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MongoDB Database Hosting Service – Host MongoDB on a Cloud Server

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Published On January 16th, 2024
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What does one look for when searching for a MongoDB hosting platform? A host must provide strong infrastructure to meet the high-end requirements of MongoDB. Particularly, Dedicated servers and bare metal servers are the best choice since they can handle large datasets without any issues.

Some people also look to run MongoDB on shared hosting. But hosting service providers that can manage dedicated or VPS servers also often provide web hosting services like shared hosting and the like. At the very least, WE DO!

What MongoDB Hosting Server/Service You Need

MongoDB – It is an open-source NoSQL document-based database. Its database schema may evolve over time. Plus it delivers high workload. Thus, you need to pick the right host that can manage the load as well as is easy to upgrade without much financial constraint.

There are various options to choose the suitable hosting platform for MongoDB.

People who have no issues with sharing IP address with other accounts and are looking for a cheaper hosting server can go for MongoDB on shared hosting.

If you want a dedicated IP address, you should host MongoDB on cloud, dedicated server, VPS or Bare metal server.

1. Shared hosting

Advantage – Cheap

Disadvantage – You don’t have many choices, no server control

2. VPS

Advantage – Allocate dedicated resource

Disadvantage – More expensive

3. Dedicated server

Advantage – Private

Disadvantage – A little complex

4. Bare Metal Server

Advantage – Private and high-end infrastructure

Disadvantage – More complex

With higher-end hosting, you can not only get private IP address but you can also deploy MongoDB on most Operating systems and at least standard-specs hardware.

Host MongoDB on Server with Us

We are providing a completely secure environment for you to install, run and work on MongoDB remotely on a high-end infrastructure. You will have complete freedom on how you manage your space. While we will keep providing server maintenance and optimization from our end without any issues.

Talk With Our Experts

All you need to do is to choose the hosting type and plan and you are good to go. We provide MongoDB hosting service on multiple servers:

  1. Dedicated or VPS servers
  2. Highly sought after Bare metal server
  3. Shared Hosting

You may choose any option as per your requirement and you will have flexible plans to host your MongoDB on cloud.

Why Us?

Ask yourself a question – What is the main issue with web hosting?

Its ‘Performance’.

Often, CDN helps resolve server speed issues to a certain aspect by delivering content from servers to website visitors. But in case of MongoDB that generates dynamic content, CDN is of little use.

What counts here is Datacenter. We provide you with highly secure Tier-3 and Tier-4 Datacenters in appropriate location. Thus, making sure that server performance is never an issue for you.

Other benefits that you get by choosing us for MongoDB hosting services are:

  • DDOS Protection – Each cloud server has DDOS protection to prevent unexpected downtime.
  • High-end Hardware – Latest generation servers laced with SSD drives and peak processors.
  • Complete Control – You have complete root access to the MongoDB cloud server. Its your cloud, its your way.
  • 99.995% Uptime – Your cloud server is online around the clock with almost guaranteed uptime percentage.
  • Highly Secure – With Tier-IV data center and up-to-date measures, security is never an issue.
  • Pay-as-you-go – Want to upgrade your infrastructure, no problem! Upgrade or lower your infra and pay for that.
  • Global and Multi-cloud reach
  • 24*7*365 Support

How to Host MongoDB on cloud?

Simply follow these steps to run MongoDB on server of your choosing:

  1. Contact our experts with your hosting query.
  2. Choose your MongoDB hosting server requirements
  3. Avail free trial to run and test your application
  4. Start working with MongoDB on cloud and all related needs.

Ready to Host?

It can be hard to choose a suitable host for MongoDB. You can give us a try and maybe you won’t need to look for any other options. Our plans will set you on a turbo fast path that delivers reliability, performance and maintains security of your chosen server. Contact our team of experts and get to know all details regarding hosting MongoDB on cloud server, dedicated, VPS or bare metal server.


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