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How to Protect PDF from Copying? – Best fourMethods

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Published On January 11th, 2024
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It is best that your personal information like adhaar, bank statements, and other important documents. All this data information must be to yourself and to prevent these types of information from copying. So, please protect PDF from copying so that no one can harm you and your data. In this modern time era, cyber crimes are at their peak by using the credentials of normal people.

There are many solutions that can make PDF files uncopiable. Also, some best approaches are present to help people. Users can directly lock PDF files by applying a Password but the data of users can be stolen by copying. So, also apply these types of restrictions. 

What is Protection and Restriction?

These are the part of the Password, both make data safe after using it. Both are apple by the user. The Protection is known as opening password and Restriction is applied to prevent any type of copy and editing type. The restriction is of also many types eg; copy, snapshot, print, edit, and more other.

Approaches to Protect PDF from Copying

As previous discussion, some best methods from all the top approaches are present in this blog. In which some of them are professional methods and some are manual methods. Both approaches are free to prevent copying from PDF files. Also, the limitations and facilities are present to help the users in every method. These things are only elaborated to help the user to select the appropriate solution or method according to their requirement. All methods are best at their places, you can choose any approach.

 These Methods are Described Below


@1. Prevent Copying Text from PDF Using WPS Office

This method is provided by WPS, it is a manual approach that you can use without paying a single penny. This can help to protect PDF from copying easily by applying restrictions. You may use this approach for free for your whole life. 

Use These Given Steps of This Free Approach

Step 1. Select the PDF file from the saved location on which you want to apply restrictions.

Step 2. From the dropdown, choose the “Encrypt” option and then select the “Encrypt” menu.

Step 3. Confirm the unlock password after applying it.

Step 4. To apply the restriction, click the “Confirm” button.

Note:- After following all procedures of this approach, just one PDF file may be made non copyable in the WPS Office. This method is good for some counted files like two and five.

@2. Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is Good to Protect PDF from Copying 

This approach is made by Adobe Acrobat, which creates PDF files. PDF files may easily be made non-copyable with Adobe Acrobat Pro DC. To prevent copying from PDF utilize this procedure, you must have to purchase a membership. 

Use Adobe Acrobat Pro DC Instructions for PDF Protection

Step 1. Open the PDF file in Adobe Acrobat DC Pro on which you want to apply the restrictions.

Step 2. On the Adobe screen, click the “Tools” option.

Step 3. Select “Protect” from the dropdown menu that generates after selecting the “Tools” menu.

Step 4.  To make it secure, choose the copy protection and other conditions. You may only use the open password if you want to prevent unwanted access to the PDF file. 

Step 5. Enter the password twice so that it can apply without any interruption.

Note:- This program is capable to protect PDF from copying effeciently. You can use this alternative technique if you want to implement the copy limitation or additional restrictions. It requires extra storage and space to store due to its size. The user requires a subscription to use this approach. If you have PDF files in bulk you need to use any other automated tool.

@3. Use an Online Tool to Prevent Copying from PDF

As compared to other described manual methods this is the fastest method that can help users. You can prevent copying text from PDF just in minutes. Just open Add and get a secured file after applying the password. But it is not secure from the vision of personal data, because it synchronises the PDF file data to its servers. 

Some Common Steps to Use Web Applications.

Step 1. Open any online browser or search engine on the 

computer system.

Step 2. Open any desired web after searching.

Step 3. Browse your document to apply password security.

Step 4. Enter the password and click on the given Done or OK button.

Step 5. In the end, Download that protected restricted PDF file.

Note:- You are encrypting your PDF files to prevent copying text from PDF. In this method, all of the data information has already been synchronized on the database of the site. You can utilize it if you have an urgent job to complete; otherwise, this strategy is useless. In the end, you need trusted automated or professional software that can help you.

@4. Use Automated Tool  to Protect PDF from Copying

The PDF lock Software is provided by the technical specialists.  Some private information needs to remain private so you need to prevent copying from PDF files. This method is able to apply owner or user-level passwords on PDF. It can add  PDF files or folders in bulk which can save you very much time. It will easily apply open passwords or restrictions. Wherever you need to put your modified or updated PDF file, you may modify the destination location. 

If you need to add the copying limitation, you can do that job without any interruption. Choose an encryption type that can be supported by your computer. It offers a demo version that is plainly available without charge. A report is generated at the end of the process, in which all things like the number of files. Also, displays the number of files and how many have been changed or not. The process to make PDF files non copyable is very easy.

Use the Given Steps to Prevent Copying Text from PDF Using This Method.

Step 1. Run the PDF Lock Tool on your computer system after completing the download and installation process.     

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Step 2. Add those PDF files or folders on which you want to apply copy restrictions or other restrictions for security.

Step 3. Click on the “Next” button for the further process.

Step 4. Add copy restriction by confirming the password after applying.

Step 5. Select the Encryption type of PDF file from Rc4*40 o128 and AES*128 or 256 to open according to the supportive type and then press the “Lock” button.

Note:- In the end automated tool will provide a report in which the data of the process is present. Now your PDF file is locked properly no one can access or take information without your permission or password. If this tool does not help you to make PDF files non copyable, you can use the advanced version of the Tool.


This blog is related to a user query “How to protect PDF from copying. I think your query is related to the given approaches. User can use any method described to solve their issues. Every method is present with its pros and cons separately with the method. These all things are described to help the user, because they can select the best method according to the problem. All the methods are good at their place of requirement. 

After applying these restrictions and protection, if the user forgot PDF password to edit. Then you can use the described methods present in given linked page/article.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do I protect a copy of a document?

Ans:-  You could use a safe disc/SecuROM and encrypt all the content stored on the disc, but anybody determined to copy the content and knowledgeable will be able to bypass these protections. All the data present in CDs is present and anyone can get them outside from the burn area.

Q2. How to make a PDF Not copyable?

Ans:- User can apply the protection and the restriction. Both are different things in which protection saves PDF files from unauthorized access. The restriction prevents different things like unwanted editing, copying, printing, and other things.

Q3. What is digital copy protection?

Ans:- HDCP stands for High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection. It is a protection that is developed to prevent copying from live streaming and sessions. It is encoded to protect the video and audio signals like DVI, HDMI, and Display Port. 

Q4. What is the difference between copyright and copy protection?

Ans:- Copy protection attempts to find ways, that limit access to copyrighted material and protect PDF from copying.

Q5. Does copyright mean you can’t copy?

Ans:- According to copyright law, any original content you create and record in a lasting form is your own intellectual property. This means no one can copy your PDF data in a legal way. 


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