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Know How to Merge VCF Files into One – Complete Guide

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Do you have many vCard contacts files on your system and want to combine them into one file? If so, no need to fret because in the post you will get the tremendous solutions to merge VCF files into one. Therefore, let us begin the process without any further ado. But before proceeding with this, let us take a quick overview of the VCF file.

VCard (.vcf file) is a universal file format for contacts. It typically stores the contact details such as names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses. VCF files are often very light and easy to be attached to an e-mail. But the problem arises when a user has multiple VCF files, it becomes a hectic process to manage and share all the files at once. Therefore for easier management, transfer, and sharing it is important to keep a single file instead of saving multiple VCF files. Now, the question arises – How to merge VCF files into one. If you are also finding a solution for the same problem then continue reading the post to get a fruitful solution.

Know-How to merge VCF files Into One Manually

Follow the below-mentioned instruction carefully to do the same:

  1. First of all, copy all the vCard files that you need to combine into a separate folder.
  2. After this, press the Windows + R keys and type “cmd” in the box.
  3. Now, navigate to that folder where all the VCF files are stored.
  4.  Here, enter the following command: * vcf copy all.vcf
  5. Now, all files will get merged into a single file. It will be automatically named as all.vcf.

Limitations of the Manual Method

  • Complex and require a large amount of time to merge files.
  • Possibilities for data loss and corruption.
  • Requires granular technical expertise.
  • Sometimes fails to produce desired and satisfactory results.

Quick and Reliable Way to Merge VCF Files into One

The manual method of merging VCF files is quite complex and requires full user attention, otherwise, the chances of data loss are more. However, to complete this task efficiently, use the VCF Merge Software. This is a completely secure tool and offers a simple user interface for inexperienced users.

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This software makes the merging process simple and without any data loss issues. Also, it allows users to preview all contents of the vCard files and can sort the contacts of multiple contact VCF files by date, size, or alphabetical order. Now, let’s explore how it works.

Steps to Merge VCF Files into One

First, install the software on your system. Once it is finished follow the given steps:
Step 1: Run the VCF Merge Software and choose Add File or Add Folder option to add the VCF files.

Merge VCF Files into One
Step 2: Next, the tool will scan all the vCard files and provide the option to preview the selected VCF file. After that click on Export.

Merge VCF Files into One
Step 3: Choose the Merge vCard option and press the Advanced Settings option to select the version of vCard files.

Merge VCF Files into One
Step 4: Choose the destination path to save the resultant file using the Browse button and hit the Export.

Merge VCF Files into One file

The software successfully merged VCF files in just a few moments.

Concluding Words

In the above post, we have discussed the best and most effective method to merge VCF files into one using a manual and automated solution. The manual method is quite complex and requires technical knowledge to complete the task. So, it is advisable to use the suggested automated tool that lets you combine vCard into a single file. You can try its free demo version to check the performance of the tool.