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How to Upload Photos from PC to Google Drive

Published By Nilesh Kumar
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Published On June 18th, 2024
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“Do you want to save all your photos from desktop to G Drive? Searching for a quick solution that can instantly upload photos from PC to Google Drive. Then, go through this write-up and get the solution.”

Images are not the same photos in our generation, they have become part of our memories, which we always want to take with us as long as possible. Either it is an image of a youth icon posing for some brand endorsement or it is the first smile of a newborn child. We don’t want these memories to be left behind, that is why storing & securing these images becomes a necessary part of our lifestyle.

Both our laptops and online services like Google Drive are viable options for storing these memories. Users may get free storage space on G Drive, a platform that is significantly more dependable and safe. You may thus have a long-term backup of such memories by storing the images on Google Drive.

Error Free Solution to Upload to Google Drive from PC

So in this blog, we have discussed some reliable solutions by which we can easily move photos from PC to Google Drive. So first start it with an automated tool i.e. File System To Google Drive Migrator. It is one of the most reliable tools available in the market by which you can transfer the complete amount of data from the desktop to Google Drive. This tool maintains the Data integrity & folder hierarchy while doing the process to upload photos from PC to Google Drive.

Tip: This tool also help you to send files to Google Drive from pc.

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Manually Upload Photos from PC to Google Drive

Step 1: Go to https://drive.google.com & sign in to your account


Step 2: Click the New button located on the left side of the window. Select File / Folder in order to transfer pictures from computer to google drive.


Step 3: Select the photos which you want to upload. You can also select multiple photos.

Step 4: You will see a box that shows the progress of your photo folder upload.

Step 5: This way you can upload photos from the computer to Google Drive using Chrome.


Method 2: Upload Photos Using Google Drive for Desktop

File synchronization between your machine and the cloud may be easily maintained using Google Drive for Desktop. It may be configured as follows:

Steps to Upload Photos from PC to Google Drive for Desktop:

  1. Download >>Install Google Drive for Desktop and follow the install instructions according to your OS
  2. Open Google Drive and Sign In to Your Google Account credentials:
  3. Choose folders on your device to sync with Google Drive.
  4. Choose Sync Settings:
    • You can select to sync a particular folder or specific file type.
    • Entire files can be selected from the devices to sync with Google Drive.
  5. Press the ‘Start’ to begin the syncing process.
  6. Your photos are uploaded to Google Drive in the specified folders.
  7. Any device with Google Drive installed or the Google Drive website are both good places to access them.

Limitations of Manual Process to Upload Photos from PC to Google Drive

  • No filters are provided like date range, file type & file size
  • At a time multiple folders can’t be uploaded
  • Sometimes directory structure is not maintained


This article comprises a complete solution to transfer/upload photos from PC to Google Drive using a convenient automated application. Along with that, we have also discussed a manual solution that can act as a quick fix but has some limitations. But when it comes to transferring a large stream of data File System to Google Drive Migrator has an upper hand. Along with that, the tool can filter data according to the file type that means there is no need to upload useless data. If you want images to get uploaded the tool will filter only images from the whole folder. Similarly, With the help of the size filter & date filter, you can easily distinguish only the use of full data. Now it is up to you which way suits you better.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1- What are the advantages of storing photos using Google Drive?

Ans- With Google Drive, you can save your files safely and dependablely, get free disk space, view them from any computer, and work together on your photos.

Q2- How can I manually upload photos from PC to Google Drive?

Ans- Manually sending images from your PC to Google Drive is possible by clicking the “New” button, >> “File upload” or “Folder upload,” and then selecting the picture you wish to send to the cloud.

Q3- What are the drawbacks of the manual method of uploading photos to Google Drive?

Ans- The manual approach is devoid of sophisticated filters such as file type, file size, and date range. Moreover, uploading several folders at once is not supported, and the directory structure might not be preserved.


By Nilesh Kumar

As a Chief Technical Writer, I know the technical issues faced by home and professional users. So, I decided to share all my knowledge via this blog. I love to help you with challenges while dealing with technical jargon.