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Opening Attachments in Outlook is Slow : Resolve the Issue

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Published On January 29th, 2024
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Ever heard about the Outlook attachment issue? Does not opening attachments create hassles at work? Henceforth, we have decided to make the users understand what to do in case Outlook attachments are not opening.
Sometimes, a user tries to access an Outlook and open an attachment or tries to open an attachment. In those situations, he/she encounters an error that Outlook attachments are not opening, delay in the opening of attachments by a few minutes. There are many reasons due to which these issues can arise. In the content, below users will come across the best possible reasons due to the error that occurs.

Causes of slow opening of Outlook Attachments

  • Corruption in the Dynamic Data Exchange
  • Corruption in the profile of Microsoft Outlook
  • Corruption in the Configuration files of Outlook
  • Heavy updates in Outlook could lead to problems
  • Keeping in check attachments by antivirus programs

All the issues mentioned above can lead to slow down the Microsoft Outlook performance in terms of opening attachments. Sometimes, it also crashes the entire MS Outlook attachments thus, creating problems for the users. It may even lead to stop the users from accessing the attachment files linked with it. At times, users even get frustrated and most probably end up switching the platform due to performance issues. So, this creates many problems in few aspects.

Instant Alternative

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Resolve the issue of Opening attachments in Outlook delayed

1. Make an Outlook profile: If it happens because of a damaged Outlook Profile

a. Delete the Outlook Profile created earlier
b. Opt for start button>control panel> mail option
c. Choose Show Profile> click on Add button
d. Create new name for the Outlook profile> Ok

Note: Delete the unnecessary add-ons in case slow opening of attachments in Outlook is occurring because of Outlook add-ins.

Update the Windows Operating System and check that the updates are properly configured or not.

2. Disable Dynamic Data Exchange

If one of the reasons behind slow opening of Outlook attachments is this, follow the steps jotted below:

1. Start >> Control Panel >> Folder option
2. Click File types button>> select the attachment file type, >> click on Advanced
3. Click an Open Action >> choose Edit
4. Trace DDE option and then uncheck it
5. Click OK and close window
6. Restart MS Outlook to confirm changes

3. Run native Outlook repair tools like scanost and scanpst to fix the issue

Maybe one of the reasons is missing IMAP items that cause a delay in the opening of attachments in MS Outlook. So, make sure that you have downloaded the complete IMAP items to avoid issues in further
Download an antivirus program that is considered to be Outlook friendly and does not scan each and every attachment. Sometimes, disabling the antivirus settings also lets the Outlook application run in a smooth manner without creating hassles in opening the Outlook attachments.

4. Keep the folders and sub folders present in Outlook in check.

Never try exceeding the storage limit of MS Outlook files as it affects the performance of Microsoft Outlook drastically, such as a problem in the slow opening of Outlook attachments. So, in case the folders are full, relocate the content to some different location so that it free space for new attachments in emails and they can be accessed flawlessly.
In case, there are some overloaded attachments of files, at such times try modifying settings to increase the storage limits of the mailboxes present in the Outlook arena.

While performing the above steps, users can easily escape Outlook attachments opening slow issues.

5. Repair Corrupt Data File of Outlook

If the users find it difficult to implement scanpst.exe, then they should easily opt for the third-party tool to repair OST which is well known OST to Outlook PST conversion tool. The tool has a few commendable options that can be of great use for repairing of  corrupt data file of Outlook.

The Observational Verdict

From the above technical article, we are clear with the concept of resolving the issue of the slow opening of attachments in Outlook. Moreover, the article serves us with many methods to resolve the issue either manually or using the expert solutions.