Solve Suspect Database in SQL Server Issue Easily

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Sometimes, we got stuck in many critical situations such as a Suspect database in SQL Server. When the SQL database server goes into the suspect mode, the recovery process has started and requiring users to resolve the issue and recover the corrupted files.

The SQL server database goes into the suspect mode because the primary file (MDF) and other files get damaged and the database fails to repair the damaged file.

Suspect Database in SQL Server

Important Note: To fix all SQL database corruption issues, the user can take the help automated solution. It allows users to access and recover your SQL database objects.

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Reasons for Suspect Mode in SQL Server  

The SQL Server database goes into the suspect mode for many reasons, here are some of them:

  • Corrupted SQL server MDF or NDF files.
  • Inaccessible data files.
  • Sudden power off or improper shutdown of the system.
  • Unable to finish the operations such as rollback and roll forward.
  • Due to the less space in storage.

Fix Suspect Database in SQL Server Manually

There are several methods to rectify SQL database from suspect mode problem. We can also fix this problem manually but in most of the cases it could not work and unable to fix this problem.

  • Switch into Emergency Mode: Start the MS SQL Server Studio and connect your server.

Select “New Query”

Turn off the suspect on the database and switch into EMERGENCY

EXEC sp_resetstatus ‘db_name’;


  • Execute the function Consistency Check on the Master Database:

DBCC CHECKDB (‘database_name’)

  • Change the database into Single User Mode, and then roll back the previous transactions:


  • Make a backup of database:

Since before working on the next operation, it is required to make a backup of the database as it may cause data loss problems.

  • Now, Execute the Database Repair command allowing data loss:


  • Alter the database into Multi-User Mode:


However, sometimes this solution does not work and fails to fix this problem. In this case, make sure you have an ultimate solution. You can fix the SQL database from suspect mode problem easily by using professional third-party software.

Use Automated Solution to Tackle Suspect Database in SQL Server

Recover SQL Database is an advanced SQL repairing tool which recovers the database files into the normal form. This allows the user to recover the SQL server objects such as SQL table, stored procedure, functions, indexes, etc. The user can easily fix the corruption issues and export the data to SQL Server. 

Step 1. Download and Launch the Software and click on Open.

SQL Server Recovery

Step 2. Browse the MDF File and then Choose the Scan Mode.

Repair Corrupt SQL Database

Step 3. The tool will preview all the objects.

Recover SQL Database

Step 4. Click on the Export button to the SQL Server Database.

Repair SQL Database Corruption

Important Note: The user can also read this post to know SQL Server Database Corruption causes.


When the SQL database server goes into the suspect mode, it blocks the user to use the data. Now, the main issue is how to resolve the Suspect Database in SQL Server Problem. For this problem, we have discussed the possible manual methods. However, manual methods are somehow risky. Therefore, we also mentioned an ultimate solution for that. Automated Solution is the best solution method from getting over from this critical problem. This software recovers all corruption issues very quickly without any data loss and trouble.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I fix corrupt SQL database without having backup?

Use the SQL database repair tool that will allow you to corrupt SQL database MDF and NDF files without backup.

What are the main reasons behind suspect database in SQL server?

1. System failure
2. Missing log file
3. SQL Server Crash
4. Files are inaccessible
5. Improper system shut down