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How to Find and Delete Duplicate Photos in Windows 10 ?

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Published On May 31st, 2024
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Oh, you might be wondering why you need to delete your beautiful memories but you are running out of storage problem, it happens when you click lots of photos and keep them saved for a long time in a long time but after some time this problem persists and you are again going to search how to remove duplicate pictures on PC.

But now all your problems will be solved because we have lodged your request and found an excellent way to dodge this problem for a lifetime. This solution is going to be permanent where you can be free all over your life and don’t need to find how to find and delete duplicate photos in Windows 10.

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Reasons to Remove Duplicate Pictures On PC

In this growing realm of the tech world now everything depends on your storage and system to work efficiently but due to lack of storage your systems might crash or some virus can also take place there. But if you know how to find and delete duplicate photos in Windows 10 then it may boost your speed of work and allow you to download or serve big files:-

Option to Create More Storage Space – Similar images can unnecessarily obstruct your PC space, leading to storage shortages and hampering system performance. 

Optimize System Speed – Disarranged photo libraries can impact your system’s overall speed by covering up redundant space. 

Effective Photo Management – Managing and spotting your favorite images gets easy by deleting redundant media files from your photo collection. 

Prevent Complexities – Don’t give space to duplicate pics because it can lead to confusion in finding the right pictures, making it challenging to find and share the shots.

Manage Data Redundancy – It gives the option to reduce data redundancy and allows you to use the storage efficiently and easier data management. 

Find and Delete Duplicate Photos With Common Solutions

Use these professional methods to find duplicate pictures on PC effortlessly, these solutions will make you feel free for your lifetime and you will experience how easy it is to remove clutter from your gallery:-

Self-Organize Your Photo Library

  • You can customize folders based on events, dates, or subjects to help categorize your photos effectively and do this constantly to never run out of storage.
  • This organization will make it easier to target duplicates within specific groups and help you to Find and Delete Duplicate Photos in Windows 10.

Visual Comparison is not Tough

  • Check folders containing similar images side by side with the name and visualization.
  • You can Manually compare pictures and delete duplicates.

Check Tools in Windows

  • Open File Explorer and search for “*.jpg” (or your photo format) to list all image files and find cluttered photos on your PC.
  • Sort results by name, size, or date to find and delete duplicate photos.
  • Visually preview thumbnails of images to identify duplicate photos
  • Compare the picture attribute categories like date, time, type, and name.
  • Erase identical pictures which have the same attributes.
  •  Repeat this process for other drives on your machine to ensure all duplicate pictures are removed.

Windows Photos App

  • Open the Photos app and navigate to Settings.
  • Select “Remove duplicate items” to allow the system to identify and delete duplicates.

Google Photos or Other Cloud Services

  • If using Google Photos, take advantage of its automatic duplicate detection feature and can easily remove duplicate photos on PC.
  • Review and confirm suggested duplicate removals.
  • Check for duplicate management features in your chosen cloud service.

Checksum and Hash Comparison

  • Use Hash Comparison Tools to remove the clutter.
  • Download tools like MD5summer or HashMyFiles.
  • Generate checksums for files and compare them to identify duplicates.

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Find and Delete Duplicate Photos Using CMD Commands (Free Fix)

You don’t need to fear from CMD or command prompt. It may look like a complex tool in the system but it can help you to fix many situations like this one by using just simple CMD commands. Follow the below-listed steps to complete the process:-

  1. Press simultaneously “Windows + R” option to open the “Run” dialog box. Next, type in “cmd” in the box and click on “OK.”
  2. Put  “cd” and “dir” commands to navigate to the location of the folder that contains your photos. 
  3. Once you entered, “dir /s /b *.name” in the command line. Replace the “.name” extension with your file (.jpg, .png) and eliminate identical photos. 
    Add files in CMD
  4. It will scan and give you the results displayed on the screen.
  5. Hereafter, to delete the duplicate files, enter “del /s /f *.duplicate”. This will remove all the duplicate files present in the located directory and its subdirectories.
    Find duplicate files in CMD

Find and Delete Duplicate Photos using Microsoft Photos in Windows/Mac

Microsoft Photos is mostly known for viewing photos and managing with Windows 8,9,10,11 versions. You can use it to find duplicate photos in your folder because it ha as built-in feature to detect photos with similar content:-

Step 1. Open and Add Folder in Microsoft Photos From the navigation bar on the left, go to “Folders” > “Add a folder”. 

Add folder in Microsoft to Remove Duplicate Pictures On PC

Step 2. Choose the Identical files once scanned your file will show the duplicate icon up there, then go to “All Photos” in the navigation bar. After that, seek for the photos with the Duplicate icon and Select them. 

Use Microsoft to Remove Duplicate Pictures On Pc

Step 3. Erase Identical Photos, At last, click the Trash icon in the top right corner of the Photos app to easily remove the selected items. Click on “Delete” to move the duplicate photos to the Recycle Bin.

Confirm delete
Limitations of the Manual Solution for Find and Delete Duplicate Photos on Windows 10

There are several drawbacks of the manual solution to remove duplicate images from PC are:

  • Manually searching and comparing each picture takes a lot of time when there is a huge amount of photos
  • There is a high chance of risk that photos can deleted accidentally.
  • Identifying similar images is very difficult by manual inspection.
  • Each photo must be viewed one by one which makes the process inefficient and time-consuming

Standalone Method to Find and Delete Duplicate Photos

Manual tools may provide free solutions but they are not as reliable as maintaining the original file data. You can use the Expert Suggested Duplicate Photo Remover to detect and erase only identical useless files. This tool has cutting-edge technology that provides to arrange disorderly and disarrayed files. This is a gem of multiple file types, recursive scanning mode, and many more. This tool works on Windows 8,9,10,11 versions.

Final Words

Now you can easily maintain a clutter-free photo library and learn how to find and delete duplicate photos on Windows 10 hassle-free. A maintained gallery always gives you the warmth of the memories and once you know how to erase duplicate photos on PC then you can easily optimally manage your operating system. In this article, we have covered the hands-on manual approach and the best software that can help to remove clutter in your operating system.

These methods are effective and trustworthy in their work but we have mentioned every possible method out there choose any one of them that aligns with your preferences and manage your digital space proficiently. Decluttering your library gives you extra space to save new memories of your loved ones and enhances so on your overall computing experience.

FAQ: Removing Duplicate Pictures on PC

1. Why should I find and delete duplicate photos on Windows 10?

  • Removing identical images from the device helps us to free the storage and organize your images library therefore makes it easier to find particular images.

2. What is the best way to organize the pictures?

  • The best way to organize the images is by creating a main folder to store all your images. Within this folder, you can add subfolders based on events, dates, or categories.

3. How can I sort to find duplicate images in Windows 10?

  • To find duplicate images in Windows 10 use File Explorer to sort your photos by name, size, or date.

4. What built-in Windows features can help me identify duplicate pictures?

  • File Explorer: Sort files by name, size, or date using the “Details” view. To compare photographs visually, turn on the Preview Pane.
  • Windows Photos App: This program can automatically identify duplicate photographs by grouping similar-looking photos together.

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