue and come up with a solution to truncate Outlook PST file by email id.

Therefore, go through the complete article to understand how to cut Outlook PST files by sender’s email address.

Reason to Truncate Oversize PST File

  1. Outlook Performance Issues: Larger PST files can slow Outlook performance and even cause file corruption. This happens because certain files take a long time to open.
  2. Large PST Files are Easily Corrupted. This may cause data loss.
  3. You may have problems receiving and sending emails from Outlook. If you encounter this problem, check the size of your PST file immediately. Quick action is needed to avoid file corruption.
  4. Affect System Speed: Larger PST files can take up a lot of space on your system. Thus, it affects your speed. You can also lock down the system. Your Outlook may also slow down. Need to monitor Outlook speed.

Solution to Truncate Outlook PST File by Email ID

Using the MS Outlook PST Splitter Tool, you can easily cut oversized PST into multiple smaller parts. This tool has the capability to truncate Outlook data file by the sender’s email address. Apart from this, it consists of amazing features which make it a perfect utility in comparison to others.

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Also, supports all versions of Windows OS and MS Outlook. So, install this tool by clicking the download button mentioned here and split large PST file into smaller parts easily.

Steps Procedure to Truncate Oversized PST File by Email ID

Here, in this segment, we will discuss the instructions to truncate PST files without any hassle. You just have to follow all the steps to execute the process properly.

Step 1: Install and Run the Tool on your system.

Download Free Split PST File

Step 2: Hit on the Add File or Folder button to add the preferred PST file. 

Add PST File

Step 3: Then, navigate to the desired PST file and hit on the Open button.

Open PST File

Step 4: Now, choose the multiple options to split PST files.

Select the Split Options

Step 5: Then, choose the facility of the split PST by single or multiple email ID.

Choose the split PST by Email ID

Step 6: Next, Add single or multiple email ID by providing CSV of emails. After this hit Next button to proceed further.

Click the Next button

Step 7: Now, in this wizard, the summary of the entire procedure will have appeared. Hit the Next button.

Check the summery

Step 8: The utility will start the procedure to truncate PST file by email id.

Step 9: Finally, the process is completed successfully.

completed process

Manual Method to Truncate Outlook PST File by Email ID

Using Archive Functionality

  1. First, you have to run the MS Outlook application.
  2. Then, select a PST file to transfer mail components
  3. Now, navigate to the File tab from the Menu bar and select an Archive option.
  4. Here, you can view a dialog box and check the Archive this folder and all subfolders box to proceed further.
  5. Opt Folders option to move from the list.
  6. Also, you will see the Archive items older than an option. Here, you can choose data from the Calendar.
  7. Subsequently, select the folder location from the Browse option. Then, name the newly created PST file and hit on OK button.
  8. Finally, you have generated a new PST file at your preferred location.

Instead, to divide the PST file, you can also move some messages or other items in the mailbox to any empty folder using the Move to folder option. When you move your mail to a new folder, the size of the empty space in the PST file will automatically increase.

With the Move to Folder option, you can move your complete emails from your inbox to multiple PST folders and you can save your PST file from corruption.

In case you have a PST file with 3000+ emails, then you can move some of your mail messages to a newly created PST folder one by one. But, this method is not that much easy as it looks. If you come from a non-technical background, then it would be quite difficult for you.

Final Verdict

Multiple Outlook users encounter an issue such as PST file corruption. This problem occurs due to an oversized PST file. In this scenario, only one solution comes to mind, i.e., truncate Outlook PST file by email id. So, above-in this article, we have discussed the manual and professional approaches to solve this error easily in Outlook 2021, 2019, 2016, 2013, and all the below versions.


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