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How to Remove Duplicate Emails from Outlook.com | An Easy Guide

Published By Nilesh Kumar
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Published On January 24th, 2024
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Receiving duplicate emails in our Outlook.com and looking for the appropriate solution to remove duplicate emails from Outlook.com? Then here in this section, we are going to discuss the best approach to draw out duplicate emails from Hotmail.com just keet reading the blog and complete the task without any hassle.

Well, we know that Outlook.com is a web-based email client offered by Microsoft. It is free also it has paid subscription-based plan. Now whatever you are using duplicate emails is one the most common issue in a various email client and Outlook.com is one of them.

Now if you are receiving a duplicate then probably you have face difficulties during the search for an important email. And this not a small issue once you there are many Outlook.com users are reporting this issue on various forums so, let’s see one user query

Hello, I have configured my Outlook.com account in a desktop-based Outlook and there is no issue I have face in the last two years. But for the last few days, I notice that I have received so many duplicate emails in my inbox. And if talk about the number then it around thousands plus, Now if I try t delete all the duplicate emails manually, then it will task a lot of time. So, if anyone knows any instant or effective way to deal with this, then it is very helpful for me.

As we see the above user facing the issue of duplicate emails in Outlook.com. And this not the single one in fact in our research we have found that there are lots of users facing this issue in Outlook.com. So, before further ado let’s jump into the procedure to delete duplicates from Outlook.com

How to Remove Duplicate Emails from Outlook.com?

Well, if we talk about the manual method to delete duplicate from Outlook.com, then there is no manual method that complete this task without any hassle. So in that troublesome situation, we have just left with only one solution and that is an automated solution. But the thing is that there are various tools available in the market that offers users the same. Therefore, users, are a bit confused while choosing the automated tool

But in this section, we are going to introduce one of the best tool that is well capable to delete duplicates from Outlook and i.e., Outlook Duplicate Remover. This tool offers you a feature to remove duplicate emails from Outlook PST, OST, and BAK files.

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The tool comes with various filter options such as date filter, action filter, and category filter. Also, the tool is capable to remove duplicates in bulk along with that using this tool one can remove duplicates from Outlook Notes without losing any data or without any modification of your data.

Now, once we know about the tool let’s move towards the steps to remove duplicate emails from Outlook.com and keep one thing in your mind that, this process is divide into two steps. So, in the first, step we configure Outlook.com and in the second step, we will remove the duplicate from the inbox.

Step 1: Configure Outlook.com to Desktop-Based Outlook

1. First, open the Outlook application on your computer

2. Now, click on the File option from the top of the ribbon menu

3. After that click on the Add Account option

4. Now, select the Manual setup or additional server types

5. Choose the POP or IMAP radio button

6. Now under Add Account window enter your name, email address

7. After that choose Account Type, choose IMAP

8. Add incoming mail server: imap-mail.outlook.com and then add Outlook mail server as smtp-mail.outlook.com

9. Now, enter your email id again and then type your account password

10. Click on the More Settings

11. Choose Outgoing Server tab

12. Tick out the My outgoing server (SMPT) require authentication

13. Now, switch to the Advanced tab and set the incoming server to 993

14. Select the SSL option for Use the following type of encrypted connection

15. For Outgoing server (SMTP) set 587

16. Now, choose TLS for Use the following type of encrypted connection

17. Then click on the OK button of the Internet E-mail settings window

18. Click on the Next in the Add Account window and save your settings

19. Once you added the account restart the Outlook and your Outlook.com account are know there to access.

Step 2: Remove Duplicate Emails from Outlook.com

Once the Outlook.com account is synced with your desktop-based Outlook then you can remove your duplicate emails from Outlook.com. And to do this follow the below steps:

1. First, download and install the tool on your machine

2. Once the installation is done, run the tool

3. Now, click on Add File(s) and go to the file location where Outlook stores its data

4. Or you can opt Search option to search Outlook OST file from Add Drives

5. Once the file is uploaded to the software pane

6. Choose the Find Duplicates in All Folder(s)

7. After that choose the destination location to save the duplicate free file

8. Choose the item from Select Item Type option

9. Select the action that you want on duplicate emails

10. At last click on the Next button to start the process


Duplicate emails are a very common error in most email clients. So, if you are encountering an error regarding duplicate emails in Outlook, then here in this blog we have discussed the best method to remove duplicate emails from Outlook.com. So, go through the blog and get rid out of duplicate emails from Outlook.com.


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