Resolve Microsoft SQL Server Error 5120 Problem

Admin | Published: 2019-11-22T10:31:58+00:00 | SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server is a widely used database management system. The primary function of this application is to store and retrieve the data requested by the SQL user. And SQL ( Structured Query language is used to perform operations on the data. But sometimes SQL database users encounter one of the common SQL Server error 5120 attach database problems. Let us take an example of Query asked by the user in one of the forum website. It will help us to understand the situation in a better way.

Please help! While attaching the database with the MDF and LDF file. It shows an error like this Unable to open the physical file “D:\mydatabase.mdf”. Operating system error 5: “5(Access is denied.)”. (Microsoft SQL Server, Error: 5120)”. Can anyone provide me the reasons for this error? Also, suggest the best possible way to resolve this problem. Thanks!”

Basically, This problem occurs when Microsoft SQL Server database users don’t have the authorization to access the MDF and NDF file of the database. Before proceeding to the solution part let us first discuss the various causes of this problem.

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Reasons Behind Microsoft SQL Server Error 5120 Attaching Database Problem 

1. If your MDF files are not at the accurate location or MDF database files are stored in some other drive of the computer.

2. In case if you are not running your Microsoft SQL Server management studio with admin rights.

3. If system drives don’t have the permission to store the server file within them. Then also, in that case, it will show the error Microsoft SQL server error 5120.

Smart and Efficient Solution to This Problem 

If you are facing Microsoft SQL server error 5120 attaching database problem then I suggest you to restore the entire data from the backup or repair your corrupted SQL database MDF file. If you want to recover the data then you can take the help of the help of SQL Recovery Software. For this, the user has to browse the MDF file in the software. In case if you have corrupted MDF and NDF files then also the user can easily recover the data. SQL database recovery allows the user to recover the entire database such as Tables, stored procedure, functions, triggers, views, etc, The user can export the SQL database to SQL server compatible scripts. Also, this software is compatible with SQL Server 2019 and its below version.

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Follow the Steps to Recover SQL Database

1. Download and Install the Software on your machine. Click on Open and Browse the MDF file from your system.

2. Now choose the Scan Mode, and select the SQL Server version, The user can select preview deleted records option to view deleted records in red color.

3. Click on the database objects to preview SQL database items.

4. Click on Export button to recover the MDF file data.


In this article, We have discussed the solution to SQL server error 5120 Attach Database error problem faced by the users. Also, we have given various reasons for this problem. To resolve this issue the user can take the help of SQL database recovery. It is an advanced and standalone solution to resolve this problem.