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Is Your Outlook Keeps Freezing? Here is the Solution

Published By Nilesh Kumar
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Published On September 11th, 2023
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Sometimes Outlook keeps freezing while working. Actually, Outlook handles your emails, tasks, contacts, notes, calendars, and journals as well. When you are working with Outlook for a very long time. Then Outlook becomes bulkier. As time goes on it keeps on increasing.

Outlook provides only 50 GB of space nowadays. In the earlier version, it was 20 GB only. If you are working with the latest version then it will be 50 GB. But it is not sufficient. Due to this, you have to face different difficulties like freezing and others. Let’s find some major difficulties.

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Difficulties Due to Congested Space in Outlook

There can be multiple difficulties while using the packed Outlook. They will affect your data in an undesirable way. Listing some major difficulties.

  • Faulty error messages – Outlook starts showing some error messages while working with any feature of Outlook. You can also see Outlook freezes when attaching files. These errors will make you frustrated.
  • Security risks – Outlook will create problems in the detection of malware that leads to security concerns. Data can be lost and corrupt.
  • Recover issues If your Outlook is completely packed then there will be problems while taking backup or recovery. Recovering large data is also a cumbersome task.
  • Outlook productivity Outlook productivity starts decreasing. It will start taking too much time in the processing of any task and maybe Outlook freezes frequently.

The major difficulty associated with the packed Outlook is that Outlook keeps freezing. As you know data is the only thing that can’t be ignored at any cost. Let’s start with the ways to come out of this situation.

Ways to Solve the Outlook Keeps Freezing Problem

Outlook freezing problems can be solved in dissimilar ways. Either manual or professional. Manual way can be performed within Outlook. You can use the suitable options that are already given in Outlook. The professional way is done using the tool. This is taking care of certain important requirements while performing the process. Let’s elaborate on the manual ways first.

Manual Way to Resolve Outlook Keeps Freezing Problem

It is the way that provides the solution to the problem in two different methods. It is only performed within Outlook using inbuilt options. Let’s discuss the methods.

1. Archive Method
This comes under the manual way. Basically, it is used to archive the data that is old or not in use now. By the use of this method, you can decrease the freezing of Outlook. Use these steps:-

  • Find the CleanUp Tools.
  • Do Archive according to the date by using the date filter.
  • Tick the checkbox of Archive this folder and subfolders.
  • Search the relevant location for the resulting file.
  • Click OK to start the process.

2. Import and Export Method
Outlook provides the features of import and export as well. This is the second manual method, it uses the concept of replacing. Here old PST file is exported and a new file is made to use by these steps:-

  • Go to Account Settings and add the Data file,
  • Then go to Open & Export and
  • Select Export to a file, then .pst file, and Next
  • Tick on Include Subfolders.
  • Browse the final location for exporting the file and Finish.

All of the manual methods are not sufficient to solve the problem of freezing Outlook in an efficient manner. The manual way is not giving any assurance to protect your data while doing this process. Your data may be lost or corrupt if the process stops accidentally or followed any step incorrectly. It is also not providing different filters to do exportation of files. Now let’s evaluate the Professional way to overcome the Outlook freezing and crashing problem.

Professional Way to Overcome the Outlook Keeps Freezing Problem

Now it’s time to discuss the efficient solution to extract from the freezing problem. You can solve your issue with an efficient solution using the PST Split tool. It can fulfill all of the limitations of manual methods. Tool is providing a feature to split Outlook PST files year-wise also. This is consists of advanced features to use for splitting PST files. It is comfortable with all Outlook and Windows versions because it can be used with ANSI or UNICODE PST files. You can easily download it.

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This tool is working separately. There is no need of Outlook and it is also solve the issue of Outlook PST file has reached maximum size limit. It is taking care of data integrity and security as well. It is maintaining the folder hierarchy during the process. This tool is also providing the resulting file in CSV format. It can solve the Outlook keeps freezing problem in some easy steps:-

  • Install and Run the software.

open to solve Outlook keeps freezing problem

  • Select the necessary option among Add Files, Add Folder, or Search Files.

select files to solve Outlook keeps freezing problem

  • After selecting the file click on Open.

open the pst file to solve outlook keeps freezing

  • Click on Remove to pull out a single file or Remove All to pull out all files.

you can choose any option for the issue of freezing

  • Hit on Browse and choose the location for the resulting file and Next.

choose destination location for the resulting file to solve the issue of Outlook freezing

  • Select the appropriate option from size, date, year, category, email id, and folder to split the PST file.
  • Finalize the File size and Next.

Outlook freezing solved by split the file


Now you know both of the ways to help you out with the Outlook keeps freezing problem. Here manual and professional ways have been discussed. You can select any way which is more suitable for you. It is recommended to use a professional way because it can give better results with data security.


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