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A Complete Information of How to Send Files to Google Drive from PC


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Published On January 29th, 2024
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So many users search on the internet every day that how they move files from computer to Google Drive. This blog gives you detailed information about why there is a need to send files to google drive from pc and how to do it.

We all are living in the modern world today i.e. also known as the digital world. Where technology plays a very important role, everything that human use in technology is based on data, the more people use the higher they produce data.

Data is increasing day by day and that it is stored on physical storage devices like the Personal Computer, Laptop, Hard Disk Drive (HDD), Solid-state drive (SDD), Flash Drive. Maintenance of these storage devices is another big task, where data is stored in bulk.

To resolve this problem there is a way through which the user can store their data without any trouble and they need not worry about the maintenance of storage devices. What users can do is that they can upload files from pc to google drive.

People don’t have to worry about data security, maintenance, and storage. But, here the big question arises – how to send files to Google Drive from pc? 

To overcome this problem people can use a tool such as File System to Google Drive Migrator helps you to send your files from pc to google drive.

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Why Use File System to G Drive Migrator?

Data is like a king on this planet. More than human beings, data exist today, and storing the data on physical devices is very difficult today. Storage devices like Google Drive help the user to store their files and software like File System to Google Drive Migrator helps the user to send files to google drive from pc.

send files to G drive from pc

It can move all types of files from Personal Computer to Google Drive. This software can move files like – Documents, Audio, Video, etc.. Along with this, it can upload pictures from computer to Google Drive.

Another advantage of using this tool is, user can move hidden files and folders by using this software.

This Software provides the Unique Features that help the user to move files from computer to google drive –

  1. Users can move any type of file and folder from their system without any limitation.
  2. All the type of files can be migrate from PC to Google Drive at a time. The only user has to make sure that the file is supported by Google Drive.
  3. Delta Migration is an impressive feature to move newly arrived and modified data.
  4. It can move any amount of data multiple times without any trouble.
  5. This software does not limit the size and migration of data.
  6. It has a filter option like – Include/Exclude File Types, Date Range, and Include File Size.
  7. It creates a Complete Migration Report in the CSV file format that contains all details such as success count, source file path, fail count.
  8. This Software support Windows 10 & previous version.

Steps of How to Send Files to Google Drive from PC

We learned so much about this tool in the above section like – What this tool is all about, Its Features. In this section, we are going to know how to upload system data to google drive from pc.

Step 1. Download the software and click on Settings.

Step 2. Add JSON file to create Google Developer Project. Then click on Active New Domain to get the Activation Code for your domain.

Step 3. Click on the specific folders for the migration process.

Step 4. Choose any filter like-Include/Exclude File Types, Include Created/Modified Date, Include File Size.

Step 5. Log in with the Google Drive business account and click Connect.

Step 6. Choose the destination folder in the G drive i.e. (My Drive or Shared Drive) and create New Folder to save move data.

Is, There Any Other Way to Upload Files from PC to Google Drive?

Yes, of course, there are various ways to move files from computer to Google drive. You can use the drag and drop option which you can you to migrate system files but it has some limitation such as:

  1. It does not maintain Folder Hierarchy.
  2. In case of a power failure, data might get corrupted.
  3. It does not provide the Date Range filter.
  4. Users cannot select the specific type of files because it does not provide Include/Exclude File type option.
  5. It does not include File Size option i.e. user cannot select the specific type of file size to transfer files from pc to google drive.

Because of all these limitations, the automated solution provided here can be used to upload files from pc to google drive is one of the best methods you can use.

What Comes Next?

Data contains confidential files like passwords, bank statements, images, audio, video, and many more things. With the increase of data, user physical storage devices size also increase and it cannot afford too much storage device. That’s why it is important to know how to send files to google drive from pc.

So, in this blog, we have provided detailed information about how to transfer file system to google drive.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does the software move mapped network drive data?

Yes, the File System to Google Drive Migrator allows users to move data from network drive to the target location.

2. Is it possible to migrate data into Shared Drive?

Yes, when the user selects the data that needs to be migrated. Then in the destination location user can select the “Shared Drive” folder to save the migrated data.

3. While sending files to Google Drive from PC. In which file format does the software generate the migration report?

The software generates the complete migration report in CSV file format.