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Recover Outlook files via Inbuilt Utility: ScanPST.exe in Three Steps

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Published On January 24th, 2024
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The write-up solely talks about the in-built utility scanpst.exe. The built-in tool is so effective that it easily detects and recovers the minor corrupted files. It is even claimed as user’s first-aid utility.

To repair the corrupt PST file in MS Outlook mailing client, the best service that would be free of cost is scanpst.exe. It is basically considered as a manual solution to repair the Outlook PST files. The method to repair the files can be considered as three step process. Mentioned below are the basic steps through which we can easily repair the PST file using scanpst.exe tool.

1. Start tool to begin the process of restoration
2. Select the Repair files option for the process
3. Restore all items to a new Outlook PST file

Using the technique, users would be able to fix the infected/damaged/corrupted PST files but, you need to properly run the software. Therefore, let’s go through the steps mentioned below and figure out how to resolve the issue of corruption:

1. Open the Inbox Repair Tool

Firstly, the users need to close MS Outlook and reopen it. Afterwards, open Inbox Repair Tool. First of all, find out the folder via MS Windows Explorer and click twice on scanpst.exe file. The tool can be opened like this only but the condition is that the location should be known to the users. In contrary to it, the files and folders in which the built-in tool is kept, depends on the edition of Windows OS and the Outlook installed in the system. Once the users locate the file scanpst.exe, the process can be easily started.

2. Repair Outlook PST file

First of all, type the path and name of the corrupted PST in Start Tab and click on the repair process of damaged PST files. Users can even make use of browse button and to locate the Personal Folder File via Windows File System. The basic flaw of the inbox repair tool is that it cannot repair all the files having severe corruption.

3. Restore the MS Outlook data files to new PST

For performing the entire process, follow the steps mentioned below:

a. Start Outlook and run the scanpst.exe. The restored data is saved to a new PST files. To start the process, the users should make a new PST file in the profile.

b. All recovered items should be exported to the new Personal Folder File created.

c. Start MS Outlook and opt for the profile that comprises of Personal Storage files that the users tried to restore in case the users have many profiles.

d. Press two keys altogether CTRL key+ number 6. Using this, the Folder list view is displayed in front of the user.

e. Afterwards, make a new Outlook PST file. The commands may vary with the Outlook edition or versions of Windows installed in the system.

But as per current scenario, for making a PST file in Outlook 2010 or the latter versions, follow the steps jotted below:

1. Click on the File option present on the ribbon that is followed by info tab in menu
2. Click the Account setting button twice and opt for the data files
3. Hit on Add button to make, open the dialog box of Outlook data file
4. Add name to the Outlook data file and click on Ok button

In the end, the restored items present in Lost and Found Folder should be dragged to newly created Personal Folder.

Before performing the following process, just go through the following note mentioned below:

1. The folder list that displays every recovered folders: Inbox, Calendar, Address Book, Journals, Notes, Outbox, Sent box, To-do lists.
2. As, the Recovered folders are built again in the PST file, these files are empty. So, users can easily look for the lost and found folder that comprises of the items and folders repaired using the ScanPST.exe.
3. After the process of recovery is complete, users will come across a new PST files in which the restored contacts can be stored.

Drawbacks of ScanPST.exe

Though the entire method might sound easy and interesting, but it quite marked that the tool has sudden drawbacks. The tool is not affective in case of major corruption in PST file, though the tool supports minor corrupted files. Moreover, if there is single issue in the running the Inbox Repair inbuilt tool, it can corrupt every PST file in Outlook.

The Final Note
As mentioned above the entire write narrates the users with the methods through which they can easily run inbuilt utility i.e., ScanPST.exe. The utility can easily repair minor corruption of the files. But in case of majorly corrupted files users need to switch to a professional utility that can easily solve all problems. So, the users should try Outlook Recovery Tool. The tool is robust enough to handle any corrupted file be it majorly corrupted or facing minor corruption. The tool is compatible with all version of MS Outlook and can restore complete Outlook PST files including the mailboxes.


By Nilesh Kumar

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