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How to Protect PDF from Copying? – Best 4 Methods

Nilesh Kumar | Modified: August 30, 2023 | PDF Tips | 7 Minutes Reading

It’s best to keep certain confidential information to yourself, such as copies of Adhar cards and bank statements. Therefore, you should make PDF files secure or uncopyable. There are many methods to protect PDF from copying. Any of these methods will work to solve the issue or difficulty that you have. Additionally, you will see the user level and owner level security.

Passwords are of two types One is the open password which is also known as the user level password. The second one is the restriction password which is also known as owner level password.

The act of copying can be carried out in different ways. Pressing Ctrl + A and Ctrl + C will copy all text present in the PDF file. Or by using the mouse if you simply need to copy a few lines and paragraphs. After choosing the lines you can copy, use the right-click and then select the Copy option from the dropdown. Owner level limitations can prevent copying from PDF.

Methods to Protect PDF from Copying

There are a number of approaches, some of them are manual and others are offered by experts. Both options are free methods to protect PDF from copying. On the basis of their facilities, their performance differs from each other. You will also read about each method’s advantages and limitations in this blog. You can follow any method from the manual and professional present in this article. Depending on your requirements you can follow any method from a manual or professional.

@1. Use WPS Office to Protect PDF from Copying

This method is provided by WPS. This is a free manual technique to protect pdf from copying by applying owner level restrictions. You may use this approach for free for your whole life. This blog contains its facilities and limitations.

Follow the given steps to prevent copying text from PDF.

Step 1. From the saved location select the PDF file on which you want to apply the restrictions or security.

Step 2. From the dropdown, choose the “Encrypt” option and then select the “Encrypt” menu.

Step 3. Confirm the Open password and Protection password after applying them after selecting the protection criteria.

Step 4. To apply the restriction, click the “Confirm” button.

Note:- After following all the procedures of this approach, just one PDF file may be made non copyable in the WPS Office. When you have two or three PDF files this method can be applicable easily. There is another method to make a PDF not copyable if you have thousands of them.

@2. Prevent Copying from PDF with Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

This approach is made by Adobe Acrobat, which creates PDF files. PDF files may easily be made non-copyable with Adobe Acrobat Pro DC. To utilize this procedure to protect pdf from copying, you must have to purchase a membership.

Use Adobe Acrobat Pro DC instructions for PDF protection from copy.

Step 1. Open the PDF file in Adobe Acrobat on which you want to apply the limits.

Step 2. On the Adobe screen, click the “Tools” option.

Step 3. Select “Protect” from the dropdown menu that generates after selecting the “Tools” menu.

Step 4. To make it secure, choose the copy protection and other conditions. You may only use the open password if you want to prevent unwanted access to the PDF file.

Step 5. Enter the password twice so that it can apply without any interruption.

Note:– This program is capable to protect PDF from copying effeciently. You can use this alternative technique if you want to implement the copy limitation or additional restrictions. Because of its size, it will require extra storage space to save or store. You are unable to utilize this procedure without the subscription. You may follow a different technique to prevent PDF files from being copied in bulk.

@3. Use an Online Tool to Protect PDF from Copying

When compared to alternative techniques, using online tools to pdf protection from copy. However, because of the synchronization of data from your PDF files, your data is not secure here. The database of the website you are accessing has all the information that is available in your PDF file.

Use internet instructions to use, to prevent copying from pdf

Step 1. Open any online browser or search engine on computer system.

Step 2. Look for the particular option that can apply the copy restriction.

Step 3. Choose or launch the website that that can complete your needs, such as pdffiller.com.

Step 4. From the site’s interface, choose “Browse for a Document on Your Computer” .

Step 5. The following stage reached after the encryption procedure.

Step 6. To finish the job, click the Done button or press Enter.

Step 7. Choose any option to save your PDF. You may even modify the file format to suit your needs from the present options of online applications. You may share it without storing it as well.

Note:- You are encrypting your PDF files to protect pdf from copying. In this method, all of the data information  synchronized on the database of the site. You can utilize it if you have an urgent job to complete; otherwise, this strategy is useless. You may solve your problem using a professional approach, which is safe and simple.

@4. Use Professional Method to Prevent Copying Text from PDF

The PDF Lock Software is provided by the technical specialists. You can also protect your PDF file against unauthorized access or unwanted editing of the PDF file’s content. Some private information needs to remain private so you need to protect pdf from copying. If you want to secure them, you may implement the constraints using SysTools PDF Lock Software without pausing.

It can add PDF files or folders in bulk which can save you very much time. It will easily apply open passwords or restrictions. Wherever you need to put your modified or updated PDF file, you may modify the destination location. If you need to add the copying limitation, you can do that job without any interruption. You can choose the encryption type based on the capabilities of your computer system. It offers a demo version that is plainly available without charge. You will receive a report detailing the procedure you underwent.

Use the given steps to prevent copying from pdf using this method.

Step 1. Run the SysTools PDF Lock Tool on your Windows or Mac computer Systems after completing the download and installation process.

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Step 2. Add those PDF files or folders on which you want to apply copy restrictions or other restrictions for security.

Step 3. Choose the destination location of the updated PDF file, where you want to save or locate it and then press the “Next” button.

Step 4. Add copy restriction by confirming the password after applying.

Step 5. Select the Encryption type of PDF file from Rc4*40 o128 and AES*128 or 256 to open according to the supportive type and then press the “Lock” button.

Step 6. You will get a report at the end of the process of locking which holds different points on it.

Note:- Now your PDF file is locked properly no one can access or take information without your permission or password. If this tool does not help you to make PDF files non copyable, you can use the advanced version of the Tool.


This blog is related to protect pdf from copying. I think your query has been solved by using following methods. You can follow any method according to your needs or requirements. All of the methods have their pros and cons and all are described in the methods separately. All the methods are good at their place of requirement.