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Troubleshooting Problem Sending or Receiving Mails in Eudora 7 & Below

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Published On January 25th, 2024
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Eudora is a desktop-based email client which is mainly used to send or receive emails. Sometimes, sending or receiving email messages in Eudora becomes difficult for users. Usually, a user searches for an online solution to resolve this unable to send or receive mails in Eudora. At a certain point, to avoid this issue users looking for conversion from Eudora to another email client. Moreover, most of the users started migrating their data from Eudora to MS Outlook due to its advanced functionalities. In this article, we have discussed various workarounds with the help of that a user can easily troubleshoot this problem by sending or receiving emails in Eudora issue. Before the solution let us have a look at some user’s queries.

Query 1:

“Hi! Recently I started using Eudora for emailing purpose. In starting Eudora was working fine but few days back, I am not able to send or receive messages in Eudora email client. I searched for online solution but none of them worked for me. Now, I am tired of this issue. Is there anyone who can help me out to resolve this issue?.”

Query 2:

“I have been using Eudora, for past two years. As of March. 2, 2018, I got a message saying that Certificate was invalid. I have had the problem before and proceeded to apply the fix of telling Eudora to trust the Certificate. I did this for both Checking and Sending. But, still this do not allowed me to send or receive mail messages. Please help me to resolve this issue. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you! “

Reasons of this Unable to Send or Receive Mails in Eudora

This problem in not only caused by one single reason. There can be several reasons and some of them are mentioned below.

  1. Eudora is not accepting certificate from server:
  2. Immediate Error from Eudora:
  3. Access Denied:
  4. Virus Attack:
  5. Mail Settings:

Manual Approach to Solve this Problem Sending or Receiving Mails in Eudora

In order to resolve this send or receive messages from Eudora Mail client just follow these below mentioned steps:

Eudora for Windows:

Navigate to your Eudora installed directory.

  1. First of all, look in the Eudora directory for the directory “extrastuff”.
  2. After that, In this directory a file named “esoteric.epi”. Copy or move this file to main Eudora directory. There will be extra option listed, including a Port page.

To change the outgoing mail from 25 port to 26 port:

  1. Firstly, Launch and install Eudora email client.
  2. Then, Drop down the Tools menu, and choose Options.
  3. Click on Ports.
  4. After that, Change the port from 25 to 26.
  5. Now, Click OK.
  6. Restart Eudora.

Check the basic settings:

  1. Here, click on the “Sending Mail” icon in the options.
  2. Check this changes any of “mail.gn.apc.org” or “smtp.gn.apc.org” or “smtp.greennet.org.uk” or just blank should work (although “smtp.gn.apc.org” is preferred).
  3. Now, “Allow authentication” should always be on.

Eudora for Mac:

Enable “Ports & Protocols” category in Eudora

  1. Firstly, close down Eudora Mail client for the time being.
  2. Then, In Finder go to Applications >> Eudora Application Folder.
  3. After doing this, click once on the Eudora icon, then click on File >> Get Info.
  4. Now, here be a section “> Plug-ins” open that by clicking on the arrow.
  5. After that, make sure any item marked “Esoteric Settings” is ticked.
  6. Then, close the Eudora Info window and restart Eudora.
  7. Go to Eudora >> “Preferences” and scroll down the categories to check that the “Ports & Protocols” icon is there.

Now check the basic settings:

  1. Firstly, go to Eudora >> Preferences… and click on the “Sending Mail” icon.
  2. Then, check the SMTP server box any of “mail.gn.apc.org” or “smtp.gn.apc.org” or “smtp.greennet.org.uk” or just blank should work, although “smtp.gn.apc.org” is preferred. (If it is followed by a colon and a number, try changing that number from “587”to “2525” or vice versa, and try sending again, or try ticking “submission port (587)”)
  3. “Allow authorisation” should always be on.
  4. Now, scroll down the categories until you get to “SSL”. Select the relevant, under “SSL for SMTP”, select “Optional (TLS)”.

Note: If you are still having problems that can’t be solved by changing any of the settings mentioned above. Then the user can migrate their data from Eudora to another email client such as MS Outlook. To transfer files from Eudora to Outlook, one of the best-recommended utilities is MBOX to PST converter. With this application, users can easily transfer Eudora MBOX files to PST format without any data loss. Moreover, it has an easy-to-use interface that even a novice user can understand its working without taking external help.

Summing Up

There are many Eudora users who are facing this problem sending or receiving mails in Eudora while working with it. The users can also implement the manual solution explained above. However, the ideal approach is to switch from Eudora to another email client such as Outlook. Just follow the above mentioned method to fix this issue.